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Resident Evil Resistance Tyrone Henry Guide

A guide for Tyrone in Resident Evil Resistance. Playstyle, skills, equipment, tactics.

Resident Evil Resistance Tyrone Henry Guide

Tyrone is listed under character screen as a Tank, Brawler character. First of all, let’s explain what that means and adress some common misconceptions about the character.

As of now, he is the only “Tank” character. While what damage dealer or support is supposed to be doing in RE: Resistance is fairly obvious, for tank it’s not. This is because you are on a timer and every time you take damage it goes down. So instead of charging in and taking damage for everyone, it is best to make sure noone gets damaged at all. This is the first reason to ignore the Brawler part of Tyrone’s description.

Second reason is that unlike Samuel, a dedicated melee damage dealer, Tyrone has no skills to benefit a melee DD playstyle. His Power Kick is essentially a control skill with little damage. Otherwise he has no perks to damage, critical chance, weapon durability etc. So while you surely can make a dedicated melee fighter out of Tyrone and some people view him as such – a no-brainer straightforward character, I’d like to offer you another perspective.

This guide is built on the perspective of Tyrone as a Tank / Support / Off-healer character, with Brawler meaning that unlike Valerie or Martin, Tyrone normally operates in close proximity to the enemy and will often take lots of damage.

According to that, how you’ll be using him in general:

Tank – unlike Sam or Becca who can just kill zombies, you are always focused on the objective, you are the pointman of your team, a leader, like Tyrone’s backstory suggests. You are normally staying close to your team and are usually the first one to enter the room. This is because of the character’s disposition to opening doors fast. You are always able to take more punishment than anyone else on your team. Because of your tankiness you are able to rush objectives in dangerous situations, often saving the day for everyone.

Support – Tyrone has several ways he can support his party to great effect. First is Power Kick – it knocks zombies down and so is very useful against manually controlled ones. But more importantly, it acts similar to a grenade or Martin’s flash baton for the purpose of freeing your teammates from enemy grabs before they even take any damage. And it works not only on normal zombies but also Birkin and Mr. X! Second is knocking open doors that are locked. Tyrone can do this better than anyone else and is therefore fit to lead the team, opening doors for everyone. Third is due to First Responder skill Tyrone is best suited to helping his teammates out of traps.

Off-healer – due to his skill bonus to revival time Tyrone can potentially reach the fastest revive in the game outside of Valerie’s ultimates and First Aid Sprays. His other skills greatly help him with emergency healing and revival of teammates, such as Second Wind + Life Line combo. As such he compliments Valerie greatly and even without her has some impressive, even if inconsistent healing capabilities.


Personal Skill – Power Kick

This is your main control skill. Although it damages zombies and bio cores, you’ll be using it to A) knock down dangerous zombies controlled by the Mastermind and sometimes knock down zombies that are simply in your way to the objective and you don’t want to waste time killing; and B) to free your teammates out of a grab by a zombie or Birkin / Mr. X.

The skill, like every skill, has two variations – Pumped Up and Barge.

Pumped Up is your regular kick you start levelling Tyrone with. It has 9 seconds cooldown so it’s pretty spammable, unlike grenades which are not guaranteed to spawn on enemies/shops, and cost credits in case of the latter.

Barge is rank 11 unlock variation that increases damage against doors and damage of skill itself while increasing cooldown to 15 seconds. Frankly, the damage increase is minimal, but damage against doors is quite noticeable and sets Tyrone up for easily being the best point man – door opener in the game. And 15 seconds cooldown is nothing compared to say Martin’s Flash baton’s 120 seconds (potentially 90 seconds). This means it’s still spammable, but has to be used more tactically.

Firefighter – Passive Skill

First variation of this skill is called Turnout Gear and greatly decreases damage dealt by traps. Frankly, it’s very niche and not entirely as useful as the other, as there aren’t many traps that deal direct damage and as I outlined in the beginning, you aren’t really supposed to take damage left and right in this game at all. In addition, Martin is much better at dealing with traps and can even convert them to his makeshift bombs. So stick with this until you unlock the second variation.

