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Rain World Slugcat Mission Guide

Rain World – Guide to each Slugcat’s mission.

Slugcat Objectives

Hey everyone, I know it can get quite difficult to know how to complete each slugcat’s objective. So I’ve compiled what I know so far. I’ll update this as I go but any additions are welcome.

Be warned that this guide does assume a general knowledge of the map. There are many community made maps that you can use to plot your journey.

Max Karma (All slugcats)

When playing the Survivor, Monk or Hunter, you can easily get max karma by visiting Five Pebbles.

All slugcats can also visit an Echo to increase their karma by 1. The Echoes are spread all over the map and using a map is probably the easiest way of finding them as they are usually off the beaten track. They can require a high karma to trigger, and in some cases require 2 cycles to fully access.

Void Sea

Once you have max karma you can now access the Void Sea. This is the main objective for the Survivor, Monk and Hunter slugcats but can be reached by any of the new slugcats added in Downpour. The Void Sea is located in the far south west of the map within the Subterranean region.


The Gourmand is a new slugcat added as part of Downpour. They’re an absolute unit who quickly gets tired after doing any exercise like throwing or running and jumping too much.


One of the ways of completing the Gourmand playthrough is to visit Five Pebbles and then to head far, far into the west. Head over to the west most point of Subterranean and you’ll find the new Outer Expanse region. Keep going west and you’ll meet some friendly faces and the end of your journey.

Side quest – Getting Big

The Gourmand will track new interesting “flavours” they try. These can be seen when accessing the map or at the start of a new cycle. A hint flavour they have yet to try will also be shown. Eating these make you bigger but don’t complete their journey.

These are all the flavours I’ve discovered so far:

  • Slime Mold
  • Blue fruit
  • Batfly
  • Mushroom
  • Black lizard
  • Bubble fruit
  • Jellyfish
  • Jetfish
  • Lantern fruit (Can be found underwater in Shoreline, or in Subterranean where they can also be found on Scavengers)
  • Salamander
  • Snail
  • Hazer
  • Eggbug
  • Lily (Flower found on top of water in Filtration System)
  • Yellow lizard
  • Neuron fly
  • Centiwing
  • Sky flower (Flower found in Sky Islands)
  • Cyan lizard
  • Spike fruit (Fruit found in the top of some rooms in Subterranean)
  • Red centipede
  • Grappling worm
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The Artificer is a new slugcat added as part of Downpour with a very aggressive playstyle. They’re essentially the John Wick of the slugcat world.


Starting in Toxic Wastes, you need to travel through the new shortcut into Shaded Citadel. Continue on through the Exterior to climb all the way up to Five Pebbles. Transition to the wall but instead of descending you can now enter the new region of Metropolis.

Once inside Metropolis you need to keep heading east to the House of Braids. At the top of this region you can find the Scavenger Chieftain. Killing them will complete your journey of revenge.


The Rivulet is a super fast, super quick slugcat added as part of Downpour. For being OP, they’ve been punished with shorter cycles but this will be solved as part of your journey to being the fastest slugcat around.

An Old Friend

Make your way up to Five Pebbles. I went the Shaded Citadel exterior route but the way should be clear to climb up the Wall. Once you reach them you’ll notice significant changes to the region with the addition of the Rot.

If you have a chat with Five Pebbles they will instruct you to remove their core and take it to Looks to the Moon. From his chamber you need to travel southwest to find the Linear Rail sub region. There is a small room inside that periodically prevents access with anti gravity. Time your jump right to enter and then take the core. Go back to Five Pebbles and take the access route to start the long journey back to Looks to the Moon.

Have a chat with her and she’ll direct you to install the core in the depths beneath her. Leave the Moon region and head west until you find an entrance south. Then head south east to enter the new Submerged Superstructure region. Head south and east until you start hitting mechanical regions rather than caves. Start heading north and follow it all the way round until you find the core housing. Activate the core for the last time and you’ll be sent away to the Aerie.

Head west and you’ll reach a gate back to Shoreline and a shortcut to Looks to the Moon. Give her a hug and call your journey complete. Good job Ruffles!


The Spearmaster is a new slugcat added as part of Downpour that can create spears out of his body. I don’t really want to know how as it sounds disgusting.

