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Star Control: Origins – Tywom Quests

Tywom Quests

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Defend the Tywom in their trial

After forming an alliance with the Mu’Kay you will be called in regards to the newest petition of the Tywom to join the Mu’Kay’s Federation. The Tywom are being put on trial because they gave Humanity hyperdrive technology, if they are found guilty both them and humans will be kicked out of the alliance.

  1. After speaking with the Mu’Kay go to the Tywom homeworld to plan your defense.
  2. Collect evidence for the trial. There are three areas to focus on:
    • The Tywom protected Humanity from the Scryve. Get the wreckage of the Scryve ship, it is on Titan, in the Sol system.
    • Prove Humanity was worthy of hyperdrive. Alliances formed with other species and helping the Mu’Kay count here, see quests Help the Mu’Kay Researchers, The Search for Fish.
    • Go the Beta Chaudhary IV and search for a crashed ship. Go to the Trandals and ask them about the ship, must be allies with them to get an answer.
  3. Once you have collected enough evidence go back to Mu’Kaayan and start the trial.
  4. At the end Tywoms and Humans are found not guilty and you receive the Meat Puppet.
  5. Go to Tywom homeworld to inform them of the trial’s outcome and to receive 15000 RU.

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