Second variation that is unlocked at rank 5 is First Responder. It makes you help the trapped characters out of a trap faster and also makes you revive them faster. The first part of a skill is pretty unique, there’s no other equipment with similar effect, so picking this makes Tyrone the best at helping trapped teammates. Second part – revival speed – sets up Tyrone for being the fastest reviver outside of Valerie’s ultimate skills and First Aid Sprays.

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Determination – Passive Skill

You start off with Resilience, which is a pretty straightforward skill which kicks in when you are at Danger health-wise, slowly healing you until you get to Caution-ish. It’s nothing special, but compliments Tyrone’s “tank” focus well.

Second Wind – this is a rank 17 variation that really changes how you play Tyrone. Usually when you’re downed by the enemy you can only crawl until you either bleed out and respawn, taking a 30 seconds time hit or are revived by your teammate. This lets you hold F to revive yourself once per game, get yellow herb (attack / defense) effects and reduce cooldown on your ultimate skill after revival.

This opens up a myriad of possibilities. Imagine a situation when you and your teammate are downed by say Mr. X in the objective room. Downing you, he goes on hunting other teammates. Instead of waiting for help which probably won’t arrive, you revive yourself and then your teammate and while Mr. X is distracted you can proceed to doing the objective. He will then have to either shift his attention from your teammates or let you complete the objective easily and safely. You can even go as far with as when your whole team is down to revive yourself and then everyone else. Because of the cooldown reduction it has great synergy with your ultimate skill, i. e. Life Line.

Rally – Fever (Ultimate) Skill

There are two variants of your ultimate skill with both having a 120 seconds cooldown. At first you get Safeguard which gives you and teammates around you a defense buff, greatly reducing damage taken for a short while. It is very useful in situations when you can predict your team is about to take a lot of damage from bioweapons/traps etc. It will also help clearing a room with many zombies inside where you are virtually guaranteed to take damage.

Second variant of the skill, Life Line is unlocked at rank 23 and simply heals yourself and nearby teammates. It is inferior to any of Valerie’s ultimate variations in that the amount of healing is fairly modest and nothing to write home about. Also, unlike Valerie, you can’t heal teammates that are already down, bringing them out of a downed state with this skill. I can probably see why it works that way, otherwise you’d be able to revive yourself and then mass revive all your team in a second. So best usage for that skill is together with Second Wind – revive yourself, revive your teammates and then give them some health with Life Line before they drop again. Additionally, Life Life works well as a general purpose healing at the end / beginning of each stage, to compliment Valerie’s heals or even when there’s no Valerie and your role as a healer becomes more prominent.

All in all, I picked the second variation for all of Tyrone’s skills. The first variation clearly favours playing Tyrone as a pure tank, absorbing as much damage as possible, while second variation is for Tyrone as a support, emergency healer character and a “get out of jail card” in general.


Here’s what I will take into account while talking about best equipment for Tyrone. First, we should play by his strengths, meaning to capitalize on what he’s already good at and specialize him into such character. Second, we are (as of now ) limited by 15 equipment points, so we’ll have to adjust accordingly. The list goes:

Bulletproof Vest II – Moderately increases maximum health. Cost 5

As a tank, Tyrone is the one who will often take the most damage. His nature as a pointman means he’s very likely to be the first one attacked in the room. His nature as a good controller especially against Daniel, the most popular Mastermind as of now, also means he is often viewed as a priority target, simply because for how much harm Tyrone can cause for a Mastermind if left unchecked. So more health for a tank is a must, duh.

If the limit on equipment points was more generous I’d go for Bulletproof Vest III along with Mortar and Pestle. And I think the combination of those is a good fit for a “pure tank” Tyrone build. But since I focus on support / off-healer Tyrone, we’ll have other priorities here.

Shoulder pad III – Greatly increases damage dealt to doors. Cost 3

Barge makes Tyrone better at opening locked doors than any other character. This one capitalizes on that and makes Tyrone the best crowbar in the game. It will not only help doing objectives and generally moving through the map faster, but will often help you out a jam when your or your teammates are trapped inside a room, i.e. situations when every second matters.

