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60 Parsecs! – Items and Events Guide

In this guide you will find all items tips and purposes, some events tips and advices.

Hi there! In this guide you will find information about all game items: what they can do, where and etc.

Also a little bit about events, one of the main parts of this game, precisely, about positive events that can give you smth, or where you need to do/use/spend smth in exchange to another item. Hope you will find what you want.


1) Can of Soup: i think all of you know what to do with that one, next.

2) Lighter: Its not the first thing you should grab, but its very useful in events and in some expeditions, like Library on Robotofu planet, it can be used to light the way, so the explorer can safely walk around without getting injured from falling because of the darkness, also works as weapon vs Aliens(Squids maybe, idk), also when using it to play a game it can let you forget about hunger.

3) Duct Tape: Its a pretty good thing, very useful in “repair smth” events, also you can bring it to expedition to repair another equipment if smth will be broken in the way.

4) Astrocitizen Manual: One of the top things to pick up. It cant be crafted without upgrading your crafting bench (I will use “uncraftable” to this kind of things), so better search for it at the station. You can solve many problems using it. In expeditions can give you extra Chemicals.

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5) Shovel: Uncraftable and cool like Manual, needed in some events and provides solid bonuses if you chose it, like saturation. Gives you extra Minerals in expeditions, can be used as weapon and to cut the Grass. If you can take it – you wont regret.
In this event Shovel will “feed” your crew. Very nice!

6) Pistol: Not the thing I advise you to take. Yea, you can use it as weapon, yea, it has a cool storing place and not less cooler upgraded version, but its all of the advantages. Personally I prefer the Shovel, but its your choise what to take, because Pistol is not useless, but still not useful like Shovel, and you can find it in much more events unlike Shovel. Uncraftable.

7) Armor: Simple as 2+2, always pick it up, uncraftable. Protects you from grass, boulders and in fights.

8) Mask: Very useful, only 1 carrying slot needed and lots of events where its necessary (to safely wake up next day (=), uncraftable. Protects from biohazard in expeditions.

9) Battery: Its not the best thing to pick(3 slots), but only battery will give you extra energy in expeditions, very useful on Robotofu, but taking it or not – your choise, depands on picked you Resourses (energy) or not. Uncraftable, recycling it gives you energy, so you can upgrade Bench, recycle Battery and craft it again(its like trading with yourself – Minerals to Energy).

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10) Artifact: Its a very different in purposes item: as weapon vs Reds, Deathbots and Pirates, as sock in events when bored, as protection in expeditions with a Star icon(idk what is it, mb pentagram, but still – it works)

11) Communicator: Needed in some events(only on planet, especially Robotofu), and always needed after landing to fix your Communication System(always breaks down, fixing event can appear next day you landed, or later, so keep in mind that you need to craft this one if you dont have it before landing)

12) Medkit: Cure wounds and weakness(weakness can be healed without it by feeding weak person and after few days, but becoming Starving will slow the treatment)

13) Sock Puppet: Cure Insanity, may be used as Artifact to entertain the crew and in some events, but after using expires, sadly.

14) Resourses Crates: After buffing them to give you 30 amounts of resources (was 20) its very nice item to search for, as you can craft items which you don’t pick up, or instead of picking 3 Soup Cans you can pick only one Chemicals Crate. Yay!


I wanted to tell you a little about events, not all so it would be very hard for me, but about some special events. Here we go.

Shuttle events

(Can appear after landing, but i am calling them “shuttle” because of they don’t depend on your location)

  • Rusty cans:¬†Always take them, +2 soup, no harm.
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  • Soup cans machine: Shovel or Duct Tape needed, +1 soup (but keep in mind that using items in events can hurt them or even broke)

“Strength test” – if you passed it, 2 cans will drop from hidden dispencer.
“Siamese twins” (sorry no scshot, but theres only 2 ways: yes or no) – A 2-headed creature wants you to spend 1 Soup Can for them to be blessed. Chosing “no” will give you 1 Soup Can, “yes” – minus 1 Soup Can (or I was very unlucky so they dont gave me smth in exchange). This one is space-only event I guess.
“Flying potatoes and tomatoes” – 2 ways: Agility or Strength, typical attribute event, but succes will give you 1-2 Soup Cans.

Searching Events

This kind of events may give you some items when you search your Shuttle or nearby land, some events where you need to go out of Shuttle. Heres the example:

It depends on what do you have, you can find any item you are missing, but also you can lose item that you are using to do this event, or your crew sanity/discipline may get hurt.

Also events about breaking safe’s lock or any other like this (which have 2 ways with attributes to be completed) may cause equipment damage if failed. This was some events that are most useful and harmless.

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