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Star Control: Origins – Mu’Kay Quests

Mu’Kay Quests

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Form an Alliance with the Mu’Kay

In order to join the Mu’Kay’s Federation of Allied Species you must first do a favor for them. Stop a Drenkend attack on one of their colonies.

  1. Go to the Mu’Kay colony in Lacaille 8760 and speak with the Drenkend ship in orbit around the planet Splym, as well as with the Mu’Kay colony
  2. There are three ways to handle this:
    • Simple solution, destroy the Drenkend ship.
    • Gather 50 units of Degenerate Matter so the colony can power the Precursor shield that is on it.
    • Go and talk to the Drenkend on their homeworld, see Drenkend quest Stop the Drenkend.
  3. After resolving the situation go back and speak with the Mu’Kay homeworld. You will receive 6000 RU.

Help the Mu’Kay Researchers

A Mu’Kay ship has his some trouble on a research mission in Delta Horos.

  1. Go to the second planet in Delta Horos and interact with the crashed Mu’Kay ship.
  2. Kill or stun the beast and return to the Mu’Kay ship.
  3. Go to the Mu’Kay homeworld for your reward, 5000 RU and Science Officer Bloa.

The Search for Fish

After forming an alliance with the Mu’Kay they will ask you to search for potential colonies in the Wendingo cluster.

  1. Go to the following planets:
    • Alpha Wendingo II
    • Beta Wendingo III
    • Delta Wendingo A IV
    • (Delta Wendingo A V) Slaz
    • (Delta Wendingo A V, Slaz) Minsc
    • (Delta Wendingo B VI ) Smartz
    • Delta Wendingo C III
    • (Eta Wendingo A IV) P1X-941
    • Epsilon Wendingo IV
    • Iota Wendingo V
    • Mu Wendingo II
    • Theta Wendingo Va
    • Zeta Wendingo VI
  2. Return to the Mu’Kay homeworld to turn them in. You will receive 2000 RU per Ice world, so 26000 in total.

Find out what the Mu’Kay want to speak about

Some time after forming an alliance with the Mu’Kay they call you to their homeworld.

  1. Go the Mu’Kay homeworld, Mu’Kaayan, located in Beta Pavo.
  2. This continues with Defend the Tywom in their trial, see Tywom section.

Directive Breach

There is a Mu’Kay ship which has helped a pre-industrial civilization. Thus breaching the Principal Directive.

  1. Go to the Epsilon Wendingo system and make contact with the Mu’Kay ship.
  2. Agree to take it in your fleet or not.

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