X4: Foundations – All Crafting Recipes

X4 Foundations - All Crafting Recipes

Wares in the player inventory can be combined to create new wares the player can trade or use by Crafting. To craft wares requires the player to interact with a Crafting Bench found at Trader, Ship Vendor and Bar platforms. Recipes for wares to craft will automatically appear in the menu if at least one of the crafting ingredients has already been found.

This page contains all known crafting recipes that can be found in X4: Foundations.

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Crafting Recipes


  • 3x Hallucinogenics
  • 1x Needle

Spacefly Cavier

  • 25x Spacefly Eggs


  • 25x Salvaged Electronics

Fine Meal

  • 5x Argnu Steak
  • 3x Mixed Fruit
  • 3x Rare Spice


  • 1x Demaged Singularity Engine
  • 1x Flux Capacitor
  • 1x Programmable Field Array

Security Slicer

  • 1x AGI Processor
  • 1x Decryption Module
  • 1x Interface Unit

Security Decryption System

  • 5x AGI Heuristic Core
  • 1x Decryption Module
  • 1x Interface Module

Security Bypass System

  • 1x AGI Neural Network
  • 1x Decryption Module
  • 1x Interface Unit

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