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Kindergarten 2: Cain’s not Able Walkthrough

Welcome to Kindergarten 2, which takes place on Tuesday! After the events of Monday, you’ll find yourself in a new school with new friends… and new ways to get ruthlessly murdered.

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Cain’s not Able Walkthrough

Kindergarten 2 Cain's not Able Walkthrough

Make sure to bring the A+ Card and company Pin for this mission. 

Before school

  • Start off the day by talking to Felix and showing him the pin. He’ll give you something to bring to Ozzy for him to read.
  • Go buy the hand sanitizer from Monty.
  • Go to Ozzy to give him the papers, and use the hand sanitizer to prove your hands are clean to him.
  • Head back to Monty to get him to read the papers. He needs money. Go borrow some from Felix to pay Monty.
  • Bell rings, head to smart class.

Morning Time

  • Start by talking to Felix, tell him Ozzy understands the plan and he’ll explain his.
  • Complete the assessment on the computer. Accept the toilet paper from the rewards and leave the class.
  • Get into the woman’s bathroom, and clog the toilets with the paper.
  • Use the ladder to get up into the air vents.
  • Grab the jar of spiders.
  • Bell will ring.
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Lunch Time

  • Go talk to Felix and show him the jar of spiders.
  • Head over to talk to Nugget. He’ll need a shovel and an arm. Literally.
  • Take Felix’s pass and go talk to Carla who will give you the janitor’s key. Leave the lunch hall.
  • Head into the Janitor’s closet and take the shovel from the shelf. Bob’s gonna walk in and wonder but just ignore him.
  • Bell rings.


  • Talk to Felix to show him the shovel.
  • Go to the dumpster to get a passbook.
  • Beat on it and give the lady in there some food. Burger will do.
  • Head back to tell Felix you’re ready and head inside the school.
  • Monty knows what you’re up to and will blow off the arm of the hall monitor. Take his arm instead.
  • Bell will ring.


  • Talk to Nugget and give him the arm.
  • Go take Carla’s side with the basketball to hit Ms. Jigglytits to chase Jerome out of the class.
  • Head over to the classroom downstairs to grab Ms. Applegate’s stick from Jerome’s head. It’ll work well enough.
  • Meet the group outside and give him the stick.
  • Drop the spiders on Ted’s head down the hole.
  • RIP Ted.
  • Day ends.After Gym, Felix will talk to you outside. He’ll give you a Semi-Legal Chemical that the pills were made from in the first game.
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