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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: How to Beat Mist Noble

How to Beat Mist Noble

Location: Ashina Depths – Hidden Forest
In the area where you fought the last boss Tokujuro, you can grapple on to a tree branch on the side of the mountain to reach a bigger tree, and from there the temple where you hear someone playing flute. There’s a hole in the temple roof that lets you drop onto the boss.

Strategy: Drop onto the boss for a stealth takedown. It’s just a small weird-looking tentacle enemy. It doesn’t attack, doesn’t block and dies in a few hits. Just cut it to pieces with standard sword strikes, not much of a boss fight this one. Defeating this monster makes the fog go away in the area and the ghost enemies will disappear.

Reward: Lump of Grave Wax (Prosthetic Upgrade item)

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  1. I have been stuck on this boss for hours, i dont dare lift my sword on this abomination, fearing what he might do to me.

    the fact that he doesnt attack makes him even scarier, it’s some sort of psychological warfare.

    is there any way to cheese this boss? please reply i have been stuck for so long


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