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Children of Morta Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Children of Morta Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Children of Morta is a story-driven action RPG game about an extraordinary family of heroes. Lead the Bergsons, with all their flaws and virtues, against the forthcoming Corruption. Will you be able to sacrifice everything to save the ones you care for?

Character Stats

A table of all the character stats in Children of Morta.

PlayerDamage MultiplierHealth GainBase Attack SpeedBase CriticalGain CriticalPCR MaxPCR RegBase Dodge Chance


John is that typical Paladin, all-rounded class. He’s neither slow nor fast, neither strong nor weak. He’s an excellent choice most of the times and you’d do well to learn how to play as John. His Heaven’s Sword skill allows him to deal with large hordes of enemies quickly and his Shield is excellent. It’s a great alternative to dodging and some skills will increase the usefulness of his shield further. For example, there’s a skill that hurts enemies that attack John while his shield is raised.


Kevin is a stealthy, fast character. Typical of the “Assassin” archetype. His defining ability is his ability to enter “Frenzy” mode. This greatly increases his attack speed and can destroy enemies quickly. This, combined with Rage mode can take down a boss in seconds. He also moves pretty fast while running and while attacking. You can dodge enemies while attacking easily. There are some exceptions as some enemies have huge AoE attacks, mostly bosses.


Linda is the archer of the family. She uses up Stamina whenever she’s attacking and moving at the same time when her stamina runs out, she’s not able to shoot while moving. She has trouble dealing with big groups of enemies, but she can be extremely powerful with the right loadout.

You can find Runes that turn her primary attack into a 3-arrow shot every time. This hugely increases her efficiency while dealing with tons of monsters. You can also combine skills and rune to obtain a devastating combination. She’s the only character that has a straightforward skill that increases her attack damage. The catch is that she has to remain still, but when this is paired with her Rage mode, it can deal an insane amount of damage in seconds, bringing down bosses easily.


Mark uses his fists to attack. A small indicator will appear below enemies while in range, this represents Mark’s range. Whenever you’re in range, you can press the attack key and Mark will jump straight and quickly towards the target. His attack speed is incredibly high and his primary attack has a pretty good area of effect, he has no trouble dealing with large groups of enemies.


Lucy is the mage of the family. She uses Mana to cast spells learned through skills. Her primary attack is a ranged fireball that can only be used while remaining still. This is a huge drawback, but she can use her skills to keep enemies at bay. She can cast tornados that will hurt and incapacitate enemies, she can stun them and more. Her primary attack will cast some fire sparks to the sides that will damage enemies and its efficiency can be increased through skills.


Joey is the typical heavy-hitter, he uses a hammer, which is very slow but can deal a lot of damage and has a huge area of effect. He’s also the character with the highest HP in the game. His HP is what allows him to fight freely. While playing as Joey, you will be tanking a lot of damage and dodging attacks is significantly harder than with the rest of the characters. Recovering HP is the key to playing Joey, so start saving up all those Charms that recover HP and if you happen to any Divine Relics that recover HP, definitely grab those.

Boss Stats

A table with all the stats of bosses in Children of Morta.

BossBase DamageBase Move SpeedBase HealthBase ArmorBase CriticalBase ResistHit Cancel ResistPushback ResistDeath XP RewardMove Imparing
Spider King20.666400202002005000.7
Goblin King11.864800202002004000.7
Goblin Queen1164800202002004000.7
Dead Boise274.517840202002008300.7
Scorpion King29.425.516780203003008500.5

Bosses are displayed in order of appearance.

Spider King

This is it, your first boss. I’ve had trouble beating this boss at first, so I had to die a few times before I got it, right. After a few tries in the Silk Caverns, you will unlock Kevin, a new character. Personally, it was a lot easier for me to beat this boss with Kevin, despite having a significantly harder playthrough. I’d recommend trying with Kevin if you’re having trouble. You need to be careful until Kevin gains his Frenzy mode in which he gains attack speed. Once your Frenzy bar is filled, you can start attacking the Spider King as much as you can and it’ll go down in no time.

