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Star Control: Origins – Greegrox Quests

Greegrox Quests

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Talking to Space Fish

In order to communicate with the Greegrox you will need a trasnlation for their language.

  • There are two ways to obtain the translation.
    • Talk with one Greegrox Follower to start recording. Talk with 3 more while a Tywom ship is in your fleet.
    • There is a crashed Tywom ship with a translation on Episolon Gladius II.

Form an Alliance with the Greegrox

In order to form an alliance with the space fish you must get back the Ancient One’s egg.

  1. Talk to the Greegrox on the Ancient One.
  2. Obtain the egg from the Menkmack, see Menkmack section for details.
  3. Return the egg to the Greegrox.

The Mu’Kay Apology

The Greegrox are a little upset at the Mu’Kay, what with the latter hunting and eating the former.

  1. Talk to a Greegrox while you have a Mu’Kay ship in your fleet.
  2. Go to the Mu’Kay homeworld and inform them that the Greegrox are sapient.
  3. Go to the Ancient One while you have a Mu’Kay ship in your fleet and talk with the Greegrox.

The Lost Greegrox

There is a Greegrox that has remained all alone after its pod mates were killed.

  1. Go to the Alpha Apocalyptum A system and take the Greegrox with you.
  2. There are two options now:
    • Take the Greegrox back home to the Ancient One.
    • Or take it to The Measured homeworld for a reward.
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