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Dead Frontier 2 – Detailed Beginners Guide

This game don’t have any profession like Dead frontier. Now we can build our survivor to our own preference. There is a lot of skills perks. But as a new player you need to know what to do,avoid and not to do. The level up system that this game use is a skill tree and can be upgrade to rank 4 each skill perk.

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Detailed Beginners Guide

Survivor Builds

To survive in this zombie apocalyptic world. You need to make your character strong, reliable and durable. We can’t afford to have a survivor like you, it will die instantly. Here a few Builds you can follow to make your character a survivor.

Remember, each character can get up to 20 points when u reach lvl 20. You can prestige to level 1 and reset all ur skill but u get extra 1 point, meaning when u reach level 20 you will get 21 skills point instead of 20. You can do this up to 5 times. I believe neils will extend the cap later in the future.

This also means u can maximum 5 skill perks to rank IV. With maximum prestige 6 skill perks with 1 rank I perk.

Entering the Game

You will start with 2×4 (melee) and ivanov (pistol) with a small amount of ammo . In this game, Melee is your best friend. Its a life saver, save ammo and don’t attract aggro (zombies).

You will start your game in a city named Dallbow next to your car. You can put your item in the car and it have 20 slot inventory. You can upgrade your car parts to a better one to increase its inventory capacity, fuel capacity, Speed Mph etc. Do not worry, it will not cost any money, you can buy parts in-game or find it through looting.

The first thing you should do is head straight into the outpost, Dallbow Police department. There you will see :-


The outpost have a big interior. sometimes u you can loot the item in it but not all. only a few. So dont even bother to check all doors, every corridor, every floors and everywhere to finds loots or whatever you hoping for. it a waste of time.


NPC: Trader

You can sell item, scrap item and buy item. Remember, there is tax. Means when you sell an item for $100 you only get $90.

NPC: Mission

Talk to the NPC and you will get a mission, there is no option to accept or not. The mission will be saved in your mission log. Either you do it or ignore. Its fine both way.

You can find them inside the outpost and outside. Their location will be different every 24 hour.

NPC: Trainer

You can re-train you survivor. Means you can reset you skills for 200 Credit.

You also can prestige here when you reach lvl 1.

NPC: Normal

These kind of NPC will give you nothing. You can talk to it. Hey at least there is someone want to talk when in real life no one wants to.


Here you can see any info about your message. If someone message you, you can see it here. If someone buy your item, it will show up here. You can’t delete it so move on. Its basically like a logs IMO.


This is your inventory. You can keep your item here. But remember, you inventory is shared by your other accounts means both character have a same access to same stash.


There is a lot of mission and each one is different. So here is the kinds of mission you can find.

Mission 1:

Looks for someone, either alive or dead.

This mission usually located inside a very huge place/apartment. so clear your inventory and be ready to do it because its going to take a long time. Some of it locate in a small place tho. You need to loot and find the person. We don’t whether he/she alive or not so you need to loot everything because if he/she dead it will left signature like ID card or something. If alive, you will see a NPC, just talk to it and its done.

Mission 2:

Finds item. This kind of mission require you to loot everything you see. Because you don’t want to miss the item just because you being lazy. Such as find a missing wedding ring. Trust me, its also take a lot of time.

Mission 3:

Collect a blood sample.

Haha, this is my favourite mission. You basically only need to kill zombies. Just kill and kill till some of it drop the blood sample. you usually need to kill a lot of it. But its okay, you also gain experience in the process so its a win-win situation.

Mission 4:

Exterminate. This mission require you to kill a certain number of zombies in order to complete it. Its very simple, if its ask you to kill 164 zombies in the building, just kill it till you done.

*So far these are the only kinds of mission I see and available. I will update this from time to times.

What you need to know before you start your journey?

1- You can trade your item, sell it in market, fighting boss, PVP and many things. The market will have deflation and inflation because we will meet demands and needs and tax.

2- When you die, you will lose 50% exp you have. Don’t worry about your item and cash, it safe. When you enter the outpost, all your stats and exp will be save. Means if you gains 1000 exp and die without going to outpost you will get 500 exp but when you visit the outpost and then die you still have 1000 exp.

3- This game is auto regenerate. Means every 24 hour it will refresh. The mission, the boss and the loot. The interior of the buildings will also be different so each time u enter the building it will not be the same like you enter before.

Foods/Drinks and Energy

The system is actually very simple. Food replenish your energy and Drink replenish your thirsty. If you have below 900-500 you will have a negative effect that will decrease your health 2 points per health. So stay nourished folks.


Looting is a must since this is the only way to get supplies like meds, ammo, food, weapon etc. Using a Looter perk helps you finds item a lot. At rank II you will be most likely find rares and elite a lot if you loot like mad lad. (I done it already)

Best place to loot in Dallbow for supplies is a place with big interior like Legal watchmen Inc and Sunnydale Apartment. These place are huge and have a lot of places to loot. Each floor have a lot of rooms and corridor. It may takes hours to completely loot it all tho but you will have loaded with ammo, meds, foods mostly.

Others places are too small, so these place are the best.

Locked room

There will be a room that locked. It will require you a lock pick skill perk. If you have rank III and higher you most likely to be able to unlock a door that require a key.

There is also a room that locked and require a key. The key can be find through looting. bosses are located in locked door so beware.

But not all locked door, only a door that require a key. In small interior building, the locked is most likely to have a boss but in big interior building its not.

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