Tower Unite: Lobby 3 Secret Stuffed Animals Locations

Tower Unite: Lobby 3 Secret Stuffed Animals Locations

Location of all 10 stuffed animals located around the Lobby 3 Plaza. For achievement ‘Stuffed Discovery’. Temporary Warning Due to the achievements bug you won’t be able to collect the last one, due to a fatal error. Just letting you know this before hand, the next patch should fix these problems. Also, before scrolling down … Read more

Tower Unite: Hidden Plushy Locations (Virus)

Tower Unite Hidden Plushy Locations (Virus)

Including all the locations to achieve the 5 “Hidden Animal” Locations within the Gamemode Virus. Thought I would make a brief guide highlighting where the hidden plushy animals are in various maps on Virus which should help you get these unique achievements to add to your Collection Book! Desert Within Desert are 4 Whale Plushies, … Read more

Tower Unite: The Big Fish List (Fishing Update)

Tower Unite The Big Fish List (Fishing Update)

Notice: This guide is a work in progress and not all items are included. What you see here is not the final product. Introduction Hello and welcome! This guide will serve as a guide to all the fish and items you can catch in the new Fishing Update. Every fish will be sorted by … Read more

Tower Unite: Fishing Guide (How to Fish)

Tower Unite Fishing Guide

Fishing is a fun and relaxing Plaza activity that you can play with other players. Catch fish together and show off what you caught with your friends. Other Tower Unite Guides: Tower Unite: Locations of All Summer Character Spawn Points Tower Unite: Photographer Achievement Guide The aquatic ecosystem of the Plaza has been greatly expanded, … Read more

Tower Unite: Secret Plush Easter Egg

Tower Unite - Secret Plush Easter Egg

This guide is meant to bring attention to a potential easter egg within Tower Unite’s Plaza. Scattered throughout the map, in what I believe to be a correlation with each store, are plushes hidden away. I have been unable to see anyone else talking about these hidden plushes. This guide is unfinished, with probably more … Read more