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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Wild at Heart Quest Walkthrough

Wild at Heart Quest

You must find and attack a group of wolves in the forest.

You will learn about this quest by reading a note after interacting with a notice board in Velen. Go to the Blackbough village west from Crow’s Perch (M3,) and meet with the hunter Niellen. The man will tell you that his wife gone missing. Remain in the village and talk to two peasants – butcher’s wife Glenna and the local blacksmith. Both these meetings are very linear.

Now you can go to the marked territory in the forest. After entering it, find a group of wolves near one of trees. Kill them all. A cutscene will start in which you meet Margrit, sister of the lost Hanna. She will try to convince Geralt to stop the search. If you accept her proposition (72 experience points and 55 crowns), then you must return to Niellen and tell him that you couldn’t find his wife. You can take 10 crowns from him or refuse to take the payment. You will receive 45 experience points.

Red tracks will lead Geralt to hunter’s cabin

If you refuse Margrit, then you must continue the search for Hanna in the forest. Help yourself with the witcher senses. Investigate the dead animal at the tree. Slightly further you will find a mutilated body of Hanna. Geralt will deduce that a werewolf have murdered her. Remain in the forest and look for werewolf’s tracks leading to the rocks and a tree inaccessible for Geralt. Next, you must find a fur fragment and start following the red tracks in the air that symbolizes blood smell. Investigate a clothing fragment on the way. The trail will lead Geralt to the Isolated Shack. Enter inside and look around for Mysterious Notes. Read them in the inventory.

Go to the back of the cabin and find a blocked cave entrance. Destroy the obstacle with the sword or Aard sign. Before you enter the werewolf’s nest, you should prepare yourself. Moon Dust and cursed oil will be very helpful. Additionally, wait till the night (meditation can speed it up) – during the day, the cave will be empty. After entering the cave, the werewolf will attack you. During the battle, use dodges, Moon Dust bombs and Igni sign. Soon after the battle starts, wolves will come to the cave. You should kill them quickly so that they won’t interfere with the battle. Try to reduce the time of duel with werewolf to minimum, if you give him some free time he will regenerate.

After you take away almost all of the monster’s health bar, a cutscene will start from which you will learn that Niellen was the werewolf. At the end of the cutscene you must make a decision under a time limit. You can save Margrit from death. In this case, the duel will continue and you will have kill the werewolf. Second option is allowing Niellen to kill Margritt (then the beast will ask Geralt to finish him up). No matter how you acted, you will receive 45 experience points. Investigate the werewolf corpse and take Niellen’s Key. You can use it to open a chest in the cabin (diagram, iron ore and high quality trousers). In the cabin and in the werewolf’s cave, you will find some other treasure chests as well (you can collect a crossbow and rare boots among other things).

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