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Lords of the Fallen Brothers of Mournstead Walkthrough

Lords of the Fallen Brothers of Mournstead Walkthrough

Brothers of Mournstead can be started by going to Fitzroy’s Gorge and encountering a man named Drustan.

  • Nearest Vestige: Vestige of Betrayed Eliard
  • Relevant NPCs: Drustan and Melchior
  • Objective Items: x1 Unripe Berry and lighting the fire in Fief of Chill Curse
  • Rewards: Drustan’s Hammer, Drustan’s Glove, Drustan’s Garb, Boar’s Head Shield, Melchior’s Ring

When you first meet Drustan in the cave at Fitzroy’s Gorge, the first thing he will do is introduce himself. Oddly enough, he says the player is a “lampy”, just like them. If you look at him, you will notice the lamp he’s carrying on his waist. This is the story that Andreas of Ebb told you when you first met him at Skyrest Bridge, about men who brag about the lamp they carry. It seems that this young man has been deceived that what he’s carrying is the legitimate Umbral Lamp, but he has no idea that he has been lied to.

Drustan thinks that he’s now immortal with the fake lamp that he’s carrying and brags that nothing can hurt them. He plans on making a display of himself by chopping his head off as soon as he sees his brother by the name of Melchior, he said. He laughs at his own idea and then shares the story of how his famous brother, is a knight who has fought dragons and giants. He said that he was traveling with his brother but he fell and knocked his head. When he came back to his senses, his brother was gone. He thinks that their enemies took him because Melchior would never leave him. He said that he needs to go now and look for his brother so he can become a hero. Leave this place for now and you will encounter him again later.

As you enter the big building at Fitzroy’s Gorge, you will find Drustan again on a balcony below the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch. There is a small doorway that leads to Drustan’s second location. On this second encounter, you will notice Drustan is wearing a Helmet that looks like a bucket. He tells you that “a nice man with a little mustache” informed him that his brother was taken by “baddies” towards the castle. He is on his way to the castle but is just resting a bit. He said he managed to get a helmet that he picked up from a beheaded body.

Drustan still hasn’t found Melchior but he is determined to look for him. He continues to share that Melchior said that Mournstead would be the answer to their problems, despite Drustan not knowing what those problems are. Drustan has strong faith in his brother and believes that he’ll sort everything out once he finds him. At this point, you have already exhausted his dialogues. Give him x1 Unripe Berry in exchange for x1 Wheezing Gesture. This act of kindness will help Drustan in searching further for his brother.

When you get to the Fief of the Chill Curse, Drustan has been making his way to look for his brother Melchior. However, due to the cold in the region, Drustan needed to stop and rest because he was having trouble feeling his fingers or his toes. It seems that Drustan is nearing his end and he tells you that he can’t manage to light the fire in front of him due to the numbness that he’s feeling. He’s confident that the lamp will bring him back should he die, and he’s still clueless that the lamp he carries is a fake one.

Help out Drustan by interacting with the campfire in front of him. When you do, he will tell you that he’s planning on going to the Bramis Castle, because it was the last place that his brother was seen heading off to. Helping out Drustan in this area will help him further in searching for his brother Melchior.

Your next interaction with Drustan, or the stigma that will reveal Drustan’s final moments will take place in Bramis Castle. This is the place where he thought he would be reunited with his brother but instead, this is where he met his demise. In one of the derelict towers, you will find a stigma and a loot. The stigma will reveal that Drustan was resting and singing inside this tower, when he heard a scuffle from the edge. As he looked down, a Ravenous Fascinator attacked him, taking his life. Drustan will leave his items behind in the same area. Beware: The same enemy is still lurking here.

If you watch this stigma revealing Drustan’s final moments, another stigma will be unlocked for you inside the throne room at Bramis Castle. This stigma will show the fate of Melchior, where he was asking for forgiveness from his brother, for causing all of this. It turns out that Melchior had been taken and his body was incorporated into the effigy of Adyr.

NOTE: If you missed the scenarios of helping out Drustan, you will find his remains in the gatehouse of Fief of the Chill Curse leaving x1 Drustan’s Hammer and x1 Boar’s Head Shield.

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