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Sexy Mystic Survivors Character Tier List

Character tier list with explanation.

Sexy Mystic Survivors Character Tier List

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

1. Bellatrix – The Lady Knight – S tier

Passive – as one of the two starter characters Bellatrix is clearly much more powerful. First, her passive is just an amazing amount of free damage and close combat requirement is not a problem, you’l be forced into that after the enemy transform into a zerg.

Ultimate – solid ultimate that can be used as a burst damage ability or escape tool if you are surrounded. You’l also collect the experience (and items) from all killed enemies along the path.

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

2. Camyla – The Stereotypical Elf – C tier

Passive – as a 2nd available character Camyla’s passive is kinda meh, even in her “buffed” state. Without numbers it’s hard to judge, but from the on-hand experience it’s rather negligible.

Ultimate – her ultimate provides a nice chuck of damage, which is also useful for the boss fight or create a path, however, you can’t use her ultimate when you are surrounded, since there’s a high risk of getting a hit from fast moving enemies.

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

3. Melisandre – The Gold Mine – SSS for Extreme difficulty

Passive – Melisandre is a character for endgame gold farming. When you stack a max account Gold/Luck buffs with Gold/Luck items you can gain up to 80000-140000 gold easily in one run (Stage 2) and a lot of free % damage.

Ultimate – her ultimate spawn a few Tornadoes, which moves randomly, but got decent AoE. This ultimate is pretty good for high difficulties, since your screen will be overrun with enemies. Clear it up a bit with ult.

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

4. Sophia – Run her own Atelier – S tier

Passive – Sophia gameplay may not be to everyone liking. In order to use her potential, you’l need to move constantly and destroy all chest in sight for potions + spam her skill. The buffs are applied randomly, but there’s a lot of them and you can gain powerful stuff like +Projectiles, +% Damage or Revival.

Ultimate – spam a healing potion(quality is random), that will stay for like 10 seconds and then disappear. Don’t forget to pick it up.

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

5. Ayane – What Does The Fox Say – SS tier

Passive – the first goddess of this game has arrived. Ayane gets a random strong buff every 5 levels and after level 50 her ultimate get’s an upgrade.

Ultimate – Before level 50 this skill acts only as the indestructuble barrier, but after you reach level 50, it will also spawn a big amount of lazers around your character in random directions. This skill has relatively low cooldown and also absolutely obliterates Elites and Bosses. Just literally walk into them with this skill active and erase them from existence. Be mindful of the barrier duration though. It’s basically impossible to die/lose with Ayane if you reach level 50.

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

6. Rosaline – Bazelgeuse in disguise – SS tier

Passive – in order to maximize her passive effects you’l need to remove all points from your Magnet and don’t pick Magnet item at all. Gather a big chuck of EXP with her dash and also correctly time it’s usage with the green sphere (which collects all gold/exp on the map). With this you can reach like level 120 by the end of the map.

Ultimate – her ultimate is simply awesome, it’s a damage/utility/defense/exploration tool all-in-one. You can rush into hordes of enemies, you can dash at high speed to reach certain items or you can just escape from a bad situation. However, be mindful on your end up location, you don’t want to end your dash completely surrounded.

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

7. Cassandra – Seems she likes Goblin Slayers – SS tier

Passive – A simple and powerful tool to increase the damage of her awesome ultimate. Maximize the potential (damage/cooldown) around level 60.

Ultimate – A single hit attack that deletes everything on screen. Nuff said.

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

8. Ciara – What is “Plot”? – SS tier

Passive – Ciara passive allows you to pick up 7 passive items, making your build be less dependant on map spawns, but it’s best part that it allow you to gain additional level for passives. 50+% cooldown reduction and so on.

Ultimate – this ultimate is relatively strong screen cleaning tool, keep in mind that this attack is using diagonal patterns.

General guide for Sexy Mystic Survivors

9. Isaya – The Succubus Queen – S tier

Passive – Isaya can wield 7 weapons, which means 7 evolutions, but you’l need to get at least one item as a map drop, so pay attention what spawns at the start of your run.

Ultimate – summons 3 lesser Succubus sisters, which deal an amazing amount of AOE dps.

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