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Resident Evil Resistance Valerie Healing Build Guide

Valerie Healing Build Guide

This guide will cover the skills required for a strong healing/support build and a basic playstyle to follow. It makes Valerie a lot more engaging to play in a healing role.


Valerie is, at least statistically, the most popular survivor. Though having now clocked around 117 hours playing Resistance I can reliably say that not many people play her correctly, or at least optimally (This is of course only based off my personal experiences, not everyone else’s). Valerie can be played effectively in different ways, however, this build/guide is going to focus on what Valerie is known for: Healing and support. This build requires Valerie to be at least rank 25 and have obtained the necessary Equipment.

With this build and playstyle you are going to be able to:

  • Increase your survivability as well as everyone else’s immensely.
  • Majority of the time be able to instantly revive or heal yourself and others whenever you want
  • Always be able to save teammates from enemy grabs, whenever you want (This requires basic positioning and game knowledge).
  • Moderately increase nearby teammate’s damage output to Enemies and Biocores (Roughly 20%).
  • Increase the team’s item and credit accumulation (Including objectives)

This guide will cover the skills required for a strong healing/support build and a basic playstyle to follow.

Now, onto the build!


I am going to cover the fundamental skills. The equipment skills are the most essential part of making the build viable. Therefore they should be obtained as soon as possible.

The Skill variations we shall be using for this build are as follows:

  • Spray Gun
  • Creatures
  • Healing aura or Debuff (I shall explain these choices afterwards)
  • Counterattack

The Equipment we shall be using for this build is as follows:

  • Mixtape I
  • Mixtape II
  • Mixtape III
  • First Aid Spray+

Why these skills? and general playstyle

Now the interesting part. In this section, I am going to justify my choice of abilities/skills. as well as cool plays you can make.

Spray Gun
We use the Spray Gun for two things: it’s extremely high healing output (250 per tick, as opposed to the 50 per tick that her first Fever skill applies) and the short cooldown.
After doing extensive testing, With the 3 mixtapes that we are using you will be able to use your spray gun every 50 seconds! That’s a whopping 40-second reduction in cooldown. So it allows you to revive teammates AND fully heal them in just a few seconds with a cooldown of under a minute.

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First Aid Sprays for days
The spray gun with that cooldown is disgusting in the best way possible, and it’s going to get even more disgusting. How do you ask? So, you’ve saved 2 downed teammates on the way to the exit gate with your Fever skill. Then, in the next 20 or 30 (let’s hypothetically say 30 seconds), someone goes down again when you get to the exit. You have the skill to spawn with a first aid spray. Hotkey the spray as soon as the match starts. You can then run up to them and can get ANOTHER near-instant revival. Then in the next 20 seconds, your Fever skill is back up again. see what I’m getting at here? In case you don’t already know, supply zombies have a very high chance to drop First Aid sprays. So always help get them. I’ve had games where I’ve had 3 first aid sprays AND my Fever skill ready at the same time.

Also, due to the higher healing output of the spray gun, you can use it more proactively. I have used it on a teammate who is getting spammed by Mr.X’s punches. And I managed to out-heal enough of the damage for my teammate to escape. Her first fever skill does not output enough healing to accomplish anything like this. But…what if my teammate gets grabbed? That’s why we have the counterattack ability.

We are using the counterattack skill to have an infinite supply of any grenade we want in the shop. With this build, you want Valerie to be a full support character. Therefore don’t bother buying a gun at the start. Stick with the MUP. Your damage output comes from Grenades and the 20% damage buff that your personal skill can apply. Being able to counter grabs is a bonus, but you want to try to avoid being grabbed to save your grenades (unless you make a tactical decision to run in a horde and get grabbed on purpose lol). Not buying a gun allows you to spend all your money on grenades and maybe a few herbs here and there. The type of grenades you requires knowledge of the Masterminds. I’ll give you some advice:

  • Annette – Spend all your money on Hand Grenades. You can use them to save people from Birkin’s grab. Annette is known for spawning a huge amount of weak, but highly buffed hordes. Hand grenades will help clear large hordes of enemies.
  • Daniel – FLASH FLASH FLASH! In case that didn’t give it away, you want to buy Flash Grenades every stage. Once again, this not only saved teammates from Mr X’s grab, but it also makes a mockery of Daniel’s possessions. A No knockback Daniel just spammed your team down? Flash him then use your fever skill to get everyone back up to full health.
  • Alex Wesker – Molotovs! If Alex’s Icky looking plant monster is about to chow down on one of your mates, throw one Molotov and your friend is dinner no longer! Molotovs also provide very good damage over time. They are great to use for assisting with armoured zombies.
  • Spencer – Now here is where we deviate from the plan slightly! This is the only Mastermind where you want to purchase a gun (preferably a Matilda). Spencer’s Ultimate skill is a wall that instantly kills people upon touch. You want to help January, Jill or anyone with shooting out cameras. Buy 1 or 2 flash grenades just in case, but overall, you should focus more on healing and cameras. Try to have a bit of distance away from your team to avoid getting hit by his ultimate. this allows you to run in and revive everyone if they get caught by it.
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Healing Aura or Debuff?
Now, in regards to choosing Healing aura or Debuff, it solely depends on your confidence in two things: Your ability to keep your team safe and your ability to aim as well as your game sense. Okay, that’s technically 3 things. My opinion? Debuff is more helpful. Combined with the 20% damage increase your E ability provides, it can make the difference between defeating a buffed daniel player/Annette’s hordes and lickers to being destroyed. Healing Aura helps not use as many resources and can make healing/reviving a little bit easier. It’s your decision.

Survival Instincts (Personal E skill)

I find this skill to be rather self-explanatory however I will give some advice about when to use it. It’s on a 30-second cooldown. So while you want to use it as often as possible, you don’t want to spam it as soon as it’s off cooldown. I’ve seen many Valerie players use it in an already looted area with no enemies around. 30 seconds isn’t a huge cooldown but you still want to make it count each time.

Use it in every new room you go into for loot. Use it when you can hear zombies or buffing/pewing noises behind locked doors to give your teammates information. Use it for Daniel’s possessions. Use it for all 3 Biocores. It’s a very simple skill to utilise, however, if you use it in an empty room on the way to a Biocore, that skill is going to be on cooldown for 30 seconds while your team tries to destroy the Biocores. It would be smarter to wait until you get to the Biocore, then use it to buff all damage to it by 20%. This game sense comes the more you play.

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Overall, use it to Debuff enemies and Biocores and find items. Don’t be afraid to take most of the herbs you find and a little bit of ammo. You want to save as much money as possible to buy loads of grenades. I don’t recommend taking objective items as that makes you a bigger target for the Mastermind (and Valerie is already a big target for them as it is). You want to stay as safe as you can. Stick with your team. Keep everything going along smoothly and let them deal the damage.


As this is the first-ever guide I have written in my entire life, I know it may need some improvement. However, I hope that it gives you the fundamentals of the build and playstyle. This build is extremely powerful and had huge carry potential. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its weaknesses. You sacrifice one major thing to have constant heals available. The inability to cure the infection. You can combat this by taking advantage of Valerie’s large inventory space and collect some infection sprays to use in-between stages by the shop.

This depends on how smart your teammates are though too. A lot of people can’t seem to be bothered to buy just one blue herb just in case.

Another disadvantage is, and this applies to any character not just Valerie, having teammates that are so bad that they are pretty much throwing the game away. This build definitely can carry a bad team, but it’s not going to help a Sam who tries to punch Mr X in a 1 vs 1, even after you have revived him for the 2nd time. People can still feed time.

Written by CetraWitch

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