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Tales of Arise Del Fharis Castle Walkthrough

Del Fharis Castle Guide

Once you’re in Del Fharis Castle, remember to have Law on your team to beat up the Guards! We start at the Central Entrance Plaza 1F. The story marker is directly to the north and a bridge is to the right. Unfortunately, you can’t cross the bridge right now, so go through the door into the next area, the Main Tower. Take the path left to enter a room with enemies guarding a blue Renan chest containing 14100 Gald. Nice. Now backtrack a bit and break the ice in your way using Alphen’s map action.

del fharis castle guide

South Tower

There are two paths here you can take, but I chose to go to the left, to the South Tower first. The northern path leads to the North Tower, but I chose to do that later. You do have to go through both to proceed in the game since both areas have levers that will activate the drawbridge in the Central Plaza.

Del Fharis Castle south tower

The first room in the South Tower contains guards and a red Renan chest containing Jet Black Vest armor for Law. Beat up the guards in the hallway and through the door to the South Tower 1F. Open the map to see a few rooms, the Central Entrance Plaza 1F, and a new unmarked area. Obviously we’ll search the rooms for treasure first! The first room has a blue Renan chest containing 15500 Gald. The next room in the hallway to the left has 7650 Gald on the floor and Beef x3. The room to the right has red Renan chest containing Battle Suit armor for Kisara. Leave the room and beat up the guards in the hallway. Break the ice with Alphen’s map ability leading to the Central Entrance Plaza and go through the doors to find a red Renan chest at the end containing Silk Robe armor for Rinwell.

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Now turn around back through the doors into the South Towers. Grab the Orange Gel x1 at the bottom of the staircase and start climbing. At the top is a big monster and a chest containing Lemon Gel x1. Beat up the monster and go through the doors to the Central Entrance Plaza 2F. On this path you’ll find a machine to lower the drawbridge back on 1F. Continue along the path to find a blue Renan chest containing Heavy Treat x1. Now go back to the machine that lowered the drawbridge and jump down to the first floor. The drawbridge has been lowered, but remember we took the South Tower last time. If you want more goodies, it’s time to go back and into the North Tower.

Del Fharis Castle South Tower Item Checklist:

  • 14100 Gald
  • Jet Black Vest
  • 15500 Gald
  • 7650 Gald
  • Battle Suit
  • Silk Robe
  • Orange Gel x1
  • Lemon Gel x1
  • Heavy Treat x1

North Tower

Del Fharis Castle north tower

In North Tower 1F, you’ll find a room to the right with a blue Renan chest containing Elixir x1. Across from this room is Red Chamomile x1. Return to the main hallway and beat up the guards, grab the Pineapple Gel in the chest, and up the staircase to the next area. Beat up all of the enemies along the way, and eventually you will reach a room branching to the left or a staircase to the right. Go to the left first and use Alphen’s map action on the ice then through the door to Central Entrance Plaza 3F. A blue Renan chest is at the end of this path with an Omega Elixir x1.

Del Fharis Castle north tower omega exilir

Now back through the door and up the staircase. At the top of the staircase is another large enemy and a door that leads to the Central Entrance Plaza 4F. There’s another drawbridge mechanism to interact with and a blue Renan chest containing Life Bottle x3.

Stand in front of the drawbridge mechanism and jump down to the fist floor then run across the drawbridge and up the stairs. There are a lot of enemies along the way, so fast travel back to the Lavtu Marshland if needed.

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Del Fharis Castle north tower end

At the top of this staircase is an elevator and a healing light. Look for the purple Dahnan Owl directly across from the elevator. When you’re ready for the boss battle ahead, use the Healing Light provided, save your game, and take the elevator to the Hanging Gardens.

Del Fharis Castle North Tower Item Checklist:

  • Elixir x1
  • Red Chamomile x1
  • Pineapple Gel x1
  • Omega Elixir x1
  • Life Bottle x3
Del Fharis Castle hanging garden

Hanging Gardens and the Rooftop Corridor

Kalmarzel is the same as a lot of other boss enemies, just keep whittling away at the health bar. Eventually, an identical monster will show up and you’ll have to fight them both at the same time. I really recommend having Law and Dohalim in your main party.

Del Fharis Castle rooftop corridor

Boss Battle: Kalmarzel and Kaldinzel

Once you’ve lowered Kalmarzel’s health to 51k, another enemy will drop and you’ll have to deal with them both at the same time. When this happens, I recommend finshing off Kalmarzel before focusing on Kaldinzel. Since these enemies cast magic, I used Rinwell as my main battle character. I stored spells like Gusty Nail to cast larger spells like Cyclone to hit a wider area.

Use Law’s battle actions to down the enemy, and Dohalim’s battle action will anchor them down to prevent them from running around so much. After this fight, it’s perfectly okay to fast travel back to the Lavtu Marshlands to heal up again before pressing on. Proceed through the Hanging Gardens to the elevator, but open the two blue Renan chests containing Gold Gel x1 and Omega Elixir x1 first (to the left and right of the elevator). There’s yet another boss battle ahead!

Boss Battle: Kalmarzel and Kaldinzel

The elevator will take you to the Rooftop Corridor where the next boss battle awaits. I really do recommend fast travel to the Lavtu Marshlands to improve your weapons and consumable supply before going through that door. Use the healing light and proceed forward. This is going to be a really difficult battle. Any accessories that resist magic (especially water) at all will help you in this fight.

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Boss Battle: Lord Vholran Igniseri

There are a few phases to this battle with Vholran. He likes to follow and attack whoever your main battle character is, so at first you should just zoom around and dodge attacks while using battle actions to attempt to stagger him. When he’s been staggered, unleash everything you’ve got, like Rinwell’s Divine Streak.

He casts spells also, and if you want to avoid them, I recommend setting Rinwell as your main character to interrupt them. If you’re playing a melee character, I hope you’re good with the dodge button.

Boss Battle: Lord Vholran Igniseri

Once you’ve brought his health down to ~86000, a special active battle action with Alphen, Law, and Dohalim will pop up, so pay attention. He’ll chase you around some more and begin casting a large Water spell “Lex Talionis”. Avoid it and keep pummeling him into submission. Bring his health bar to zero and watch the cutscene. It’s not over though. You’ll have to beat him up again, and this time he’s even more annoying.

Boss Battle: Lord Vholran Igniseri

Be very careful because his water abilities can freeze you in place. He’s casting a lot more spells this time around, including the other elements, not just water. Kisara’s battle action with her shield doesn’t seem to stop his chargers, either. You’ll have a few special battle actions to perform, so pay attention. Use a Panacea Bottle if someone gets paralyzed from a lightning spell or frozen in place. Shionne should also has a Recover ability that will heal status ailments.

Once he reaches half health, he’ll begin casting Finis Aeternam, a huge spell that cannot be interrupted. When it lands, spam the dodge button and hope for the best. Keep pummeling him, and once he’s finally been defeated, watch the super long cutscene.

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