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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 – Asuryani Ships

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Asuryani Ships

Battlegroup of the Craftworld Biel-Tan crossing the empty void of space.

“My only remaining pleasure is to bring death to the enemies of my Craftworld.”
-Lord-Phoenix Ironstorm, Spirit-Warrior of the Biel-Tan Craftworld

In this section I will outline all ships of the Asuryani at the disposal to the players. I will not be including pictures of these vessels as that would be far to time consuming and I will only be giving very brief descriptions of them, not a list of every stat they have. As players you can look more into these stats by creating your own fleet and looking at the information provided for every ship.

I will not be organizing ships I list here by their classification or class. While this is an efficient way to list them for a game, I think a better way to visualize these will be to catagorize them by their weapons arrangements and their perspective roles within your fleet. Ships will be listed from this category further from top to bottom by point values.

To further demonstrate this point, due to the prevelance of how good torpedoes are within this faction, I will be organizing ships by their secondary armaments rather than their primaries as this is now more preference based. The secondary weapons will also determine the playstyle used for a ship more so than its primary weapons, a carrier will not behave the same way a ship carrying torpedoes will. Whereas lascannons and pulsars will all have to be shot at the enemy while facing them.

The ships in this faction used to be more one sided in their selection due to the synergy between “Spirit Stone Targeting Node” (which used to apply to all ships) and the “Runic Targeting Node” stance. Because of the nerf to this faction, all ships now have a role and fleet building/theory crafting now have a place again. Before, players would simply spam lascannons because it was so much more effective.


Escorts serve the purpose of being viable scouts and ships to capture zones with. They also serve as “filler” points within a fleet in the case that points are leftover but there are not enough to purchase another line ship. These vessels simply augment the fleet by providing additional firepower, high speed, and scouting potential.


  • Class: Destroyer
  • Cost: 79 points
  • Role: Lance Patrol Craft

An easy ship to understand, this ship is very fast and light. The holofields that the Asuryani have also make it very durable for scouting roles.

Shard Shadowhunter

  • Class: Destroyer
  • Cost: 85 points
  • Role: Lascannon Patrol Craft

This ship is exactly the same in every way to the Shadowhunter, except for its weapon array. Instead of having a lance it has 3 lascannons. Given that escorts don’t really contribute high amounts of damage to engagements, I would simply say get whichever one of the two escorts your fleet has points for.


The ships in this role have traded away their torpedoes for launch bays to house fighters, bombers, and boarding craft. Because of the utility offered by carriers they generally should be kept away from the primary engagement as much as possible to get the most use out of them. However, given the premium cost that is usually associated with Aeldari vessels and the short ranged nature of their weapons, they still must contribute to the fight in order to achieve victory. Be very careful about puting these ships in harms way.

Ghost Wraithship

  • Class: Light Cruiser
  • Cost: 206 points
  • Role: Mid-Range Light Carrier
  • Launch Bays: 2

This is the smallest and cheapest carrier available to the faction. If you compare the cost of this ship to the cheapest carriers from other factions you will see that there is a literal price you pay simply for playing the Aeldari. The ships weapons (lascannons) and launch bays both work with the “Reload” stance very well.

Moonray Wraithship

  • Class: Light Cruiser
  • Cost: 210 points
  • Role: Mid-Range Light Carrier
  • Launch Bays: 2

The Moonray is a clone copy of the cheaper Ghost Wraithship except it changes out its lascannons for pulsars. These weapons will deliver their damage in a shorter burst but will not be affected by the “Reload” stance which most carriers want to use.

Ghost Dragonship

  • Class: Cruiser
  • Cost: 295 points
  • Role: Mid-Range Carrier
  • Launch Bays: 2

The Dragonships are simply the bigger versions of Wraithships by moving up in ship tonnage. These ships are more durable and carry more firepower at the expense of speed and manuverability. Due to a lack of having a second solar sail, this ship doesn’t suffer a reduction in speed like the Wraithships if its sails are destroyed.

Moonray Dragonship

  • Class: Cruiser
  • Cost: 285 points
  • Role: Mid-Range Carrier
  • Launch Bays: 2

This ship is a clone of the Ghost Dragonship but trades its lascannons for pulsars. Curiously this ship recieves a decrease in points while doing this compared to the Moonray Wraithship which recieves an increase in cost. Again, pulsars are not affected by the “Reload” stance. Due to a lack of having a second solar sail, this ship doesn’t suffer a reduction in speed like the Wraithships if its sails are destroyed.

Phoenix Ship

  • Class: Battle Cruiser
  • Cost: 420 points
  • Role: Mid-Range Heavy Carrier
  • Launch Bays: 2

This is the largest ship available to the Asuryani and features a larger weapons compliment while moving at the expectedly slower speeds that comes from being a bigger ship. Due to the ship not increasing the amount of launch bays it has and the lowered speed of the ship, I would suggest you pass on this vessel. It will be a slower target that your opponents will eagerly exploit and be far easier to catch up to. The point cost is also a concern as you can effectively take two Wraithships for almost the same price and get more fighters out onto the field and have them be far harder for the enemy to catch.

A Hemlock Wraithfighter, one of the greatest and most terrifying weapons within the Aeldari arsenal, performing a strafing run on its target.

“I bring only death and leave only corpses.”
-Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees Jain Zar

Torpedo Craft

The following vessels feature the ability to use torpedoes, arguably the strongest weapon in the Asuryani arsenal. The reason for this is that these torpedoes completely ignore armor, a full salvo can easily cripple or outright destroy destroy smaller ships while larger ones will be devestated by the amount of damage they can bring.

Prismatic Wraithship

  • Class: Light Cruiser
  • Cost: 172 points
  • Role: Mid-Range Light Cruiser

This ship is armed with torpedoes and a compliment of lascannons. This is a light and very effective ship, just be careful when using it as it is very fragile, especially given its point cost.

Firestorm Wraithship

  • Class: Light Cruiser
  • Cost: 176 points
  • Role: Mid-Range Light Cruiser

This ship is exactly the same as the Prismatic Wraithship, except that it switches lascannons for pulsars.

Starfall Dragonship

  • Class: Cruiser
  • Cost: 228 points
  • Role: Mid-Range Cruiser

What once was the pinnacle of Asuryani fleet design and makeup, the Starfall Dragonship was able to strafe and deliver large amounts of damage before patch 1. Now being a former shell of itself it is unknown if it will play such a pivotal role again.

Firestorm Dragonship

  • Class: Cruiser
  • Cost: 220 points
  • Role: Mid-Range Cruiser

While being a clone to the Starfall Dragonship but having pulsars instead of lascannons, this ship may well take over where the Starfall stood dominant. The reason being that it has good damage output that wasn’t nerfed but actually buffed in patch 1 due to lance type weapons getting there critical chances doubled.

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