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Total War Three Kingdoms: Guide to Resilience

Characters are complex. They have different personalities, different drives and motivations, and build relationships – both positive and negative – with those around them. You must attend to their needs in order to keep them loyal, and shield them from situations which will dissatisfy or endanger them.

Characters in Three Kingdoms touch every part of the campaign game. They are the generals of your armies, inhabit key posts in your faction hierarchy, boost productivity in your commanderies, engage in espionage on your behalf, and grant benefits to every aspect of your game, both on the campaign map and in battle.

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Guide to Resilience

No character is immortal, and may be slain in battle. More resilient characters may survive a deadly blow however, and live to fight another day. This is reflected in a character’s resilience, which is indicated by the heart symbol on their unit card. Mouse over it for details.

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A character with no resilience who falls in battle will die. However, a character with one level of resilience will not. They will become wounded and will take time to recover. They will continue to travel with their army, but while recovering, their unit card will be greyed out and they will not attend any battles the army engages in during this time.

When they become available to fight again, it will take further turns for their resilience to return to its former level however. If they fall in battle again during this period, they will not benefit from the protection of resilience, and will die.

Certain characters – such as Cao Cao for example – begin play with a bonus level of resilience. In Romance mode, all characters who level up to rank 4 also gain a bonus level of resilience. It is possible for a character to have multiple levels of resilience.

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