This boss has a very consistent attack pattern. It will first use the spiderwebs to move outside the screen and smash the ground wherever the player is. Save your dashes for these attacks as it can be a bit difficult to avoid otherwise. After that, it will summon big spiders and these can be a pain since they have long-range attacks. Try to deal with the spiders as soon as possible. The only chances you get to attack the boss is when it smashes the ground and goes to the top side of the room to summon more spiders.

Gobling King & Queen

The boss deals melee damage but can charge against the player from one side of the screen to the other pretty quickly. Even with John, you can easily hit this boss once and dodge, sometimes you can even hit him twice. Keep up this pattern and around mid health, another boss will be summoned. Make sure to take down the one with half its health bar first. The second boss deals a lot more damage and can reach long distance with jumps and smash the ground. This will deal damage in an area of effect. Make sure you keep your Stamina up to be able to dodge. Within melee range, the second boss will launch two consecutive attacks, so be prepared to dodge twice. If you’re playing with John, you can dodge once, but make sure you’re holding the direction keys on the opposite side while you dodge or the hits will reach you.


One of the boss’ most common attack is a stomp that releases a wave that can stun you. Followed by this, it’s usually a quick long-range attack. When you get close, it will start pulling you towards him and then smash the ground to release a shock wave in your direction. Don’t smash the dodge key when this happens, try to time it correctly so that you can avoid the following attack. After all those attacks, he will start floating and protect himself with some sort of shield while floating around shooting projectiles in all directions. You cannot hit him while he’s in this state and you’ll get hurt on contact. These projectiles can be tricky to figure out at first, but the trick is to get as close as possible before they start spreading out, that will make it easier to dodge.


The boss can go underground and appear at any point in the room. One of the first attacks it will use is a three slash long-range attacks that fire big energy waves towards the player. However, the waves do not travel the entire room so for the most part it is safe to simply run in the opposite direction. This changes when it’s a single wave, the range is superior and can travel the entire room. After you take half of its health, it will go into an ethereal state and charge against the player. It cannot be hit in this state. From here on out, it will regularly summon thieves near the player. They can be annoying, but they also drop Health Potion, so be on the lookout.


The boss’ attacks aren’t necessarily powerful, but what makes this fight a bit hard is the number of monsters he can spawn. As you kill the summons, they will drop Gemstones you can use on the pillars on both sides. This will immediately kill all the monsters and get rid of the purple traps on the ground. Mark and John can take care of this boss quite easily. The reach and area of effect damage their primary attacks deal are perfect for dealing with big hordes, plus, John can use his Heaven’s Strike skill to help with the monsters. As long as you use the Gemstones as soon as you get them and proceed to hit the boss while he is undefended, it will go down in no time.

Scorpion King

Scorpion King is an aggressive boss. It will chase you and launch melee attacks at you. Sometimes it will go underground and cause an explosion when he emerges. Scorpions will join the Scorpion King while fighting, but those won’t be a problem if you’re playing with a melee character, specially Joey, the scorpions will just be collateral damage to him. It can be hard to dodge the Scorpion King’s attacks if you’re playing with Joey, due to his very low attack speed. I recommend John, Mark or Linda for this fight. John and Mark because of their good area of effect primary attacks and Linda because she can stay far from the Scorpion King’s reach. You could play Lucy, but because she is not able to move while she’s attacking, you won’t be able to deal a lot of damage to the Scorpion King while attacking. Before you know it, he will be right next to you and you will have to stop attacking in order to dodge his attacks. Get used to his attacks, land a few hits, dodge, rinse and repeat.


Another melee boss. This one’s a hard hitter and he can attack twice consecutively. I managed to beat this one with Kevin, but in my case, he was my highest level character. One of the hardest parts was building up Kevin’s Frenzy mode, but after that, it went better. After a bit of fighting (he will only use melee attacks), he will root himself to the ground and some roots will emerge. You’ll have to destroy the roots to attack Deadboise, but these roots can drop potions. Deadboise doesn’t have any ranged attacks, which makes ranged characters perfect for this mission. You can try your luck with Linda or Lucy. As long as you keep Deadboise at bay or dodge his attacks, the fight will go smoothly.


