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Resident Evil 2 – Activate the Goddess Statue Walkthrough

Activate the Goddess Statue

With all three Emblems in your possession, it’s time to get out of this place. Hopefully you took the time to push the cabinet back from blocking the library, because a Licker is about to ambush you as you leave the Maiden Statue. If you don’t want to tangle with it (and you shouldn’t), quickly dash right and into the library and take the ladder down before it comes after you.

Head into the Main Hall and down to the first floor where Martin and the giant statue are. Place the last emblem into the slot and a secret passage will finally reveal itself to you – which should offer an escape out of this place… Hopefully. Martin doesn’t seem to be in any condition to follow you, so be sure to backtrack to pick up missed items before making the perilous journey below – you won’t be able to return the way you came. Your next stop will be down in the Secret Passage.

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