EMT License III – Greatly decreases how much time it takes to revive defeated teammates. Cost 4

Tyrone’s First Responder skill already helps him revive people faster, and this one pushes it to the limit. When your teammate(s) is down, again, every second counts, and if you can’t save someone on time it’s a 30 seconds penalty, not mentioning they’ll respawn at the beginning of the map. Additionally, this has great synergy with Tyrone’s other skills, Second Wind (to make the most out of it) and Life Line.

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AED Device – Slightly increases the speed at which you revive teammates and the effect healing items have on your character. Cost 3

If we are already pushing Tyrone’s revive speed to the limit, why not overclock it to max possible while we’re at it? Even if it’s a small boost, it also comes with a boost to healing you get from healing items such as herbs – and this is very useful for a tank. This is to compensate to some extent for the lack of Mortar and Pestle in this build. At the end of the day, it’s best investment of the remaining 3 points I can think of. As I don’t think something like a free grenade or first aid spray is a better alternative – you can get this stuff in game.

Instead, if I was going for pure tank Tyrone, I’d take Bulletproof Vest III, Mortar and Pestle III and probably First Aid Spray+ for the remainder.

No matter how you view your Tyrone, whether as a pure tank or more support / off-healer, he is not a pure damage dealer, so things like Iron Nails are something you shouldn’t pick as him.

Something else that is worth to consider, you can actually stack different level of same equipment, say Bulletproof Vest II and III. So, theoretically speaking, I could swap out AED Device for any 3 points version of other equipment used, either Vest I or EMT II (more Shoulder Pad would be overkill really, I haven’t encountered a situation where Tyrone would need more than one kick for any door with this setup). But I didn’t feel like doing so, as I didn’t want to make Tyrone too weak in his tank role.

Weapons / Loadout

No matter whether your Tyrone is a pure tank or support / off-healer like my own, he is NOT a damage dealer. Meaning that killing zombies should not be his priority. Instead, he is more of a “fireman” (like his background suggests) for the team and general “get out of jail card”. His loadout reflects this.

For weapons, I suggest getting a Torch for your first two areas. It works well against enemies, especially Ivy’s and Alex’s ultimate plant. But more importantly, it is pretty fast and you can hit safely and consistently, without exposing yourself to excessive risk of being grabbed at short distance. Tyrone even has an achievement “Can’t Touch This” to stress the fact you shouldn’t be grabbed by enemies, as you’re the one supposed to help your teammates out of a grab instead. Remember, to help you they’ll waste ammo or even rare grenades, while your kick has a very short cooldown.

For the last area, get yourself a Sledgehammer, it works well against Bio Cores and you’ll be of great help to your team damaging them. Every other weapons you can skip and even go with your initiate 2×4 until the final zone, using your credits elsewhere.

For supplies the most important are green herbs, as you’ll be taking lots of damage. Also, blue herbs, as infection can limit Tyrone’s potential as you’ll be unable to kick or use your ultimate at the most important moment because you’re coughing, tends to happen a lot. With Alex as a Mastermind, it’s even more of an issue. Other than that, get a repair kit or two, especially since Torches tend to break fast. Then again, you are not a damage dealer so you shouldn’t run around and hit everything with it, decreasing its durability.

If you happen to be high on credits you can buy yourself a frag grenade or two, not to replace your power kick but to clear rooms with it, useful against zombie spammers such as Annette. Getting a molotov might be more important as well if facing Alex.

Team Tactics

Tyrone has a paradox to him, noticed from his “Can’t Touch This” achievement. He is a controller, able to help his teammates out of a grab well. But he can’t do that if he’s grabbed himself. And with his nature as a tank it tends to happen to him quite often.

So, while some think Tyrone is simple and straightforward character, there’s a degree of complexity. Even if you’re a tank, you shouldn’t rush into the heat of battle, you shouldn’t be the first one to get grabbed as you’ll be unable to help your teammates. Likewise, you shouldn’t be the first one to be killed by a bioweapon, as you’ll be unable to bring everyone back. So sometimes you’ll have to forget that you’re supposed to be a tank and play more cautiously.

For example, while you’re the point man and one to open the doors for your teams, step back after opening it and let Becca/Sam/Jan clear it for you. If you are sure your team will help you out if you’re grabbed and you happen to have a grenade, you can make use of your position and attempt to clearing the room yourself.