Babylon can launch homing ranged attacks, which can be devastating for ranged characters. These homing projectiles must be destroyed or they will chase you forever, and to top it off, he can chase you whilst with a circle of fire surrounding him, this can deal a lot of damage as well. Missiles will be aimed at you from the launchers on the corners, luckily you can predict where it will land by the crosshair on the floor. You can actually use these missiles to damage Babylon, and they will deal a lot of damage, too. Despite the fact that this boss seems to be thought out to counter ranged characters, I beat it my first time with Linda. If you play with Linda, make sure you have the Rage skill unlocked, you can deal an immense amount of damage and grab any Totem Divine Relics you can find, the reason for this is that stationary buffs are great for ranged characters or characters that need to stay in place, like Linda and Lucy. Combine all of this together and Babylon will go down easily.


Welcome to the most chaotic boss fight, yet. Upon starting the fights, some wall blocks will emerge from the floor, they will shoot projectiles, lasers, missiles and more. All of this while you have to fight the normal enemies. After a while, the glass covering 0030 will lower and you’ll have some time to hit him. Make sure that you save your Rage state for exactly this moment, you have to deal the most amount of damage you can while the glass is lowered.


There is no dungeon for this battle, as soon as you enter OU’s temple, the three spirits will be waiting for you. Talk to them and they will each give you a Divine Grace. Perhaps one of OU’s weakest attacks is the fireball rain, while he’s doing this you can hit him easily and it’s very rare that the fireballs will touch you. After that that, he will launch several projectiles forward, then he will disappear and appear again, this is your window to hit him, he will do this several times. He will change his attack pattern halfway through his health bar and summon some enemies. While you fight those enemies, he will start chanting and a circle will appear on the floor. He will summon some crystals that will spiral around the room. You can attack the crystals to get rid of them.

Getting his health bar down to 20% will trigger a cutscene. You’ll be inside a circle created by the wind spirit and one of the Bergsons will be with you. Hold down the F key to resurrect them and follow the wind spirit. You will have to fight some new enemies and go finding the rest of the family to revive them. Once you revive them all, the second stage of the fight will begin.

This time you will be fighting alongside the rest of the Bergsons. A lot of enemies will come at you and OU will repeatedly summon fireballs from the sky, but it will go down quickly because of how much damage the entire family deals.


All enemies and their stats in Children of Morta.

EnemyBase DamageBase Move SpeedBase HealthBase ArmorBase CriticalBase ResistHit Cancel ResistPushback ResistDeath XP Reward
Dark Claw107.538020101145
Dark Shaman185.7546020151570
Dark Wizard153.564020202078
Archer Goblin114.63502041034
Smasher Goblin3041400205040100
Green Spider01080201012
Red Spider510100201018
Spider Queen124.640020202070
Spear Soldier125.175380202525110
Chain Ball94.655020202048
Dark Worm3210020107
Ice Mage115.7528020101555
Baby Scorpion582202010015
Dark Waller15642020252580
Fire Breather157.524020102547
Jelly Dad165.7550020251595
Jelly Son96.326020151049
Jelly Granson571602010516
Anarchy Spider1111.230020102532
Dark Masher325.1751600204050125
Mech Constructor104152020304570
Reaper Mecha156.238020102062
Dark Nest0117202099999985
Ice Slipper6.54.52002041030
Charger Bull12.5736020305066
Vomiter Goblin185.560020101145

Divine Relics

Divine Relics are active items in Children of Morta. They can be activated by pressing the corresponding Keybind or controller input. All Divine Relics have an activation cooldown and they are lost on death.