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Make your way over to Five Pebbles to deliver an important message. I used the access shaft from the Wall but I’m sure you can make it through via the Leg route if you so choose. After a very quick reaction from Five Pebbles you’ll be forcibly ejected from his chamber clutching a pearl. Do not go back into the chamber as you’ll die immediately, the guy is pissed.

Take the pearl all the way to Looks to the Moon. Don’t drop it, as you’ll be carrying it a LONG way. You’ll enter a new region, Waterfront Facility, when you attempt to enter Shoreline. It’s roughly the same route towards Looks to the Moon but you will need to backtrack a little to the West.

When you reach Looks to the Moon you’ll realise it has a completely new entrance. The journey to Moon is quite similar to the Leg route to Five Pebbles so strap yourself in for a long trip. Keep going north/northeast until you reach a massive room that looks to contain the outside of her chamber. Head west to the Luna subregion and then keep climbing north. You’ll finally get to drop in on her and deliver the pearl.

The pearl will be rewritten and she’ll give you a new goal, the communications array in Sky Islands. Make your way over to it, climb all the way to the top of the array and the pearl will whiz off to broadcast her message.


The Saint is a new slugcat added as part of Downpour with a long tongue and the inability to use spears. Because of the spear issue, and an overabundance of enemies, you’ll spend most of your run trying to escape an inevitable death. Everytime you enter a region, you’ll be notified of any Echoes there by a sound and a light. These will play at the start of a new cycle as well until you find the Echo. All the Echoes only need to be reached once, and I don’t believe there are any karma requirements to trigger them.

The Cycle

The goal of the Saint is to visit Echoes, achieve max karma and ascend through the Void Sea. This wouldn’t be so difficult if it weren’t for the low starting karma and massive changes to the map.

The Echoes can be found in the following locations:

  • – Sky Islands (Windswept Spires)
  • – Chimney Canopy (Solitary Towers)
  • – Drainage System (Undergrowth)
  • – Shoreline (Frigid Coast)
  • – Subterranean (Primordial Underground)
  • – Farm Arrays (Desolate Fields)
  • – Shaded Citadel/Five Pebbles (Silent Construct)
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Once you’ve reached max karma, head over to Subterranean and descend to the Void Sea as per usual. In the following region, you just need to keep heading up north.

The Cycle – My route

I’ll describe my route for anyone that may want to do similar. Starting in Sky Islands (Windswept Spires) you can find your first echo in the same place as usual, roughly in the middle of the region. I then went to the east, to Chimney Canopy (Solitary Towers) where another Echo can be found at the top of the map as per usual.

The route to the Wall is blocked, so head south into Industrial Complex (Icy Monument). You won’t have enough karma to go to Shaded Citadel so head south into Garbage Wastes (Desolate Fields). Head east into Shoreline (Frigid Coast) and continue east all the way to Looks to the Moon. Talk to her, then climb on top of her housing and head west to find another Echo.

Now make your way north to the Shaded Citadel entrance. You’ll find a completely different route taking you to a new region called Silent Construct. Go all the way to the east and start climbing north to reach another Echo. Now make your way back west but making sure to keep above the route back to Frigid Coast. If you go north you can find Five Pebbles but it’s a horrible route filled with spiders. Regardless if you keep heading west you’ll find the usual Shaded Citadel karma gate into Icy Monument.

From Icy Monument, make your way west to Outskirts (Suburban Drifts). From there head west again to Farm Arrays (Desolate Fields). The Echo is very close to the entrance just head south/southwest. From there you need to go west/northwest to get to Subterranean (Primordial Underground). Immediately past the karma gate you need to hug the righthand wall down into the penultimate echo.

Now head south until you enter the Filtration System subregion and then immediately go northeast, trying to keep as north as possible within Filtration. You should hit the entrance to Drainage System (Undergrowth). The Echo is close to the entrance, just head north and west.

You’ve now finally got all the Echoes and just need to go back to Primordial Underground and head southwest. Eventually you’ll reach what should be the entrance to the Void Sea or in this case a massive blind drop into Rubicon.

From there keep going north and using your new abilities to get past all the creatures and watchers. Congrats on going full circle and completing the Saint!

Written by Tempest

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