Terraria Optimal NPC Happiness Housing

Terraria Optimal NPC Happiness Housing

Below I will explain in a short description why I have placed who I have together in the same household. I am open to opinions and other idea’s so feel free to comment and let me know.

Optimal NPC Happiness Housing


If you already know what happiness is and how it effects the NPC, feel free to skip this part.

In the new 1.4 update, NPCs now have individual preferences about living near other NPCs or what biome they live in which in turn affects their prices. The lowest prices they can get down to are 75% of the original price when they are happy. The highest prices they can get up to are 150% of the original price.

So, this system benefits players who treat their NPCs with care and not don’t just cramp them all into one small box. You can have a max of 3 NPCs within 25 blocks otherwise it will be considered “over crowded” and raise prices for all NPCs affected. Get more of a discount for putting them with NPCs they love vs just like. If you put them with NPCs they dislike or hate, then prices will go up. This doesn’t affect the Travling or Skeleton Merchant; they use different mechanics which I’ll cover below.




  • Guide + Merchant – Near/in your main base in the forest
  • Zoologist + Golfer – Anywhere at least 25 blocks away from the Guide and Merchant so you don’t get negative happiness


  • Santa + Tax Collector + Cyborg – They all like the snow


  • Steampunk + Gun Dealer + Nurse – Getting best price from Gun Dealer


  • Witch Doctor + Dryad + Painter – They all like the jungle and each other


  • Pirate + Angler + Stylist – Best prices for Pirate for buying items to bolster your defenses for invasions

Mushroom Underground

  • Truffle + Clothier – Need 2 NPCs to use the Pylon so that is why Clothier is here


  • Wizard + Party Girl – They both like Hallow and each other


  • Demolitionist + Tavernkeep – Love each other and likes underground, good to have the pylon here for gem tree farm
  • Goblin Tinkerer + Mechanic + Dye Trader – Best prices for reforging with the Goblin Tinkerer

Traveling and Skeleton Merchants

Traveling Merchant

His prices are highest the the closer he is to the initial spawn. The further away he is from the initial spawn the lower his prices are. He has a chance to randomly spawn each day next to 2 NPC’s. So be sure to have town in Ocean biome and what ever biome is next to your dungeon and hope he spawns there for the lowest prices.

Skeleton Merchant

His prices and item he sells are affected by the phase of moon which I will show the price change below. During the daytime his prices will go up 10% and during night time there will be no effect to prices. Note that he spawns randomly underground and will despawn as soon as he is off screen.

Moon PhasePrice Change
Full Moon40%
Gibbous Moon30%
Quarter Moon20%
Crescent Moon10%
New Moonno effect


Here is an example of the layout I will be using. 8 x 8 | 10 x 8 | 8 x 8 (counting outer walls)
This leaves room for you to add some chests or decorations if you want. A trap door is use for the upstairs room, any platform can work as well and it is still a valid room.

More of this sort of thing:

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