Divine Relic NameDivine Relic Description
ShardslingerA ranged companion that fights by your side.
Dazing SpheroidA companion that stuns enemies.
Ring of CloakingBecome temporarily invisible.
Reflective StoneChance to fire projectiles in different directions upon being hit.
Tonic of RejuvenationReturn to maximum health at the start of a new floor.
Swift ShanksIncreased movement speed.
Blood OwedNearby enemies take damage when you are attacked.
Pulsating OrbShoot a missile that grows larger with time and explodes on impact.
Divine ShieldA temporary shield that absorbs all damage received. Explodes when it expires, dealing the damage back.
Yuki the SealA protector that provides armor and occasionally negates all incoming damage. Chance to nullify incoming damage.
Totem of AnahidCreate a totem that slows enemies.
Gift of LifeIncreased maximum health.
Spoon of Mol Sli’GotSmall chance to recover health when attacking.
Lucky CharmIncreases the amount of morv gained.
Choker of ElusionIncreased dodge chance.
Atar’s IgnitionDamaged enemies burn in fire.
Venom CoatingPoisons damaged enemies.
Lifelong PalHeals a portion of your life once in a while.
Enmiring BraceCreate an area that slows and damages enemies.
Totem of WardingCreate a totem that shoots at enemies surrounding it.
Totem of RostamCreate a totem that greatly buffs you.
Black DespairCreate a vortex that pulls enemies in.
Bramble WrappingsDamages enemies on contact.
Totem of DeceptionCreate a totem that distracts all enemies.
Grim’s OrbitFlames orbit you, damaging enemies.
ElectrocalypseCreate a temporary aura that damages nearby enemies.
Spiral of DoomCast a magical stone that spirals outward from you and damages enemies.
Scepter of ProficiencyIncreased critical hit chance.
BladeslingerA melee companion that fights by your side.
RebirthUpon receiving a fatal blow, revive at a modest portion of maximum health.
Dragon of SolSummon a dragon that damages enemies and leaves a damaging pool.
Keen EdgeIncreased primary attack damage.
Emerald PulseRelease a massive pulse, pushing enemies away from you.
Heaven’s JusticeCall forth a sword of the divine to damage enemies.
Totem of DefianceCreate a totem that knocks enemies back.
Mighty TouchYour primary attack has a chance to stun.
Ace’s ContingencyChance to throw an axe while attacking.
Eleventh HourDeal double damage while your health is below 25%.
Jin’s PotionHeal a portion of your missing health.
Spare TimeReset the cooldowns of all your abilities and fill your rage.


Runes are ability modifiers, they can increase the strength of the ability, combine abilities together, and more. These are exclusive to characters; only Kevin can use Kevin’s Shield Watch. They can be found in dungeons and are lost upon death. Below is a list with all the Runes available in the game.

