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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Endgame Walkthrough

Every military campaign is similar to a chess match. Some end with a sudden and powerful strike at the very heart of the enemy’s positions. Others are drawn out into a series of maneuvers in which the armies dance around each other, pushing the enemy back from conveniently placed footholds, expanding the front, and consolidating forces at the sites of future attacks. The endgame is approaching. One player will secure victory, and the other will experience total, crushing defeat.

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Endgame Walkthrough

Capture all regions of the Worldwound
By capturing new lands and expanding the operational space of the army, the Commander is gaining freedom to maneuver and driving the enemy into a corner. Only once all the Worldwound forces are concentrated at its heart will it be possible to deal the final blow.

Develop all aspects of the crusade to the maximum
The impending all-out engagement will require every crusader to do their part. The battle-readiness of the military and logistics personnel, the number of loyal allies standing ready to fight, and the soldiers’ level of discipline and faith in their leader – all will affect the Commander’s chances of emerging victorious.

The Worldwound’s forces have been destroyed. The hour has come for the Commander to deal the final blow and end this war.

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