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GreedFall Theological Conflicts Walkthrough

Theological Conflicts Walkthrough

This mission starts automatically after the quest Trouble in Eden. You’ll have to wait for the results of the research. After some time, a new goal will appear – you’ll have to learn more about Eden research. Head to the indicated place and talk to brother Casparus. Examine the wounded soldier. Head to the natives’ leader, talk to him and then to the woman whose son has once stolen the tablets. If you have spared her son and resolved the problem peacefully, she will provide you with an antidote for Fidelis. Give him the medicine and find out where the theologians are located.

Head to the swamps where you have been on a quest Face to Face with the Demon. Get to the theologians’ camp and talk to two people. Examine three bodies in different regions. If you have level 2 science, you’ll have to simply apply the talent on one of the bodies. Accuse a man from the camp of murder. If you tell everyone that he is the murderer, you’ll get -1 to reputation with Petrus. The best choice is to let him go. After this, talk to Eugenia – this will lead to the completion of the quest.

Reward: 1600 experience points, +1 to reputation with Theleme.

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