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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Secret way to farm reds

I’ve been holding a secret to getting reds. I was inspired to share recently, so come have a listen.

No glitches

This is not a guide to glitch. Fatshark can’t ban you for this. This is playing the game in a fast manner with certain fast characters, built for speed.


I have 2’s and 3’s of every red in the game. I always have red dust for any new stuff that comes out. There is a way to try hard and get reds very quickly, and I’ll teach it to you. This isn’t effortless, but it is easier than full-book running, and faster.

Also, this is a perfectly viable method in solo. Almost all my experience with speedrunning legend was done in solo.

Some people will hate this guide, because it will devalue what they have worked for the “old fashion way.” Well, this is more efficient. Get over it. I don’t mow my lawn with scissors.

Drop rates and finishing times

Speed running Legend with a fast character: 8 minutes.

This can change, depending on your chosen character, and potion drops. A map full of blues/purples is awesome. Good runs are 6 minute or less.

60 minutes = 8 vaults

Don’t wipe because of books. Books are not as impactful as people believe.

Merchant’s Vault Drop Chance: 1 in 16. Personal reference.

Pick up 2 close-by books to get Merchant’s Vault. Don’t go for the hard-to-reach stuff, because that slows you down. 1 minute loss is huge. That’s a >15% slowdown.

2 hours = 1-2 red

If you’re lucky, you might get 3-4. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get none. It can happen.

How to speedrun

Pick someone fast like Handmaiden, Slayer, Huntsman, etc.

For bots, take Mercenary, Ironbreaker, Warrior Priest, Zealot, or Unchained. You want tanky bots who will survive while you “teleport” them through the map.

You will run through the map as fast as you can. Immediately drink your blue (and purple) potions, don’t hoard them. Only kill bosses, patrols, specials, so they don’t end up killing you later.

You will form a deathball horde behind you. Keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t grow too big, because you might need to kill it eventually (if a boss spawns). Throw bombs behind you to clear them. Keep the horde of enemies behind you manageable.

Do look after your bots. Ignoring them is faster, but also dangerous. You might gain seconds, but lose minutes. Keep at least one alive, to save you from surprise gutter runners.

Bot suggestions

1. Warrior Priest can make you invulnerable, if you give him the sharing talent.
2. Ironbreaker should have the knockback armor talent. This preserves him and the other bots.
3. Mercenary should have the revive with shout talent. Can be a run saver.
4. Unchained should have the sacrifice health to gain ult talent. Saves her from boom.
5. You might consider giving all your bots 30% respawn speed. If they die, they are easier to get back. You don’t really want them dying, though.


1. Equip spear. Hold down heavy attack and don’t release. You move faster this way.
2. Equip all possible speed increases (don’t forget talents).
3. Use ult to bypass difficult groups. Enemies will redirect to your bots.


1. Equip spear. Do heavy attacks repeatedly while running. You move faster this way.
2. Equip all speed increases and cooldown reductions.
3. Use invis on dash talent and dodge through enemies talent. Getting stuck is bad.
4. Sometimes you can take shortcuts using the dash.


1. Equip all possible speed increases from talents and items.
2. Super jump over everything and run through the map.
3. Sometimes you can take shortcuts with the super jump.
4. I think dual axes make you move faster. I can’t remember though. Possibly wrong. Don’t trust me here.

Good maps

  • Screaming Bell – No stops necessary. Short map.
  • Fort Backscratcher – No stops necessary, except for end event. Short map.
  • The Pit – Short map if you know the route. Very safe, too.

Average maps

  • Empire in Flame: This map is short and has no stops necessary. However, bots can get stuck at the end event and that can wipe you. There’s a staircase in the basement that they get stuck on. (Speedrunning the end event is pretty fun though)
  • Against the Grain – No stops necessary, except for bosses. Short map. Be careful at the end, because the bots can get stuck on ladders in the final building.
  • Athel Yenlui: No stops necessary, medium map. Bots have bad AI on this map, so it’s a bit more dangerous for them and you. They like to chase after blightstormers and other specials.
  • Righteous Stand: Medium map, but fairly safe.

Bad maps

  • Lord maps: Lords take time to kill. Some of the maps are also long. Only play if you want to.
  • Convocation of Decay: This map is difficult. High chance of wiping on the end event. Big time waster. I’ve learned not to touch it.
  • Hunger in the Dark: Minecarts are slow.
  • Festering Ground: Bots can kill themselves in acid. Don’t bother.
  • Graveyard map (can’t remember): Bots die in acid. Don’t play it.
  • Drachenfels campaign: Drachenfels campaign is hard and kinda long. Not a good campaign to run for reds.
  • Bloodreaper: Darkness section.
  • Back to Ubersreik campaign: Maybe I haven’t taken the proper time to learn these maps, but they always felt long to me.
  • Beastman Campaign: Technically this map is good for speedrunning. Minotaurs are tough, though. We’ll just say there’s a high luck factor. Unreliable.


The better you get at speedrunning, the more maps are available to you. My list of maps are more of a recommendation, but some are actually quite fun and doable if you understand them.

If you get really good at speedrunning, you can even do some easier legend deeds. This gets you double vaults.

Also, if you have a friend, you can coordinate and both run fast characters. This makes it a more social experience. It doesn’t work so well for more than 2 people, though. You should use the potion share trait.

Final Words

Have fun. Don’t burn yourself out playing one map. I did that when I first discovered this. I learned to play many maps and characters and enjoy it.

Play different characters, play different maps. Enjoy the speedrunning.

Written by Ghoul Hunter

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