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The Witcher 3: The Nameless Main Quest Walkthrough

The Nameless Main Quest Walkthrough

After our visit to Lofoten, we need to head to the north to Freya’s Garden. As Yennefer is coming with, you can essentially follow her all the way to the next area of interest.

Approach the large gate leading to the garden and climb the stairs to the right of the locked gate and follow Yennefer along the walkway until you reach a large tree in a raised clearing in the centre of the garden. As you arrive a scene will play to tell you what you need to do next.

After the scene, activate your Witcher Sense mode and investigate the blood stain on the ground by the altar in front of the tree. From here, you will see a trail of bloodstains leading away. For the majority of the remainder of this quest you’ll be following the stains around the garden.

Follow the blood to the edge of the ledge and drop into the garden below. Hang a right and work your way through the area. As you do watch out for Wolves – they can be tricky to spot because of the abundance of foliage, but if you keep your Witcher Sense up, you should see them coming.

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After a short distance, you’ll find a body to examine and a gate with the Werewolf’s footprints we can inspect. Keep moving past these and the stone steps opposite. As soon as you move past, you’ll bump into a pack of three Wolves.

Once you have killed the Wolves, pop out Witcher Sense again and here you’ll find another patch of Craven’s blood. This time, it has left a trail for us to follow – very handy! Unfortunately, they will only go for a short distance before ending at a locked door.

Turn right from the door and hop up the ledge at the top of the stairs. We’ll be back at the tree where we started! Head directly across the area and drop back down to where we dropped down the first time around. This time, make your way to the left.

As you start in this direction, a Wolf will come to attack. After killing it, make your way to the ledge and drop down to the platform below. Cross the small wooden bridge and look for a hard to spot ladder carved into the wall on the left.

Climb the ladder and walk forward a short distance until a scene plays.

At this point, you’ll have a couple of levers to play around with. To open up the next area simply do the following:

  • Pull the right hand lever first.
  • Pull the left hand lever second.
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Your objectives will update if you have successfully opened the next area.

Return down the ladder and hop into the water here. Enter the canal beneath the now raised sluice gate. Climb out and used the ladder at the end of the short passage.

In the distance to the right, you’ll see a building with an open door. You can head over here and enter for an optional boss fight. Examine the arm chained to the ground with Witcher Sense active to begin!

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