Kevin’s Shield WatchBlocking attacks has a chance to release Kevin’s Shadow Dance.
Linda’s Dashing CrescendoLinda fires an Explosive Crescendo at the end of a Shield Dash.
Furrow of FireShield Dash leaves a fire trail that damages enemies.
StampedeShield Dash releases a wave of magical energy.
Absorption SlamShield Slam pulls enemies toward John.
Crushing VentShield Slam releases a large shockwave.
Kevin’s Shield of KnivesPerform Kevin’s Fan of Knives during a Shield Slam.
Arcane SlamShield Slam leaves an energy field that damages enemies.
Lucy’s Shield CycloneRelease Lucy’s Cyclone during a Shield Slam.
Knockout BlockBlocking will stun enemies.
Pyro BladePrimary attack deals fire damage, burning enemies over time.
Justice for AllPrimary attack damage is increased and divided between all enemies hit.
Give It AllPrimary attack consumes stamina to deal additional damage.
Mob BreakerPrimary attack deals additional damage the more enemies you hit with a single blow.
Shoving StrikePrimary attack knockbacks enemies.
Stamina DrainPrimary attack siphons stamina from enemies.
Deus GladiusPrimary attack cast Heaven’s Strike on a critical hit.
Mark’s Edge BarragePrimary attack has a chance to release Mark’s Guandian fist.
Sword DischargePrimary attack releases a wave of magical energy.
Heaven’s WreathHeaven’s Strike falls in a circle around John.
Sky MenaceEach Heaven’s Strike damages a larger area.
The NarrowHeaven’s Strike fall down in a line.
AvalancheHeaven’s Strike rains down even more swords.
Heavenly ArcaneHeaven’s Strike leaves behind pools of energy to damage enemies.
Bludgeoning FallHeaven’s Strike stuns enemies.
Lucy’s Heavenly CycloneLucy summons a cyclone at the impact of Heaven’s Strike.
Pulsating WrathReach maximum Frenzy after an Execute attack.
Vampiric AmbushRecover a small amount of health after Execute attack.
Grim’s DanceShadow Dance has a chance to strike more enemies.
Venom WhirlShadow Dance poisons enemies.
Dazing DanceShadow Dance stuns enemies.
Cloaked EruptionCreate an explosion when activating Shadow Cloak.
Linda’s Cloaked CrescendoLinda launches an Explosive Crescendo when Kevin activates Shadow Cloak.
John’s Cloak StrikeJohn’s Heaven’s Strike falls down when Kevin activates Shadow Cloak.
Lucy’s Cyclone CloakLucy summons a Cyclone when activating Shadow Cloak.
John’s Critical ProtectionJohn’s Heaven’s Strike casts with critical hits of primary attacks.
Deadly StormFrenzy effect will increase critical chance also while increasing attack speed.
Raging RogueFrenzy effect will increase damage also while increasing attack speed.
Swirl of DaggersChance to attack in all directions at maximum Frenzy.
Corporeal GiftRegenerate health at maximum Frenzy.
Ethereal GiftRegenerate rage at maximum Frenzy.
Mark’s Frenzied BarrageChance to perform Mark’s Guardian fist when at max Frenzy.
Rogue’s WillKevin stays in maximum Frenzy until hit by an enemy.
Cone of KnivesFan of Knives is condensed into a small cone in front of Kevin.
Concussive KnivesFan of Knives explodes on impact, damaging nearby enemies.
Fan of PainFan of Knives damage is increased but decreases the range.
Penetrating KnivesFan of Knives penetrates enemies.
Jostling KnivesFan of Knives will knock back enemies.
Lucy’s Cyclone of KnivesLucy summons a Cyclone upon activating Fan of Knives.
Blood SongHarmonic Slam deals damage at the cost of inflicting damage to Linda.
Focus MantraGain stamina for every enemy hit by Harmonic Slam.
Mark’s Harmonic TrainingImmediately refill the dash bar after Harmonic Slam.
Song of the VampireHarmonic Slam drains enemy health to restore Linda’s own.
Jostling TuneHarmonic Slam will knock back enemies.
Recharging ChantHarmonic Slam immediately resets Explosive Crescendo cooldown.
Kevin’s Harmonic WatchKevin emerges to execute Shadow Dance during a Harmonic Slam.
John’s Harmonic ProtectionJohn’s Heaven’s Strike casts on enemies stunned by Harmonic Slam.
Death’s SongHarmonic Slam places a trap that triggers on enemy contact.
Mark’s Harmonic BarrageMark attacks enemies close to Linda while performing primary attack.
Dragon GazePrimary attack will penetrate enemies.
Venom KissPrimary attack inflicts poison damage.
Mighty TouchPrimary attack will knock back enemies.
Freezing shotPrimary attack will slow enemies.
Master ShotPrimary attack releases 3 arrows at a time.
Incendiary ShotExplosive Crescendo inflicts fire damage, burning enemies over time.
Implosive ShotExplosive Crescendo inflicts more damage at the cost of reducing the area of effect.
Dispersed ShotExplosive Crescendo has a larger area of effect at the cost of reducing damage.
Kevin’s Crescendo of KnivesKevin releases Fan of Knives at the end of an Explosive Crescendo.
Stunning ShotExplosive Crescendo will stun enemies.
Vortex ShotExplosive Crescendo pulls enemies toward the center of the area of effect.
Lucy’s Cyclone CrescendoLucy summons a Cyclone at the impact of an Explosive Crescendo.
Searing MirrorDecoy burns melee attackers.
MartyrdomDecoy explodes upon destruction.
Linda’s Decoy CrescendoLinda launches an Explosive Crescendo when Decoy health is reduced by 50%.
Rapid MirrorDecoy has a shorter cooldown but less health.
Mark’s Decoy TrainingImmediately refill the dash bar after Decoy is placed.
Mark’s Decoy BarrageDestruction of the Decoy summons the Mark’s Guardian fist at the Decoy location.
Herculean ProxyDecoy has more health.
