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The Outer Worlds Deserters Quest Guide

Deserters Quest Guide

The Deserters are a community of disillusioned workers who left the town of Edgewater. They live together in a makeshift camp located in the Botanical Lab district of Emerald Vale.

Reputation Bonus

Status Positive Reputation Negative Reputation Effects
Neutral 0% – 29% 0% – 29% None
Nervous +80% +80% None
Agreeable 30% – 49% 0% – 29% Vendor prices -5%
Tolerant +80% 50% – 79% Vendor prices -5%
Friendly 50% – 79% 0% – 29% Vendor prices -15%
Understanding +80% 30% – 49% Vendor prices -15%
Revering +80% 0% – 29% Vendor prices -25%
Agitated 50% – 79% +80% Vendor prices +10%
Bitter 30% – 49% 50% – 79% Vendor prices +10%
Repulsed 0% – 29% +80% Vendor prices +50% – They will attack on sight.
  • Adelaide McDevitt
  • Grace Romero
  • Thomas Kemp
  • Stefan Garcia
  • Zoe Chandler
  1. Comes Now the Power
  2. A Few Kindred Spirits
  3. The Frightened Engineer

1. Comes Now the Power

  • If you choose to redirect the power to the Botanical Lab your reputation Deserters will go up.
  • If you choose to redirect the power to Edgewater your reputation with Deserters will go down.
  • If you choose to redirect the power to Edgewater and then speak to Adelaide McDevitt, she will ask you to convince Reed Tobson to step down. If you either convince him or kill him you will gain a small boost with the Deserters.

2. A Few Kindred Spirits Walkthrough

This quest is obtained by talking to Grace Romero near the entrance to the Botanical Labs, north of Edgewater in the Emerald Vale. Talk to Grace and ask her what is going on, and she will reveal one of the deserters has gone missing. Offer to help find the missing person and then ask more questions. You will be told to investigate Zoe’s room and talk to her friend Stefan.

Stefan Garcia can be found on the porch of his residence, which is right next to Zoe’s. You can talk to him and inquiry about the day of her disappearance. He will mention that they were going to watch a serial, and she never showed up for it. He says he had a surprise for her, a copy of the Masked Marketeer. He will also mention that she was “journaling”.

Go to Zoe’s house and read the journal for 1125xp and a quest update.

Toward the Marauders

Make your way east toward Zoe’s destination. You’ll come upon a group of Marauder and Canid that you must defeat, and you may loot Mag-Pick from a container in this area. Beware of the Primal Behemoth nearby as they are quite tough to take on. Defeating them and the Primal Hunters will allow you to investigate a nearby cave with a container that has Heavy Ammo, Energy Cell, Weapon Parts, Armor Parts and Bit Cartridge.

Abandoned Industrial Zone

As you arrive at the abandoned industrial zone, watch out for landmines littering the road in. There are many Marauder and Canid enemies lying in wait. You can sneak around the back to the area where Zoe is, but you’ll have to trigger combat to be able to talk to her.

There are many Level 5 Marauders to defeat so make use of the exploding containers nearby, and once you have dealt with them talk to her. You can tell her that people are looking for her, and she will reveal she does not care. Talking to her will show that she traded Adrena-Time in order to join the confidence of the Marauders. She will tell you she was kicked out from Edgewater for getting sick and stealing medicine. She joined the Botanical Lab expecting outlaws and instead found a peaceful community, not to her liking.

Persuade (10) or Intimidate (38) allow you to push her to return. Persuading her, will give you the option to talk about Stefan, and if you talked to him you can bring up the surprise episode he had prepared. This will yield 1125XP and she will return to the Botanical Lab. Conversely you can kill her for 1500 XP and pick up her ring as proof she is dead.

Go back to Grace at the Botanical Lab and you can tell her the truth about Zoe joining up with Marauders, or tell her she wanted to be an outlaw. Telling her the truth does not cause any problems and rewards with with 4125xp and increased positive reputation with the Deserters faction, raising your status to Agreeable if you had none.

If you Lie (5) to Grace, assuming you killed her, and say you had to put her down, you will gain some extra XP and you can show her Zoe’s ring as proof she is dead. This will net you 4000 XP, Deserters Reputation and a Bolter Pistol.

3. The Frightened Engineer Walkthrough

You can obtain this quest by talking to Thomas Kemp near the Workbench at the Botanical Labs location in Emerald Vale. Thomas will reveal that he is an incompetent engineer. You have a chance to use your Engineering skill if it is high for some XP, and pressing him further will trigger the request for the books.

You can learn from him of the locations that he knows of: One in the Community Center nearby, one in Edgewater.

Head to the Edgewater cannery and go to the second floor, you can pick up Guide to Mechanical Engineering: Volume 2.

Head to Emerald Vale Community Center, and defeat the Marauder enemies guarding the area. You can then go inside and face against a few Marauder enemies that have killed workers and residents and moved in. There’s plenty to be looted and hacked within the Community Center, so go through each room.

You can also inspect the 1st floor exhibition to read about the Fauna of the planet. Left from the entrance, you can come around the barred doors by doing a loop that eventually leads you to the medical room. Pick up Experimental Anthrocillin to gain 3000 XP and update The Long Tomorrow quest. Then head right from the entrance and up the stairs to pick up Guide to Mechanical Engineering: Volume 1.

Head to the Geothermal Power Plant. There’s a terminal near the entrance with several files purged, but it mentions the last guide book, saying it has been moved to the Repair Bay. Once you reach the Repair Bay you’ll find a note saying that it’s in the Pit. You’ll end up finding Guide to Mechanical Engineering: Volume 3 right next to Higgins on 1F of the Power Plant, picking it up gives 2000xp.

You’ll gain Deserters Reputation and 300 Bit Cartridges for giving him the first volume. Deserters Reputation and 500 Bit Cartridges for the second. And, 8750 XP, Deserters Reputation and Electro-Charged Surface.

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