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Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind How to Beat Ansem, Dark Riku, Xigbar

How to Beat Ansem, Dark Riku, Xigbar

Note: That in this fight we’re given the choice to play as either Sora or Riku. The pick is up to you, but you could say Riku is a bit harder as you don’t have nearly the same amount of skills and abilities as Sora.

Just like the previous couple fights, we’ll have to fight a couple enemies at the same time and after defeating one of them we’ll be getting a scene with them. Nevertheless, this fight is pretty straightforward and pretty simple.

Unlike the other fights, this fight will have a scene almost as you start where Ansem will run away from battle and leave you to fight the other two.


Barrier: Several dark orbs appear above him and create a barrier around him. Afterwards he moves towards you at a high speed and tries to hit you with it. You can still hit him through the barrier, kind of, but you’ll be hit by it after a couple hits and knocked back. You can completely avoid him by moving to a side (air dodge) every time you see him coming to you.

Dark Riku

Dark Crystal: He creates some crystals in front of him that shoots some projectiles at you at a very high speed. You can block these easily so prepare for them as soon as you see the large crystals appear.

V Slash: He hits the ground and creates a couple shockwaves that create a V in the ground. Very easy to block.

Combo: He hacks and slashes in front of him a couple of times (if you’ve played the previous games you know how he moves) and ends up with a V Slash. Once you get hit by him you won’t be able to get away. If you can block the attack as you see him jump forward. If you can’t, spam ▢ to try and get away.

Ultimate: He glows, jumps and disappears. After that he starts dropping on you at a very high speed. He does this a couple times and then summons a bunch of thunderbolts all around him. When you see him charging up and floating, start gliding all over the place and Dark Riku will miss every time.


Triple Shot: He teleports nearby and while floating he shots at you with one of his gun. He fires 3 beams at the same time and spread out the farther they go. You can do anything here, but the best thing is blocking. It’s faster to do this instead of dashing away.

Homing Shots: He teleports away and shots a couple homing beams at you. These are very slow but can be very annoying since they keep following you around even if you jump over them. Focus on evading these shots by dodging to the sides or block them.

Shotgun: Similar to the triple shot attack, he teleports upwards and while floating she shoots a huge blast that looks like a shotgun blast. Just like the previous attack, block it instead of dodging it.

Energy Ball: Like all of this attacks, he’s floating and he’s upside down but instead of shooting a projectile, he gathers energy and releases it as a ball. This one is now blockable, so make sure to step away when you see him gathering energy in his guns.

Black Arrow Waterfall: This move happens when he has less than 50% HP remaining. He gathers the darkness, teleports to the center of the arena and slams his two crossbows together to create a large bow. He then shoots into the sky and a plethora of black arrows start raining down. They come down in a circle pattern around him and start spreading until it covers the entire arena. It’s best if you block the attack because you’ll block most of them.

This fight is rather easy because you only fight two but also because Dark Riku likes to focous on Riku and this leaves you to deal with Xigbar. Xigbar is very easy to predict and most of his attacks are the same (with slight variations). His black arrow waterfall attack is his most dangerous one because if you don’t block it it can do quite a bit of damage!

After he’s done for, watch the scene as he becomes one with nothingness and now we only have to deal with Dark Riku. Dark Riku is much easier to deal with because he doesn’t teleport all over the place. It’s best to not be so aggressive against him and have him come to you while you wait to use your block and counter.

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