Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to develop health stat?

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Arthur is described by three main attributes. These are health, stamina and Dead Eye. Each of these statistics is on the first level at the beginning of the game. You can advance attributes to higher levels by gaining experience points – the best techniques for gaining xp are described below.

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Developing stats translates into associated energy indicators. Upgrading an attribute simply means that the energy bar for it will be extended. This will allow Arthur to survive longer after taking damage, run more often or use the time slowing mode for longer.

How to develop health stat?

The best ways to get xp to develop a health attribute are:

  • Defeating other people in melee fights. You will receive experience points regardless of whether you only knocked down your opponent on the ground or they were killed in melee combat.
  • Using bows and throwing objects (knives, tomahawks, etc.). The game will give you many more experience points if the attacked target was killed.
  • Stunning or killing enemies as a result of stealth attacks.
  • Killing wild animals without damaging their skins. You can do this by hurling the animals in their head or in their weak points (e.g. in their heart).
  • Rowing by boat.
  • Fishing. You will receive experience points when you catch a fish. The number of xp points gained depends on size of the fish. Oh dear – size matters in this game.
  • Completing challenges related to the health attribute. Experience points are awarded only once for each challenge.
  • Drinking Ginseng Elixir – It gives you an XP boost. You can get this drink by, i.e. attacking gang camps, completing random encounters or doing quests where you collect items and send them via mail.

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