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Witcher 3 Iron Maiden Walkthrough

Iron Maiden Walkthrough

From Jutta atop the hill just to the east of the town of Harviken on the southern island of Faroe.

As you near this location, a ‘!’ quest icon will appear on the map, make your way along the road leading to the top of the hill to find a fighting arena of sorts. Approach this and following a brief conversation you’ll meet Jutta.

Depending on what you have done so far, Jutta may fight you immediately or require you to perform some tasks to prove your worthiness in order to fight with you. She’ll fight you if you have:

  • Completed the side-quest ‘Fists of Fury: Skellige’.
  • Completed the side-quest ‘Flesh for Sale’ and killed the Pirates.

If you have not done either of those side-quests, you can either go and complete one before returning to her to continue, or alternatively undertake one of two tasks that she’ll challenge you to undertake. These include:

  1. Defeating Gunnar in Harviken – Head over to Harviken and look for what looks like a small fist fighting ring. Speak with Gunnar here and convince him to fight you one on one. Defeat him in a fist fight (note that stepping outside of the ring is a no-no!).
  2. Retrieving a lost sword – Head to the nearby objective indicator marking a wrecked ship nearby. Dive and explore around the ship with Witcher Senses active to locate the target chest. Loot this for the Sword of interest.

Once you have completed either one of the tasks, return to Jutta to tell her the good news. After handing in the objective, you’ll need to fight Jutta in one on one combat.

The fight is fairly straightforward as Jutta handles like a regular melee archetype enemy, so with a decent combination of dodging, countering and melee attacks you shouldn’t have too much trouble dealing with her. Note that when I used signs on her I instantly failed the side-quest so as a precaution, I’d lay off using those or bombs just in case.

You’ll need to defeat her to progress to the next stage of the side-quest. Falling to her in combat will fail the side-quest immediately.

When you have defeated her another conversation will take place. Agree to meet her later on in Harviken to continue.

Note: At this point you’ll earn 25XP.

Make your way to the town of Harviken to the west. To continue, we’ll need to meet Jutta at one of the houses here after dark. To make things quicker, you can simply meditate until after dark to have the objective marker spawn so that we can progress.

At this point you can simply chat with her, or choose the right options (they are pretty obvious) to earn Geralt another slice of sexy time.

This will also complete the side-quest.

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