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Steam Engine Simulator How to boil 10L water and reach 1M revolutions

This guide is an improvement base on the following guide.

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Steam Engine Simulator How to boil 10L water and reach 1M revolutions

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In real word, things are more complicated. In game, it simplified a lot to focusing on the demonstration of a steam machine. Factors like purity, water hammer effect are ignored. It’s not a bad practice for a game. However, if you want to build an ACTUALLY steam machine, please do more research and stay safe.

DO NOT drink any water comes out of the steam machine. You should process them as Industry waste water. STEAM BURN is SUPER PAINFUL!

Game Practice

Hold “n” and “scroll down” to lower the quality of the game to reduce the amount of burden on your CPU. (You can go to around 11 %)

  • Click the “A” icon in the bottom right many times to enable “Devil Mode”
  • Close the relief valve. Press X
  • Keep the throttle valve open.
  • Open the water valve to add a full tank of water.
  • Close the water valve.
  • Close the throttle valve.
  • Start fire on full power.
  • Wait until it boil to max pressure. (Note: In real world, you are killing yourself and all your coworkers)
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How to boil 10L water and reach 1M revolutions

Trigger the generator to run(Hold “Space”) and start the engine right after “compress stage”

PS: timing is showing at the graph above.

Once the engine started:

  • Wait until it reach 2000 RPM. (take 2 second)
  • Adjust the Throttle valve to about 20%. This is to keep a high pressure inside the water tank. So there won’t be too much water rush into the tank to drop it’s temperature.
  • Fully open the water valve.
  • Now, water will not be able to flow into the tank but that’s what we want.
  • Wait until water boiled all the way to dry out, when there is only steam inside the pressure tank. (temperature suddenly rush to over 300 C, pressure drop to right below 50 bar)
  • You will find that there is water flow indicated, but there is no water inside the tank.
  • This is due to any water went to the tank got boiled right away.

Now, to optimize:

SLOWLY adjust the Throttle valve to allow more pressure pass it. This will not show up in the pressure gauge because any pressure you change here will directly effect the amount of water flow into the tank which will not been detected by the pressure gauge. The only possible indication in the game is the RPM.

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You want to adjust the Throttle valve slowly to about 60%, I usually pick 59% since I’m not in a rush. Then, the engine will run forever with any water get in will be boiled right away.

If you adjusted too much of the Throttle valve, water will be able to remain and lower the temperature of the pressure tank therefore the energy from the fire pot(steam) is not matching the throttle output. This can be fixed by quickly close the water valve, lower the Throttle value and keep it boil until dry again. And then, we can open the water value when there is a high pressure(>50 bar) and adjust it again.

The rest it’s just lower the audio and keep it running in the background.

Thanks for your reading.

Written by Bloodly Hell Cat

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