Tower Unite: Hidden Plushy Locations (Virus)

Tower Unite Hidden Plushy Locations (Virus)

Including all the locations to achieve the 5 “Hidden Animal” Locations within the Gamemode Virus.

Thought I would make a brief guide highlighting where the hidden plushy animals are in various maps on Virus which should help you get these unique achievements to add to your Collection Book!


Within Desert are 4 Whale Plushies, all of which are located in quite high locations.

Location 1: On The Fence
Located just outside the main square, Near the far tunnel entrance.

Location 2: Main Square
Located in the Main Square, Sat atop the corrugated iron roof.

Location 3: Overlooking The Map
Located on a Windowsill next to the narrow step tunnel leading down to the Underground Tunnel.

Location 4: Lurking In The Rafters
Finally, the most difficult to find is located on top of a wooden plank which is only accessible from the small footbridge in the Underground Tunnel. You won’t be able to access this plushy from anywhere else but the Footbridge.


Within Hospital are 4 Fox Plushies, all of which are located in quite secretive locations.

Location 1: Stored Away
Located on some shelving close to the offset rooms near the elevator and cafeteria (Note: The Turtle Plushy is not included. It is simply a prop.)

Location 2: Bedside Companion
Located on a Patient’s Bedside Table in the main hospital room behind the Reception Desk.

Location 3: Hiding Away
Located in the Meeting/Conference Room in the middle of the Hospital. Hidden in an open box.

Location 4: Sinking Feeling
Located in the Main Cafeteria towards the back. Hidden away in a Sink.


Within Overtime are Turtle Plushies, all of which are located in general locations.

Location 1: Office Chair
Located in the small office to the right of the Main Reception Desk sat on an office chair.

Location 2: Supplies
Located in an Office just down the hallway from the Raised concourse area. Situated on the lowest shelf of the unit.

Location 3: Table For 1
Located on the Raised concourse area next to the large seats. Sat next to a Vase on a Table.

Location 4: Desk Job
Located at the Main Entrance of the Building, Just in front of the Reception Desk/Main Waiting Area and behind the improvised barricade.


Within Solar are 4 Dinosaur Plushies, all of which are located in discrete locations.

Location 1: Out Of Sight
Located behind a pillar towards the Main open section of the map and on the 1st Floor of the complex.

Location 2: Under The Stairwell
Located under the Stairs/Ramp in a room adjacent to the Main open section and on the 1st Floor of the complex.

Location 3: Behind You
Located in the Main open section of the complex hidden around a corner. This is on the 2nd Floor.

Location 4: Bad Wiring
Located just beside a drop down towards a corner of the map. This is located on the ground floor of the complex.


Within Subway are 4 Hula Dolls, all of which are located in general locations.

Location 1: Vending Machine
Located on top of the Vending Machine in the Main Station Concourse.

Location 2: Ticket Window
Located next to a Ticket Seller’s window in the Main Station Concourse.

Location 3: Platform Edge
Located at the end of a Platform, Closest to the Hidden Alleyway leading to/from Main Station Concourse.

Location 4: “You’re Waiting For A Train”
Located on the opposite platform to the other Hula Doll, They are located on a Waiting Bench.

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