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Tower Unite: Secret Plush Easter Egg

This guide is meant to bring attention to a potential easter egg within Tower Unite’s Plaza. Scattered throughout the map, in what I believe to be a correlation with each store, are plushes hidden away. I have been unable to see anyone else talking about these hidden plushes. This guide is unfinished, with probably more plushes to find, so I will keep this updated as more are discovered. I’m unsure if them being where they are is the easter egg or if there is more to it. If you have any information regarding this, please let me know and I’ll add your discovery along with your steam name. Happy Plush Hunting!


The Casino plush is a fox hidden behind a fountain. In order to find it you must head right just before entering the automatic doors leading to the Casino. In the far corner the fox should be pressed up against the fountain, hidden from view.


Within SongBirds, a fox plush is hidden behind a pillar and some record holders. In order to find it you must walk to the counter of the store, turn right and walk towards the keyboards, then turn around and you should see it.

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Note: This is the only plush I’ve found that has the option to squeeze it. However, no noise or notification happens when doing so.

Central Circuit

This plush within Central Circuit is one of the ones more out in the open. After entering the store, in the backright corner near the indoor Central Circuit signs is a fox sitting on the edge of the far right table.

Sweet Suite Furnishings

The plush for the Sweet Suite Furnishings is one of the most hidden plushes so far. Just before entering through the entrance next to the Central Circuits entrance, you should see the central bridge above the store.

Use the jetpack inorder to jump into Sweet Suite Furnishings and climb under the bridge (Or teleport ontop of the bridge). You may need either to have a tiny potion or to climb through the rail bars inorder to reach this spot. Near the left back corner is a turtle plush.


When entering from the indoor entrance between Sweet Suite Furnishings and Seasons, turn right immediately, in the back right corner just before the fence there is a hedgehog plush.

This plush requires either a jetpack or entering from the bridge. On top of The Shooting Gallery is a windmill, just beside it is a spider plush.

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Rob’s Imports

Once you enter the store, head left of the shelves. Located in the middle on a metal shelf is a green Dinosaur plush.

Toy Store

There are tons of plushes on the display shelves however I do not think these count. None are found off of the shelves from what I have seen.

Warp Zone (Arcade)

To reach this location you must either have a jetpack or a magic trampoline. Ontop of the Warp Zone building next to the spinning sign are three Snail plushes. One large one with two smaller ones following behind.

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