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Witcher 3 Gwent: Velen Players Walkthrough

Gwent: Velen Players Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Crow’s Perch Notice board.

The Gwent quests in the Witcher III: Wild Hunt are very similar to those seen in the ‘Fists of Fury’ quests – but instead of boxing, they require that we track down and play Gwent against a series of increasingly difficult opponents.

As you approach each of the challengers, you need to speak with them to start a match. You can find the Gwent players in the following locations:

The Bloody Baron

Location: found in his office at Crow’s Perch.

Note: If you fail to play and beat the Baron at Gwent before completing the ‘Return to Crookback Bog’ side-quest you can find the unique Gwent Card Sigismund Djikstra on a desk in his office along with the next player you are required to beat to continue the quest.

Note: For beating the Bloody Baron you’ll earn 25XP.

The Old Sage

Location: This fellow is found in town of Benek on the eastern side of the Velen map.

This fellow can be quite tricky to start with as he plays with a Monsters deck filled with Muster units and he’ll have the full collection of vampires, Crones, Arachas, Nekkers and Ghouls. The trick to beating him is to try to get him to use as many Musters as possible early on – use high level units and Decoys (if possible) to get him to overcommit in the first round.

Defeating him will earn you the ‘Crones: Weavess’ Gwent card.

Note: For beating the Old Sage you’ll earn 25XP.

Man in Oreton

Location: The Oreton man or Boatwright is located in Oreton, directly north of Fyke Isle.

The Boatwright runs a Nilfgaardian Empire deck with some high value hero cards and is not afraid to use the Spy ability and Decoy cards (to steal your Spy abilities) to boost his card count. With a well-constructed Northern Realms deck featuring some Decoys and Spy/Medic cards, you should be able to beat him at his own game and out-manoeuvre him.

Defeating him will earn you the ‘Letho of Gulet’ Gwent card.

Note: For beating the Boatwright you’ll earn 25XP.

Haddy the Card Prodigy

Location: Can be found in the town of Midcopse in western Velen.

Haddy plays with a Northern Realms deck and will rely on Tight Bond cards, weather cards and some high strength hero and unit cards. Using the Northern Realms, you should be able to use your Decoy cards and Spy/Medic abilities to quickly gain some additional cards in your hand. You’ll also want to try and get him to overcommit early so that you’ll be able to outlast him with your larger hand. Switch your leader to Foltest with the ability to cast clear weather to help out if you get in a bind In the later rounds.

Defeating him will earn you the ‘Vernon Roche’ Gwent card.

Note: For beating the Haddy the Card Prodigy you’ll earn 25XP.

Defeating all four players will also complete the quest.

Note: For beating all four players you’ll earn the one of the Monster deck leader card variants ‘Eredin: Destroyer of Worlds’.

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