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Resident Evil Resistance How to become a Mastermind

How to become a Mastermind

A few hints to become a good Mastermind in Resistance.

But first of all what is to be a Mastermind?

Well, you control doors, lights, spawn enemies and traps using different cameras located along the map. Your objective is to reach the timer to zero to win.

How do I do that? Well, injuring the survivors, killing them (there is no perma-death so they will respawn), making them to not complete objective in time. If they find the keys (stage 1), use the terminals (stage 2) and destroy the containers (stage 3) they will escape and win. When they move into another stage they will gain a bonus time so be careful.

First of all select Preset 3. Why? Well, because in this preset of traps and the localization of the key items there will be one in the bathroom at the end of the first stage. Oh, in 1st stage the survivors must find 3 keys and place them near the exit door.

In the bathroom at the end (also near the exit door) you can spawn a multiple zombies like armored or the fat one. But one very important tip is to place a leg-trap mine near the door and above that mine spawn a drag-zombie (those who can’t walk or run and lays in the floor) make sure to do this near every door and near every key item. This way, the survivors won’t see the trap because of the body and will be attacked by multiples enemies. And to make this more accurate REMEMBER TO TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!

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Turning off the lights will help you out to make the survivors fell in to the leg-traps and explosive mines in the floor, oh and of course lock the doors too. Locking the doors will cost them valuable seconds and if there is a zombie at the other side of the door they will be injured and you will reduce their time too!

Now this are simple tips that works in the stage 1 and 2, but remember that you can spawn Mr. X from the 2nd stage (you CAN NOT spawn him at the beginning duh).

In 2nd Stage I do the same, (instead of keys now there are terminals and you need to protect them). There is a terminal in a closed room with just ONE door. So, what do we do class?

  • Lock the door
  • Turn off the lights
  • Place a leg-trap in the floor right next to the door
  • Place a crawling zombie above the trap
  • Spawn a couple more enemies INSIDE that room and wait for them to come.

If they are not very clever then the all four will enter that room… And there is when you summon Mr. X OUTSIDE the room, right next to the door so they can’t see you (but they WILL hear you summoning him), you enter the room and kill everyone.

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Now, the fastest method to kill all four is with the left click, yeah, the basic attack. You just need a 4 or 5 hits and they are dead. If one manages to escape just press R (it’s your tracking ability) and go get it. Once you have it cornered just press G, that’s your execute ability (but be careful, when you are making the animation if another player shoots you it will cancel it, that’s why you have to use it only in a 1v1 situation).

If they managed to reach the 3rd and final stage then congratulations, they are a really good teammates.

Now, for this final stage you have to protect the bio-containers. Same steps except there are no lights here, now you have elevators.

Just put some traps and crawling enemies in those cranes and enemies protecting the containers.

At this time I’m pretty sure you understand how the game works so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

A few more tips:

  • Always try to save one turret card and use it to kill Valerie (she’s the healer, the yellow jacket girl)
  • There is a special and very useful card, the blinding card. Use it when they open the door full of traps and enemies to blind them so they cannot defense and get caught by enemies.
  • Don’t rush in using Mr. X because it has a long cooldown time. Save it for when the need the last key item or container.
  • Lickers are very useful in small rooms.
  • Dog are useful in long hallways because they are fast.
  • Ivy zombies (those with the plants) work great with the leg-trap. So it’s a nice combo.
  • The berserk syringe has 3 shoots, save it for lickers and Ivy.
  • Be carefull with January (the blonde rock girl) if she use her hacking abilities will make your cards cost more points. So try to focus on both girls to take them down fast as possible.
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So far 12 games as Mastermind, 12 victories and still counting… I’ll see you in there!

Written by Val'kyriøn

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