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Enderal Forgotten Stories – Class Combinations Guide

A combined list of all the class combinations, including the new ones added with Forgotten Stories.

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So I have yet to see a combined guide that has all the classes currently available in Enderal with the recent Steam re-release so I figured here would be a good spot to post the information on all the old and new class combinations in one spot.

In case you don’t know already, the wiki states that ‘some of the disciplines share special affinities. From level 19+ on, the two disciplines with the highest number of AND a minimum of 10 Memory Points invested into each of their Memory Trees will unlock a special class, granting bonuses to some of your stats and skills, as well as certain special effects. Only one special class can be active at a time, and putting more Memory Points into a third discipline can change the active special class.’

It has also been stated to be possible to change your class if you gain more points in another combination. So for example, having 10 points in Elementalism and Sinistrope will grant you the Black Mage class, but then putting 11 points into Keeper will change your class from Black Mage to Dark Keeper instead.

Enderal Classes

The following classes were included at the launch of the original mod, and cover the combinations of the Rogue, Warrior, and Mage classes.

Disciplines Affinity
Elementalist / Thaumaturge / Sinistrope Arcane Archer
Boosts Archery, Elementalism and Light Magic.
An arrow fired during the effect of “Eye of the Storm” will be followed up by a Spectral Arrow which briefly paralyzes the target.
Blade Dancer Assassin
Boosts Stealth, One-Handed.
You move much more quietly and gain an additional 10% chance for critical hits.
Keeper Dark Keeper
Boosts HP, Heavy Armor, Entropy.
Successfully using “Devour Soul” will briefly increase your damage.
Blade Dancer Blade Master
Boosts HP, Stamina, One-Handed, Two-Handed.
Permanently increases your melee damage.
Elementalist Battlemage
Boosts HP, Mana, Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Elementalism.
Killing an enemy with “Shock Nova” briefly increases the damage of your spells and weapons by 8%. Stacks 3x.
Vandal / Keeper
Blade Dancer Blade Breaker
Boosts HP, One-Handed, Carry Capacity.
Your hits will decrease the damage resistance of your enemies.
Sinistrope Shadow Dancer
Boosts Sneak, Entropy, and Psionics.
Enemies you kill while marked with “Ghostwalk” will rise as your minions to fight for you.
Elementalist Black Mage
Boosts Mana, Elementalism, Entropy.
“Shock Nova” will absorb some of the HP and Mana of your enemies.
Thaumaturge Seraph
Boosts HP, Mana, Heavy Armor, Light Magic.
Keeper / Vandal
Trickster Well-Travelled One
Boosts Stamina, Light Armor, Archery.
Every “Fire Arrow” you fire will cause an additional small explosion.

Forgotten Stories Classes

The following classes were added with the re-release on Steam of Enderal:Forgotten Stories, and include all the combinations with the new Lycanthorpe and Phasmalist classes. It is also worth noting that the Lycanthorpe class combinations have unique looks for each transformation.

Required Memory Trees Name Effect
Lycanthrope/Vagrant Drifter Brewed Chemica are stronger. You can have up to 3 Chemicas active at once.
Lycanthrope/ Infiltrator Throat Ripper More sneaking damage in Wolf Form. When sneaking in Wolf Form gain invisibility for a short time (60s cooldown).
Lycanthrope /Blade Dancer or Vandal Ravager/Brute(No direct translation from German so both are possible) Gain 7 additional Claw damage and, while in Wolf Form, deal 5% increased damage for 7 seconds after killing an enemy(up to 25%).
Lycanthrope/ Sinistrope Ravager/Brute(see above) Gain 7 Speed(not sure what stat this is or what the proper English equivalent is) and the active ability Massacre, which lets your attacks absorb some health for a short time while in Wolf Form.
Lycanthrope/ Thaumaturge Scourge of the woods 15% more life and armor while in Wolf Form and the active ability Colossus, which briefly increases size, resistances, armor and health in Wolf Form
Lycanthrope/ Elementalist Druid Elemental Chemica have more effect and you automatically cast Shock Nova when transforming into a Wolf.
Lycanthrope/Phasmalist Soul Caller Increases Alchemy and Enchanting by 5. Your Apparition also transforms into a Wolf.
Phasmalist/ Infiltrator or Trickster Ghost Blade Increases enchanting, sneak and archery by 6. After you perform a sneak attack, your apparition teleports to the enemy and also attacks them.
Phasmalist/ Sinistrope Ritualist Increases Mana by 20, enchanting and entropy by 6. Your Apparition is strengthened if you have a summoned creature.
Phasmalist/ Vandal or Keeper or Blade Dancer Spectral Warrior Increases one- and two-handed by 6, entropy(typo?) by 7. Your stances also apply to your Apparition(max. 1).
Written by rpaxa.

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