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Witcher 3 Of Swords and Dumplings Quest Guide

Witcher 3 Of Swords and Dumplings Quest

From Hattori in the sword sharpening shop in the Fish market of Novigrad.

Note: First of all, yep the name of the fellow (and the character in general) is a reference to Hattori Hanzo, the legendary sword crafter in the movie Kill Bill who switched from making swords to sushi.

Part 1: The Deal

Once you have spoken with Hattori at the Sword Sharpening shop in the Fish Market, you can agree to help him meet his supplier as a bodyguard. To do this you’ll need to meet him after dark at the objective marker on the western side of the Novigrad Docks.

When Hattori does show up, confirm that you are ready to go during the conversation. Afterwards follow him along the docks and through an alleyway or two until you reach the meeting place. At this point another conversation will kick off.

During the conversation you’ll be able to negotiate the payment. To get the best possible deal for Hattori, choose the following options:

First up, you’ll want to select the “Let’s negotiate,” option and then when the King of Beggars’ men offer 35%, say “It’s still too much”. They’ll then threaten to walk off and as they do, you’ll have an opportunity for another timed decision. Choose the “Fine, no deal.” Option at this point to have them agree to 25%.

As soon as the scene ends, you’ll be attacked by some of Cleaver’s men. There are seven of them in total, but between yourself and the King of Beggars men, they shouldn’t be too difficult if you are appropriately levelled – just try to deal with those ranged attackers first!

Once all of the ambushers are dead or dying, Hattori will take off and invite you to follow. Keep moving after him until a scene plays.

Note: At this point you will earn 25XP and 20 Crowns.

Part 2: The Bodyguard

When we are back in control, return to Hattori’s dumpling shop and approach the door. Interact with it to have Geralt knock. Another conversation will ensue in which your objectives will update.

At this point, we’ll need to head for the Golden Sturgeon Tavern by the Novigrad Docks. As you arrive at the objective marker a short scene will play before you find yourself in a fist fight with Sukrus, the very fellow whom Hattori wants us to hire. Simply dodge his attacks and land 3-4 blows to knock the aggressor down.

After the fight a short scene will play in the Golden Sturgeon tavern after which you’ll need to complete a short task in order to recruit Sukrus for Hattori. Sukrus gives us two options, we can either: Convince the trader to pay Sukrus or destroy the merchant’s goods.

The trader himself can be found on a boat moored at the northern end of the Novigrad Docks. If you speak with him, he’ll politely tell you to get lost. If you have developed AXII (level 2), you can convince the trader to repay his debt to Sukrus without a fuss, however if you don’t have that option available (or you just want to be a rebel), we’ll need to destroy his merchandise.

To destroy his wares, you’ll need to use your IGNI/AARD sign magic on one of the groups of barrels on the deck. Of course doing this will enrage the trader and his body guards. Simply defend yourself and damage them enough for a scene to play in which they’ll run off.

Return to Sukrus on the lower level of the Golden Sturgeon Tavern to let him know the result of your endeavours.

Note: At this point you will earn 10 Crowns.

When we are back in control, return to Hattori’s dumpling shop. Head on inside and speak with Hattori. Another conversation will ensue – continue said conversation to its conclusion and your objectives will update once again.

Note: At this point you will earn 10 Crowns.

Part 3: The Warehouse

Speak with Sukrus outside of Hattori’s dumpling shop and he’ll have already formulated a plan. After the conversation he’ll disappear and tell you to meet him on the Novigrad Docks near the Golden Sturgeon tavern after dark. Wait until the appointed hour or meditate until night time to continue. Approach Sukrus to learn of his plan.

Following the conversation, make your way over to the building nearby indicated by the objective marker. Approach the pair of NPCs standing in front. At this point you’ll have a few options as to how to get inside. They include:

  • Bribe the guard with 200 Crowns – He will let you into the warehouse, no questions asked. This option will also net you 10XP.
  • Use AXII (Level 2) – He will let you into the warehouse, no questions asked. This option will also net you 40XP.
  • “Need to get inside” – If you have completed the ‘Gangs of Novigrad’ side-quest previously and accepted Cleaver’s help, the guard will let you inside.

Once inside the warehouse, turn on your Witcher Senses. We’ll need to find and identify three crates which we’ll need to approach and interact with so that Geralt will mark them for pick up. The crates we are looking for will have a red gas emanating from the top of them. From the entry point, there are two objective crates located along the left hand wall of the room and a third in the far right hand corner.

When all three crates have been marked, return outside. As soon as you exit the warehouse you’ll find yourself in the middle of a scene.

During the scene, you’ll have an opportunity for another timed decision. Unfortunately, no matter what option you choose you’ll still end up fighting. Defeat Ernst van Hoorn and his 3-4 Bandit bodyguards for another short scene.

With all that out of the way, return to Hattori’s dumpling shop in the Fish market and speak with Hattori once more. Afterwards, we’ll need to wait a little while so our old mate Hattori (now a Master Swordsmith) will have sufficient time to craft our reward.

Simply meditate for 24-48 hours. When sufficient time has elapsed, speak with Hattori to complete the quest and earn your reward.

Note: For completing this side-quest you’ll earn a Steel Sword – Blade from the Bits.

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