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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Karnak Twins Hard Mode Guide

This guide will help you and your team beat the Karnak Twins on Hard mode, by providing roles and a team composition.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Karnak Twins Hard Mode Guide

The Twins fight mainly consists of 2 types of enemies, the Bosses/Twins themselves and the enemy waves (elites, melee enemies and specials).

This guide aims to provide a team composition for killing the waves to help your team focus the bosses, as well as some extra tips.

Your team composition and roles will mainly consist of:

Wave Killing
Psyker with Smite, Psykinetic’s Aura, Seer’s Presence, Venting Shriek, Solidity, Empowered Psionics
The wave killing Psyker’s main role is:

  • Using Smite to stun enemies, allowing the team to kill them
  • Killing any enemies left over
  • Clearing Rodin’s mines so the team can dodge freely

Veteran with Plasma Gun, Krak Grenade, Survivalist, Field Improvisation, Demolition Stockpile, Voice of Command (with both ability modifiers), Rending Strikes, Focus Target
The wave killing Veteran’s main roles is:

  • Kill waves with Plasma gun, prioritising Ragers, Crushers, Maulers, and Shotgunners
  • Cleaning up any other enemies left
  • Placing Ammo Crate for grenade replenishment

Boss Management
Ogryn with Frag Bomb, Loyal Protector, Attention Seeker, Bruiser
The boss management Ogryn’s main roles is:

  • Taunt Rinda (Melee Twin), keeping them off the rest of the team
  • Use Frag Bomb if team is getting overwhelmed, restocking from Ammo Crate

The 4th team mate can be any class with a stun or crowd control ability that can assist team mates quickly, and weapons to help kill the bosses.

Examples are:
Ogryn with Indomitable (Bull Rush) or Point Blank Barrage
Veteran with Shredder or Krak Grenades, Field Improvisation, Voice of Command
Zealot with Stunstorm or Immolation Greandes, Chorus of Spiritual Fortitude

Elite Waves

The following elite waves can spawn during the fight, spawning every 20 to 28 seconds.

  • 2-3 Scab Shotgunners and 8-9 Scab Stalkers
  • 2-3 Scab Maulers and 8-9 Scab Bruisers
  • 2-3 Scab Ragers and 8-9 Scab Bruisers
  • 1-2 Ogryn Crushers and 8-9 Scab Brusiers

Waves spawn from either the “East” or “West” of the arena.

A wave will spawn 5 seconds after the beginning of the fight.

The wave killing Psyker needs to keep an active watch for when these waves spawn, especially the ranged wave of Shotgunners and Stalkers, as they can start immediately dealing damage to team mates.

TO BE CONFIRMED: Additional melee and Scab elite enemies can spawn between waves, according to the game’s random enemy spawning point system.

Specials will spawn at a normal rate when the Twins are up, and at 3 times the rate during the Tox Gas phases.


Rodin Karnak
Rodin has 3 general attack patterns:

  • Shooting with his Plasma pistol
  • A kick with large amount of push back
  • Tossing his Tox Mines, which will arm themselves after a few seconds.

Rodin is the target to first kill, due to his Tox Mines limiting the area players can fight in. His Plasma pistol can be easily dodged.

When a Tox Mine is triggered, they’ll explode after a couple of seconds staggering the player and doing large amounts of toughness damage, or if the player is out of toughness, a decent amount of corruption damage.

They cannot kill the player, though will leave them at 1 HP.

If there aren’t any Elites or other enemies to clean up, the wave killing Psyker should clear up the mines by triggering near the edge them then running out of their area.

Do not attempt to fully run through the mine’s area, as most classes aren’t fast enough.

Karnak Twins Hard Mode Guide

Rinda Karnak – Melee Twin
Rinda has 3 general attack patterns:

  • A dash, which will temporarily stun players (will disrupt a Pskyer’s Smite)
  • Quick attacks
  • A charged, larger area of effect attack

Rinda will continually pursue her target, attempting to stay in melee range, until switching to another.

She can be taunted by Ogryns, which is the main way of managing her.

Due to her using only melee attacks, with no other special moves, she can be blocked and dodged.

Fight Phases

The fight consists of 7 phases, with 4 fight phases and 3 Tox Gas phases.

  • Phase 1 is fighting the twins until one of them reaches 80% health.
  • Phase 2 is Tox Gas phase, lasting 30 seconds.
  • Phase 3 is fighting the twins until one of them reaches 50% health.
  • Phase 4 is Tox Gas phase, lasting 40 seconds.
  • Phase 5 is fighting the twins until one of them reaches 20% health.
  • Phase 6 is Tox Gas phase, lasting 50 seconds.
  • Phase 7 is fighting the twins until they’re both killed.

Tox Gas Phases

Tox Gas Phases have an initial 5 second alarm duration before starting.
Specials will spawn at 4 times the rate during Tox Gas phases.

Sets of 25 Poxwalkers will spawn from the “West”, “East”, “North” and “Middle” of the arena during the Tox Gas phases.


  • Doing the normal Damnation fight can be helpful in learning Rinda and Rodin’s attack patterns
  • The hard mode teleport bell can be unlocked at a lower difficulty, without having to go through the hard mode fight
  • Lower each of the Twin’s shields first, before destroying them.
  • Rodin’s shield takes more melee damage, while Rinda’s shield takes more ranged damage
  • Make sure to kill Rodin first, to prevent him deploying his mines
  • You can sometimes abuse Rodin into continually doing kicks
  • If you’ve learned Rinda’s attack pattern, you can attack her during her wind ups.
  • Rinda’s wind up attacks will damage you, even if you’re behind her
  • Wound curios generally don’t provide as much benefit, take a Health curio instead
  • Having corruption resistance on your curios is recommended
  • Always make sure to mark out elites, so your Pysker and Veteran are aware of them
  • Field Improvisation should apply to your whole squad, regardless of who deploys the Med Kit or Ammo Crate, however I’ve heard that sometimes this isn’t the case
  • If your Ogryn has used his Frag Bomb, drop down the Ammo Crate so he can restock his grenade


  • As an Ogryn, do not use your shield’s special and stay against the wall. Your health will be corrupted by Rodin’s Tox bombs, leaving you at 1 HP


  • Pskyers can slide when using Smite. Dodge sliding (dodging, and crouching during the dodge] can also help reduce the chance of enemies stopping Smite.
  • Use Venting Shriek when you’re at 100% peril and still need to lock a wave down. This is much faster than quelling, and will stagger enemies.
  • If you’re confident in your peril management, then you can swap out Venting Shriek for Telekine Shield, with the Dome and Sanctuary modifiers

Example builds:

Written by Stepanma01

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