However, the main benefit of your tankiness is that you can attempt a risque tactics of running inside a room on your own in first area, grabbing an objective, and even if the Mastermind locks the door in front of you and starts to deal damage you are pretty durable and can eat a herb and then open the door in mere seconds. In situations like this your mistake could cost a lot for your team, but thankfully you have Second Wind to make a save.

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Tyrone pairs well with any dedicated damage dealer, watching over Sam/Becca and helping out in a way which keeps Tyrone relatively safe. If no Sam/Becca present, then Tyrone will have to accomodate into a more agressive role, shifting focus to more damage dealing.

Tyrone makes for an amazingly durable team with Valerie when they both have capabilities for emergency burst healing / revive, he compliments her well. If no Valerie present, Tyrone can make for a substitute, to a reasonable degree, as healing is not his main utility.

With Martin present Tyrone can forget about his tertiary role of helping teammates to get out of traps as good Martin will take care of them himself. With Martin present there is also more control for the team, allowing for less “kick-intense” and more relaxed gameplay.

While Tyrone can be the one unlocking terminals in zone 2 with a keycard, he’s better fit for a protector role for Valerie / January.

In general, Tyrone is a firefighter for the team. If Mastermind does something especially creative or nasty or when someone on the team makes a mistake, Tyrone is the one to counter it and minimize the damage. The ability to revive himself and then quickly revive his team saves a total of 2 minutes of time which would be penalized otherwise.

Mastermind Tactics

Annette – she’s a zombie spammer, who tends to amass a horde of them in objective rooms. Work with your team, helping the damage dealers to clear the hordes. AI-controlled zombies are usually not that dangerous, but Annette sometimes takes control over one of them too. Playing versus her means using your kick either to help your teammates or pushing the annoying zombies out of your way to the objective. Birkin is very manageable though, not only your kick lets you help your teammate out of a grab, it also stuns Birkin briefly.

Daniel – he seems to be the most popular Mastermind right now, and Tyrone happens to be very good against him. Daniel utilizes manually controlled zombies, and Tyrone hard-counters them with his kick. When zombies are knocked down they can’t do anything and Mastermind is wasting time. Aware of this weakness, Daniel often slashes with his zombies instead of going for a grab. With his strong zombies this is very dangerous and can wipe out your team even before Mr. X arrives. Have to admit, getting in range of a well-placed kick can be tricky sometimes, try to hit it before it starts to attack or from the back. Mr. X is a more dangerous version of Birkin, also capable to wipe out your team quickly, even though the kick both stuns him briefly and helps teammates out of a grab. With Daniel you will find yourself relying on your firefighter function and Second Wind + Life Line combo more often. The way to beat Daniel is to distract him and prevent him for dealing too much damage to your team.

Alex – frankly, Tyrone has nothing special against Alex other than just the usual. She is heavy on infection, so this means you’ll need to buy more blue herbs during the round, else your skills will get less reliable when you need them. As for the Yateveo plant, whle you can stun lock it with a torch any other character can do the same thing. You also can’t really go into melee with a plant, else it eats you. So playing against her you’ll be mostly focused on your other supportive functions.

Spencer – Tyrone is strong against him, as Spencer’s tactics are based around traps and turrets, luring survivors into a room and locking the door behind. Tyrone’s superior doorkicking is a godsend against Spencer. A high ranked Spencer who knows what he’s doing is a very dangerous adversary, but a team with competent January and Tyrone will make playing against him that much easier.

In Conclusion

Tyrone is currently my favourite character on Resistance. When I want to mindlessly shoot zombies, I go with Becca, but when I want some serious objective-minded teamplay I go Tyrone. He is a pretty flexible character, a support / off-healer build (which I personally find best), a pure tank build and even a melee damage build are all a possibility with him.

He also has insane utility, making him one of the top picks for any team along with Valerie and January. At the beginning he’s pretty straightforward, easy to learn and able to fill many roles. Levelling him you’ll be able to unlock his true potential and the benefits he brings to your team. To me, Tyrone works best as a “firefighter”, often saving otherwise hopeless situations.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you found it useful. Whatever written is subjective and based on my experience with the character. Feel free to share your experiences, builds, tactics etc. with this character. Good luck!

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