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Witcher 3 Blood Ties Walkthrough

Blood Ties Walkthrough

Start Location: You’ll be able to pick up this quest from a Nilfgaardian Woman near the merchant in the small settlement between the ‘House of Respite’ and ‘Nilfgaardian Army Group ‘Centre’ Camp’ fast travel markers in the southeast corner of the Velen map.

After accepting the quest, make your way to the south and to the Nilfgaardian Army Group ‘Centre’ Camp area. Enter the large tent behind the area’s notice board to find Quartermaster Eggebracht sitting behind a desk. Approach and start up a conversation with him.

During the conversation, you’ll be given the opportunity to use your AXII or bribe the Quartermaster. Either way, once you have done either, you’ll get the information you require and your objectives will be updated.

Exit the Nilfgaardian Army Group ‘Centre’ Camp and head to the swampy area marked on the map to the northwest. When you arrive, the objective marker will expand into a search area. Activate your Witcher Senses. Here you can inspect:

  • The footprints on the ground near the very centre of the search area.
  • Hanged bodies in the centre of the search area.
  • Unsent Letter on the ground behind the hanged body we can inspect.

After examining all of the points of interest and grabbing the Unsent Letter, return to the Nilfgaardian Woman who handed out the quest initially. After a short conversation, you’ll complete the side-quest.

Note: For completing this side-quest, you’ll earn 50 Crowns.

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