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Where to find all postcards in Metro Exodus.

All Postcard Locations

Where to find all postcards in Metro Exodus.


You can find two postcards in the first chapter:

1. When you wake up in the infirmary, go into the next room and pick up a postcard from the cupboard on the right. Do this before going to Anna and Miller.

2. When you follow Anna on the way down, examine the apartment on the floor below. Go to the kitchen and pick up a postcard to the right of the window.

The Volga

There are five postcards in this chapter. Here’s the location of each:

1. When you get to Krest and go down to his room with a workbench, take a postcard from the wall to the right of the door.

2. Stand next to the terminal where the trolley was and walk along the tracks, going straight and then to the left. There will be a small building on your right. Go inside and take a postcard hanging on the wall above the workbench.


There are just two postcards to be found in Yamantau:

1. The second postcard is hanging on the target next to the diary page 2. But you can get there only after the freezer, through a hole next to the electric panel that turns the light on.

The Caspian

There are five postcards in this chapter:

1. After getting control of the character, go inside the building next to the train and look at the wall near the doorway.

2. After meeting with Giul at the lighthouse, look for a postcard near the door passage.

3. When you get to a dismantled ship where you can save hostages (one of the points of interest that Anna will point at), go to the captain’s cabin and pick up a postcard from the wall near the doorway.

The Taiga

There are five postcards in this chapter:

1. After a cutscene, you will find yourself in the courtyard not far from the river. There are two houses here. You need a smaller one, which is on your right. Examine the cupboard in the left corner to find a postcard.

2. After leaving the summer camp, go through a cave to get to the bandit camp. Once there, get to the other side to a house in green thickets. You will find a postcard on the wall to the left of the doorway leading to the room with a furnace.

3. Having met with Alyosha, enter one of the houses on the right, where you can also find an unfinished letter. Go inside the room on the left and take a postcard from the wall next to the doorway.

There are no postcards in this chapter.

There are no postcards in this chapter.

There are no postcards in this chapter.

There are no postcards in this chapter.

Dead City
There are two postcards in Dead City.

All Note Locations


You can find ten notes in the first chapter:

  1. Going through the subway tunnels, you will find a half-torn notebook on the table to the right after you have killed the first enemy (and before the encounter with two other opponents).
  2. When you wake up in the hospital, examine the table near the wall on the right. Take the patient file.
  3. While descending through the building with Anna, go to the apartment that is located on the floor below. In the hall with a coach, the dusty diary lies on the bedside table on the right.
  4. Before you go down the escalator, find a bookstore on the left. A corpse with a stalker’s note is located near the entrance.
  5. Having got out of the building, you will have to go through a bus. Shura’s note will lie on one of the seats.
  6. When Artyom is shot, go through the ditch and crawl below wooden boards. You need to move forward, but there is a blocked passage on the right (a parallel path). A corpse with a crumpled letter is buried between two passages in the snow.
  7. Once you meet Anna and get into the control room, take the official note from the console.
  8. When you bypass enemies in the courtyard and find yourself in the hangar, you will find a memo on the table on the left.
  9. During the episode with the cruiser, once inside the car, turn through the hole in the wall on the left. There are two enemies in this car, while the official letter lies near the hole on the table.
  10. When the shooting begins, take the crumpled note from the box on the right before entering the head car.


You can find only one note in the second chapter — a survey report. This note is located below the steps. Go to Anna and wait until she goes away, then descend and take the item from the box.

The Volga

In this location, you can find 13 diaries:

  1. When you gain control over the character, go over the bridge in the opposite direction, turn to the right to descend and pay attention to a concrete structure resembling a stop. There are corpses under this structure, while a moldy log lies on the mattress.
  2. When you follow Krest to the port, go around the building on the right side and find the stairs leading down not far from the rails and the fence. Go downstairs and inspect shelves in the room near the door to find a water-logged note.
  3. In the warehouse where bandits keep hostages (there’s also a key for the room with the night vision goggles), there’s a suitcase standing near the fireplace – the folded letterlies on it.
  4. In the barn near the tower in which you can find a teddy bear for Nastya, you can take a dirty letter beside the metal detector.
  5. The screenshot below shows the place where you need to go. Go upstairs from the neighboring building and find a wooden structure at the top. You need to get there moving along the beams that are placed on the roof of the building. Having climbed, you will find a faded note inside the structure.
  6. There is a black mark on the map to the northwest of the terminal with a carriage occupied by bandits. Come to the water and you will see a flooded building. If you reach it (for instance, using a boat from the middle island), you will find a log book there.
  7. Pick up a dusty notebook in the building where you found the enlarged filter
  8. Go east from the railroad car where Duke hides. In the building with high-level radioactivity, you will find a thick envelope.
  9. There is one more remote island in this area. It’s smaller than the previous, where you found the generator and new equipment. When you get in the boat to head to the terminal with the railcar, row to the right to reach this island. There, you will find a bandit’s note.


You can find only one document in the fourth chapter. When travelling by train, leave the compartment and look into the next room on the right near which Artyom will be stopped by Nastya. Her letter lies on the table.


