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Kingdom Two Crowns – Campaign Structures

Campaign Structures

These structures are found throughout the game, and are necessary for progressing through campaign mode.

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Spawns on every island, is used to go to another island.
Spawns with all parts on Island 1
Spawns with half of parts on Island 2

Spawns on every island, can be accessed by defeating the dock portal.
When you have the lighthouse built on an island, travelling back to that island has a chance of leaving your ship intact, with the chances being better the higher the tier of the lighthouse. The exact likelihoods of ships crashing for each tier are unknown.

Tier 0: Rock
Crash Chance: 100%

Tier 1: Beacon
Crash Chance: ??%
Cost: (6?) Coins

Tier 2: Lighthouse
Crash Chance: ??%
Cost: ? Coins

Tier 2: Iron Lighthouse
Crash Chance: ??%
Cost: 18 Coins

These structures, once upgraded, permanently allow you to construct buildings of the next age, even after leaving the island or dying.

Stone Mine
Island: 2
Cost: ? Coins
Allows player to construct stone-age buildings, unlocks farmer shop, stone walls and castles

Iron Mine
Island: 4
Cost: 20 Coins
Allows construction of iron age buildings like workshops and iron walls and castle. Must have for the horn hermit’s upgrade.

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