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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Ogryn Build, All Rounder (Auric Damnation)

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Ogryn Build

This guide is for an all rounder Ogryn Build, that works well even in Auric Damnation.

I say all rounder, because it really does have a bit of everything. It gives you ranged suppression, crit and the bleed resistance we all crave along with the utility of push-taunt with the synergy of the Feel No Pain keystone.

With the Curios giving an interesting direction towards aggression in melee.

The Talents

This is the talent tree you’ll be using for this build.

Ogryn, All Rounder
Ogryn, All Rounder
Ogryn, All Rounder

This gives you all of the good stuff in the early tree, gives you the basic bullrush, you’re using it mostly to reposition, but you can always CC rez people with it.

Your Frag Bomb, is your big ticket grenade. I find that there are too many trash mobs for Big Friendly Rock or Bomb’s Away, to get max value here.

Getting +15% taken to enemies hit by your melee, is a great addition to brittleness.

We get the bare basics of the melee tree, and to do that efficiently we have to go through the
Bone Breaker’s Aura path.

Delight In Destruction is just a great one point wonder down the melee path, then we ignore the tree entirely.

We go down quite far in the middle path, for Feel No Pain, and Strongest!

Very important here is the Get Stuck In talent, it enables your bullrush to be brainless, you no longer have to consider if you’re going to be staggered out of it.

As well now we get a great damage boost when we take incidental damage in melee, and push taunt, with Attention Seeker, this is great for Bulwarks.

We go deep into the right tree, for a few reasons, Crit, and for suppression bonus and Mobile Emplacement. This will help you counter attack at range against Gunners.

There is no real way to get more out of the ogryn than this for an all round build if you ask me.

The Weapons

Ogryn, All Rounder
Ogryn, All Rounder

For melee, I feel these two weapons are quite good. For a quick hitting weapon the knife is a great option, for a more general use weapon, the brittleness stacking weapons are quite decent and I find the original pipe to be a great weapon to apply it.

Crit goes well with the knife, along with push taunt, and the keystone Strongest! getting use out of the built in reason to use the push. It adds up to be a meaningful reason to weave it in.

Ogryn, All Rounder
Ogryn, All Rounder

Here are two different philosophies for the gun.

If you want a more gun-all-the-time style, there is a good reason to consider the ripper. The Foe-Rend MK II Ripper, is a great mainstay. With its huge brittleness on stab, and a stab n’ shoot style, you can go quite far… with the Achlys Mk VII Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber, its much more of a horde clearer along with the long range anti-gunner/elite option.

For this one I suggest using the pipe. With the Ripper, the pipe is a great option, a great all rounder when ammo runs low, and it still keeps brittleness utility consistently in the kit.

With the knife the Stubber, the knife is a great option, the Ripper with this much crit, and crit damage can nuke elites, while the knife can still keep at it. The only concern is fatigue for inputs. If your hands get tired, the pipe is the better option.

The Curios

Ogryn, All Rounder
Ogryn, All Rounder
Ogryn, All Rounder

To me, its a no-brainer to get 3 slots of gunner resistance. The Ogryn has no real way to stop the incidental damage due to the lacking cover, if you get anything I recommend that.

As for me personally I like to run 2, 3+ stamina Curios, with a Wound Curio.


I think that an added down state, for the Ogryn is pretty important, as you take a lot of ranged damage. With this build we’ve gone pretty deep into the talents to try to prevent that as much as possible, but it can still happen. With HP your max goes down quite a bit from one down, which with this high risk style, is very possible, so the wound is more consistent.

I run this build in Auric Damnation, and I find the wound to be a good all round last choice for the slot.

Why so much stamina? Because it saves us from having to run stamina efficiency, block efficiency is still important but getting it on the weapon I think feels pretty decent. As sources for it seem to be multiplicative getting one big boost of 20% on the weapon feels right.

Mobility and engaging threats, saves potential damage taken, so this is a pretty interesting level of risk for the Ogryn, and not a conventional choice, but I like it.

If you sit behind cover that allows for chip damage and do nothing with that resource or time, then why not use stamina to reach them, and your HP to deal effective damage, negating further damage from that threat?

With this stamina you can use it both for sprinting towards ranged threats, or blocking, or pushing to give allies room, or yourself.

You can push to allow another ally to rez safely in a horde environment, if bullrush is down.

With all that stamina+ your ogryn carrying a 20% block on their weapon, you can do pretty decent against monstrosities if things go wrong.

The next I recommend is a single instance of sniper resistance. If one bad spot gets you stuck and shot, you’re down, but with this you might manage to survive that shot.

I like having the toughness regeneration on here in one slot, but for the other, with block efficiency I would rather it be stamina regeneration. I haven’t lucked out on that one yet.

3x rez speed is pretty key for my style, I think downed players getting up quickly is key for survival in Auric Damnation.

Written by Dwarving

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