SCUM: World Map (Police Stations, Towns and Points of Interest)

SCUM World Map - Police Stations, Towns and Points of Interest

Here is a few maps to use while you all get scummy! There are plenty of markers to show where each area is that you’ll need to know!

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Here is the map with everything. It includes as follows:

  • Towns, which are colored white.
  • Towns with police stations, which are colored blue.
  • Points of interest, which are colored orange.
  • Underground military bunkers, which are labled as small red circles.
  • The map is 12×12 km and 144 km squared!

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This next one is the same thing as the above, but without all the grid lines. This one just shows a grid every 3km.

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This last one is the map without all the points of interest and without the bunkers being marked!

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