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Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind How to Beat Dark Inferno

Unlike the original version of this secret/optional boss, this one is extremely easy. No real preparations really as you’ll basically tossed into the fight.

How to Beat Dark Inferno

Sword Combo: He lunges at you and slashes twice. If the attack connects it’ll lunge you upwards and he’ll follow you upwards with a cross-slash. You’ll have to block the attack as you see him coming your way but if you’re hit, quickly recover while in the air and immediately counter to avoid his attack completely.

Sword Combo v2: When you’re close to him he’ll unleash another combo with his swords. It’s the same attack but it doesn’t throw you into the air. Block it the same way as you would the previous one.

Crazy Combo: He lunges at you and even before getting close to you he starts slashing, ending it with him thrusting himself forward and going up in the air. You can easily block this attack since you’ll see him slashing like crazy before he gets to you.

Black Fireballs: He cleaves the floor with his sword and disappear leaving Black Fireballs behind. When you see him do this STOP. You’ll see the Black Fireballs descend and circle around you. When this happens quickly double jump and start gliding away to avoid all the fireballs.

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Circular Slash: He glows pink, red and black and and unleashes an attack all around him that looks like a blender blade going around. Although this looks really powerful (it really is), you can easily avoid it by jumping in the air. Do note that if it hits you you’ll be dizzy for a couple seconds and won’t be able to block/dodge his next move.

These are the attacks for its Phase 1 (of sorts). You only have him attack you with his swords. These attacks are fast so it’s hard to block them. During this phase he’s more laid back and will keep his distance from you. This is both good and bad because you can use magic (Firaga and Thundaga are really good) which seems to throw him off balance for a little bit, but also bad because he’ll lunge at you really fast and you’ll have to block his attack. After you do some damage to him – he and his swords start glowing purple which is indicative of the “second phase”.

Sword Combo v3: This attack is very similar to the v1 combo, only that after it lunges you into the air, it flies very fast at you and continues the combo. He does this 3 times before knocking you down so that means much more damage.

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Overall he doesn’t gain that many attacks, but he does get more aggresive and faster so you’ll have a harder time fighting him (not really). After you do considerable amount of damage to him however, he’ll start glowing pink instead of purple and this is the third and final phase.

Black Fireballs v2: Not really a new attack, but now he summons his fireballs just like before but he doesn’t disappear. Same strat applies here.

This form is ridiculous. He is so fast and aggresive that it’s almost impossible to predict any of his attacks. Unlike the very first stage, Dark Inferno will NOT STOP attacking you. He’ll use one combo after the other in hopes to killing you. This is exactly why you want to bring the Ultima Weapon with you. With its Formchange Ultimate Form you can easily stagger him while you attack him and do TONS of damage.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you here is to not use Rage Form if it appears. Using it during the first 2 phases is alright since it’s much easier to dodge his attacks, but DO NOT use it in this final phase as it’ll kill you almost immediately. The fight is hard, really hard, and not much of what I type can help you in all honesty. Watch my video above to watch what and how I do things. But you’ll want to persevere in this fight and it’ll ultimately be yours!

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