Kevin’s Decoy WatchKevin emerges from the shadows to strike those attacking the Decoy.
Tar SubterfugeOn destruction, Decoy slows nearby enemies.
Dazing ShamDecoy will stun melee attackers.
John’s Decoy ProtectionJohn’s Heaven’s Strike casts when Decoy health is reduced by 50%.
Decoy ReboundDecoy deals thorn damage, reflecting damage back to attackers.
Death BlossomSidewinders launch in all directions when using primary attack.
InfernoPrimary attacks cause fire damage, burning enemies over time.
Spirit CoupleSuccessful primary attacks build up more rage, allowing Lucy to enter Guardian’s Rage sooner.
Accelerated CoreIncrease primary attack speed at the cost of removing Sidewinders.
Rocket BarragePrimary attacks explode on impact, damaging nearby enemies.
Get Back!Primary attack will knock back enemies.
Auxiliary CyclonesLucy releases small tornadoes instead of fire Sidewinders.
Ember StringSidewinders have a chance to chain between multiple enemies on impact.
Three DegreesPrimary attack launches 3 fireballs at the cost of removing Sidewinders.
Storm MotherCyclone conjures additional smaller Tornadoes.
Surprising StormCyclone cancels enemy actions.
Moving OnwardCyclone moves directly forward.
Boom WindsCyclone explodes on destruction.
Kevin’s Cyclone of KnivesKevin releases Fan of Knives when Cyclone ends.
Ultimate StormConvert the large Cyclone into several smaller ones.
Burning ChaosCyclone has a chance to conjure Sidewinders.
Orbiting TornadoCyclone orbits around Lucy.
Devouring StormCyclone pulls in enemies more forcefully.
Supportive Sword FallJohn’s Heaven’s Strike casts when Cyclone ends.
Mob ForceSwirling Staff deals increased damage as enemies grow in numbers.
Arcane StaveSwirling Staff leaves a pool of energy that damages enemies.
Impeding StaffSwirling Staff slows enemies.
Paralyzing WhirlwindSwirling Staff stuns enemies.
John’s Roaring ProtectionJohn’s Heaven’s Strike casts when Mark activates Swirling Staff.
Lucy’s Cyclone StaffLucy summons a Cyclone during Swirling Staff.
Swinging VentSwirling Staff releases a wave of magical energy.
Corpse ExplosionChance for enemies to explode on death, damaging any nearby enemies.
Linda’s Critical CrescendoLinda launches an Explosive Crescendo upon a critical primary attack.
Kevin’s Punch WatchKevin emerges to execute Shadow Dance upon a critical primary attack.
Measure the DistancePrimary attack gains a damage boost the further the target is.
Mountain StrikeExecuting a critical primary attack releases the Guardian fist.
Spirit LightningPrimary attacks have a chance to inflict lightning damage.
Barrier ThornsAtman Barrier deals thorn damage, reflecting damage back to attackers.
Dazing StrikePrimary attack has a chance to stun enemies.
Linda’s Scourging CrescendoLinda launches an Explosive Crescendo when Mark activates Scourging Whip.
John’s Scourging ProtectionJohn’s Heaven’s Strike casts when Mark activates Scourging Whip.
Grim’s WhipScourging Whip inflicts fire damage, burning enemies over time.
Kevin’s Scourging KnivesKevin releases Fan of Knives when Scourging Whip is cast.
Lucy’s Cyclone WhipLucy summons a Cyclone when Scourging Whip is cast.
Mob ScourgeScourging Whip deals increased damage as enemies grow in number.
Arcane StrapScourging Whip leaves a pool of energy that damages enemies.
StingerScourging Whip has an increased stun duration.
Scourging VentScourging Whip releases a wave of magical energy.
Toxic LashScourging Whip poisons enemies, dealing damage over time and reducing enemy attack power.
Crippling BlowPrimary attacks slow and knock back enemies.
Mighty Crippling BlowKnocks enemies back and stuns them.
Legandary ShotShoots five arrows.
Flame KissPrimary attacks burn enemies with fire.
Drastic TwirlWhirlwind finishes with an explosion.
Ruthless TwirlWhirlwind fills rage.
Twirl of BladesWhirlwind releases a Fan of Knives when it ends.
Soothing Whirlwind.Whirlwind gradually heals Joey with every hit landed.
Homing TwirlWhirlwind pulls enemies towards Joey.
Decelerating WindEnemies hit by Joey during Whirlwind are slowed.
Stunning TwirlEnemies hit by Joey during Whirlwind are stunned.
StormceptionWhirlwind has a chance to summon small cyclones when hitting enemies.
Bloody WhirlwindWhirlwind uses health if out of stamina.
Blazing HammerPrimary attacks burn enemies.
Kevin’s Knife AssistPrimary attacks release Fan of Knives.
Hammer of the GodsPrimary attacks inflict lightning damage.
Weakening BlowPrimary attacks weaken enemies.
Mark’s Helping HandMark’s Punch of Concentration is cast on critical primary attack hits.
Evasion ProtocolPush enemies back and fill the evade bar.
Dauntless SwingPrimary attacks deal more damage but fill less stamina.
Stunning VengeancePrimary attacks stun enemies when Vengeance is active.
John’s VengeanceHeavenly Strike is cast when Vengeance is active.
Blood SmiteSmite drains health, fills stamina and rage.
Linda’s Explosive SmiteSmite is followed by Linda’s Explosive Crescendo.
Scorching SmiteEnemies hit by Smite burn with fire.
Resourceful SmiteKilling 3 or more enemies drops a health globe.
Prevailing SmiteSmite leaves a pool of magic on the ground that damages enemies.
Ground ShakerSmite shakes the ground, slowing enemies hit by it.
Demolishing SmiteDivine Smite stuns enemies for longer.
Lucy’s Storm SmiteLucy’s cyclone is cast when Joey uses Smite.
Smite of the DivineDivine Smite’s shock waves now travel forth in all directions.

