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Resident Evil 2 – Find Annette (Ada Wong) Walkthrough

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Find Annette (Ada Wong)

As Ada, you won’t have access to any of your usual gear, instead only starting with the Broom Hc Handgun and a bit of ammo. You can’t go back the way you came, but you can check out the burnt zombie corpse that raises some interesting questions. Walk past Leon towards a ladder leading to a closed fan vent, as Ada pulls out her secret weapon – the EMF Visualizer.

This nifty gadget can detect wiring that powers certain electronic machinery, and can hack these things when pinpointed on the yellow dots. Look to the right of the ladder with the Visualizer in hand to find a box you can hack. This will start up the fan – so look up with the Visualizer to hack the fan itself to spin faster until it breaks, and gives you a way to move forward.

Head down the large vent to find another fan on the other side, and search along the bottom right for the box to activate the fan, then the fan itself to blow it apart. Before you drop down into the next room, note the door has a red light which means its locked – and a zombie is ready to wake up as soon as you jump down. Before you do, look around with your EMF Visualizer to the left of the fan to find a power subsection you can hack to send the current from the fan to the door, giving you the green light.

As you drop down into this room, a nearby zombie will awaken. Ada isn’t afraid of a fight, but your ammo is limited. You can check the right side of the room for a Sept. Inspection (Week 1) File to learn about ID Wristbands, and then run for the door before the zombie can get over to you. If you didn’t hack the door earlier, you can try outpacing the zombie and hack, or worst case you can shoot him in the face till he falls and then hack.

Entering the next room, keep in mind that if you didn’t kill him, the zombie will soon be following you here. Grab some Handgun Ammo at the end of the catwalk before heading down to a locked down lift. The EMF Visualizer has a trail for you to follow along the ground, taking you on a wide chase around this room. As you round the first corner, you’ll find two passages past a red shipping container, with a zombie on the left. Don’t go right, as another zombie waits at the dead end, and instead kill or lure the zombie away before taking the left path.

Rounding the next corner, the EMF visualizer will start leading you back to the right – but again this is the wrong path and only ends with another zombie slumped against a wall. Stick to the left wall instead until you reach a balcony overlooking stairs, and a zombie will drop from above right next to you. Point the Visualizer past the staircase you can’t reach to find the junction box you need to hack, which will power the lift.

Before you return, you can follow the path to its dead end on the opposite side of the lift to find a crate with Handgun Ammo and a Flash Grenade, which can be very useful for the run back if you have several zombies on your tail. Head back quickly but carefully to avoid pursuing zombies when turning blind corners until you can reach the lift and leave them behind.

Remember if you’re faced with one or two zombies blocking your path, a headshot or two can stun them long enough to slip past without them grasping at you, and you won’t be back this way so you don’t need to worry about running into them again. Taking the lift up, you’ll see Annette running off to another secret door out of reach, so follow the catwalk to leave this room behind.

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