In the bunker on Mount Yamantau you will find six notes:

  1. Having dealt with the cannibals and having taken the elevator, Artyom will part with the team. The diary page lies before the door in front, on the table on the left.
  2. When you go through the freezers, pay attention to the switchboard on the wall. Launch it and crawl through the bottom hole to find a diary page on the barrel.
  3. The diary page 3 may be found in front of the concrete pipe which Artem should use. Climb up and go to the right to find a new room. The note is on the box.
  4. Following the battle with the machine gunner, you will find yourself in the corridor with rooms. The officer’s diary 1 is in the room 2.
  5. When you meet Anna, take the officer’s diary 2 from the barrel on the left before entering the elevator.
  6. Finally, when you go to the elevator with Miller and other comrades, you will find the officer’s diary 3 halfway on the left.

The Caspian

You can find twelve notes in the Caspian:

  1. When you get the car, take the road to the lighthouse. Halfway you will find a broken barge under which you need to go. Slaves work in the nearby. Go inside the barge, go up the stairs and find the foreman’s diary on the table near the container on the right (near the stairs).
  2. Once on the same barge, move forward and higher. Deal with enemies and find the leader’s letter in the far room.
  3. When you will be going to the lighthouse through the cave (to help Gulnara), you will see many corpses in one of the galleries. This place resembles a stone bridge. Near one of them there’s a letter to the son.
  4. When inspecting the bunker on behalf of Gulnara, you will find yourself in office rooms with many tables, cobwebs and the first spiders. To open the door, you need to go to the far room and use the switchboard. The memo lies in the other part of the office, on one of the tables.
  5. In the same bunker, near the room with spiders through which you go to the broken ventilation, there is a room with one table in the corner. The image analysis lies on this table.
  6. When you get to the map archive, go to the next room which resembles a command post. The ‘’last orders’’ file lies on the table.
  7. Inside the disassembled ship about which you’ll learn from Anna, there’s a product list on the table on the right.
  8. A yellow truck stands before the entrance to the canyon (you will learn about it from the Baron – a question mark will appear). There’s a table with Baron’s letter in the nearby.
  9. Inside this canyon, after you have got to the suicide using the rope ladder, pick up his suicide note.

You can find the TT note on the table in the car where the auto is located.

The Taiga

As many as eighteen notes can be found in the Taiga chapter:

  1. Once you have control over the character, exit the courtyard and remove the arrow with the note from the gates.
  2. At the Solnechny children’s camp, go to the house on the right side and find Larissa’s letter on the desk.
  3. There’s a brick building in the nearby. Climb the stairs to the top to find a solemn oath.
  4. After you have found the previous note, move along the river (on the left side) to find another building for small kids. Child’s scribbles can be found in the room on the right.
  5. Having got to the other side and having seen the bear for the first time, go forward and find a house on the tree on the left. Go there and take a dusty diary that lies near the fireplace.
  6. You can descend from the tree house using the rope that leads to the fireplace near the rock. You will face an enemy there and find an alchemist’s diary in the nearby.
  7. Return to the road and follow the marker (after the tree house) to find a house near the river on the right. One of the pioneers will be there. The lost diary is inside the house.
  8. Use the same road and go forward, then turn to the left. To continue moving along the storyline, you will need to climb the stones and the rope ladder. On the left from them, there’s a small cave with a dusty notebook.
  9. When you return your backpack, you will find yourself near the pioneer camp. Do not go there. Instead, find a lonely hut on the left side. Another pioneer will be near, but he will do nothing to you. Enter the hut and take a neat letter from the stove.
  10. Near the central entrance to the pioneer camp, there’s a building in the inner part. If you enter the camp through the main entrance, it is located on the left. Inside, you can find a casual letter.
  11. When you leave the pioneer camp, you will find yourself in a gorge. Do not go forward. Instead, find a passage to the cave on the right. Moving through this cave, you will find a battered letter.
  12. There’s a crumpled note at the end of the same cave. This route leads directly to the bandit camp.
  13. From the bandit camp, go down the road towards the river, turn to the right and find a small pier. There, you will find a corpse under which lies a dirty diary.
  14. In the pirate camp, you will need to raise the gates using a lever to sail further. In the same building with the lever (it is on the second floor), go down to the first floor to get a folded note (it lies on the table).
  15. When you start the generator in the hangar having driven away spiders and having opened the door above, go through this door and find a bloody letter on the ground.
  16. When you meet Alyosha, descend to the village and find an unfinished letter in one of the houses on the right side (where a front door is open).


To get Katya’s note, you need to come to Miller’s meeting in the head car and then go to Tokarev’s workbench. Katya’s note lies on the table in the nearby.

Dead City

In the dead city of Novosibirsk, you can find eight notes:

  1. Moving with Miller through the flooded tunnel, go into the room full of bodies and find radiogram text on the right table near the door.
  2. When you go to the new room where Miller proposes to look around, pick up a tattered report from the table on the left.
  3. When you find yourself in Kirill’s shelter, take the order from the map on the board.
  4. Having parted ways with Miller, you will find yourself in the metro. Move forward and up until you get into the top car. There, you will see a notebook on the seat on the right.
  5. When you begin to sail in the boat, stop near the open door on the left. Enter and get to the far room. You will get there through a hole in the wall. Take the shabby diary.
  6. After you have finished the sailing part and seen Anna for the first time, go forward, go up the escalator and turn to the room on the left in the corridor. You will listen to the conversation between Kirill and Miller, while a darkened note lies in the nearby.
  7. Having jumped into the tunnel (after a vision with tanks), do not rush to follow the monster to the right and instead turn to the left. You will come to a dead end but find a dusty notebook.
  8. Having jumped into the next building after you have seen a vision with Anna (Artyom will put a gas mask on her), turn to the right and jump down to the stairs. Having opened the door, you will find a cargo list on the front table.

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