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for Children of Morta. The game doesn’t hold your hand at all and it’s up to the player to learn how the mechanics work. Some of them might not be so obvious and we’re here to help you. There’s also a Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom that you can check out.

Play with all the available characters. Not only do characters get “Corruption Fatigue”, but levelling all characters is beneficial because of their Family Traits.

All dungeon events are randomly generated. If you lose one, you can try it again.

Did you notice those glowing energy gates? They can be very useful because enemies cannot pass through it. You could lure all enemies near the gate and attack them from the other side.

Combine Rage-mode with other abilities. This can make some characters that are otherwise weak, very powerful. For instance, you can combine Linda’s Rage-mode with the Totem of Rostam Divine Relic to greatly increase your damage output.

Be on the lookout for red triangle symbols on the ground. These will start to light up the more enemies you kill near them. Once they light up completely, they will drop Runes, Morv and other items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are melee characters underpowered?

A: No. In fact, Kevin can decrease half a boss’ health in a matter of seconds if used correctly. John can use his Heaven’s Strike attack to deal with a large number of enemies at once. Mark’s primary attacks are quick and have a rather large area of effect, allowing you to fight groups of enemies without being counterattacked. Joey is slow, but he can tank a lot of damage and deal a lot of damage.

Q: What are the benefits of playing a melee character?

A: Melee characters can attack many more enemies at once. For instance, John’s primary attacks’ area of effect is much bigger than any ranged characters’. You can group enemies and immobilise them while attacking. Another obvious benefit is that they deal much more damage than ranged characters. Kevin’s Frenzy mode makes him unstoppable against bosses and if combined with Rage-mode, you can take down a boss in a matter of seconds.

Q: What do you lose upon death?

A: You’ll lose Divine Graces, Divine Relics and Runes. You get to keep everything else, Morv included.

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