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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Demon’s Heresy Walkthrough

Everything in the world is relative. Treachery, theft, deception, murder – most will agree that these are bad, but people’s opinions change if they are the ones to commit such acts against their enemies. With alacrity do people condenm the blasphemer, the apostete, the heretic – but what would they say if the forsaken god were a demon or purest evil? An analogous experiment is now playing out before out eyes. The succubus named Arueshalae claims that she is trying to renounce evil – but will she find acceptance on the other side? And will she have the strength of will to repudiate everything she once woshiped, and to pledge herself to everything she once so eagerly scorned?

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Demon’s Heresy Walkthrough

  • Travel to Greengates and agree to help Arueshalae. (The location can be discovered when you approach Molten Scar)
  • Arueshalae needs you to defeat Jaruunicka, which can be found on the upper left corner of the map. You can go directly to her, or you can find the Bell of Mercy first, in the ruined building on the upper right corner. To ring the Bell of Mercy you will need the clapper.
  • The clapper for the bell is in a hidden pile (DC20). The location of the pile is after the first encounter with a Vrock, Babau and Kalavakus – take a left then right from the encounter room – the pile is in a dead end in the corridor. Do not go up the stairs or into the room with the x2 Gibrileths, Retriver and Glabrezu.
  • You can recruit Arueshalae after defeating Jaruunicka.
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Demon’s Heresy Objectives

Go to the Greengates
Weightless as a moonbeam, she stole into the Commander’s dreams and showed her to seek the answer to the mystery of the overly powerful demons. Does it bear all the hallmarks of a trap? Undoubtedly. But no other leads are forthcoming.

Go to the Greengates
What should one do when a demon claiming to be a friend invites you to a deserted place in the forest, promising that you will find the answer to an enticing mystery there? Should one ever trust a creature of the Abyss? It bears all the hallmarks of a trap, but then again, no other leads are forthcoming.

Explore the Greengates
It appears the demoness is not hostile – or at least, that is the impression she wishes to create. What is it she wants in these ruins? Exploring them may shed some light on her motivations.

Catch Jaruunicka
Arueshalae claims that the hag lurking in these ruins knows where the demons with the unusual powers are coming from. Is it the truth, or a trap? The long journey won’t have been for nothing: if the hag really exists, there are few questions she needs to answer. But if the demon has deveived the Commander, she will also be dealt with.

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Talk to Arueshalae
A ludicrous concoction of unvarnished truth and silly, senseless falsehood. But what is said cannot be unsaid, and what is done cannot be undone. Will the Commander forgive this deception?

The experiment produced curious results. A variety of conclusions can be drawn from what ocurred, but better to leave the summary of findings until the denouement, for the demon heretic’s journey is not yet at an end. And the Commander did find what he was seeking – information about the location of the Ivory Sanctum, the place where the demons are acquiring their unusual powers.

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