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Space Crew Achievement Guide

Space Crew Achievement Guide

Almost all progress counts through all saves, no matter how many new worlds you start and on what difficulty. You can check all your progress at your home base in Mess Hall. But take in consideration that in case you got more then 1 save, you will have to load each save and add the number from past and current save in order to figure out the total number of destroyed ships, repairs, extinguished fires and so on…

How long to beat:

  • Main Story – 17h – 19h
  • Completion – 22h – 30h

A Close Encounter

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideA Close Encounter
Destroy a Mothership

Towards the end of the first part of the Campaign, a mission will appear that will require you to destroy a Phasmid Mothership. It’s the last one you’ll get for this section and is a “very-high” risk mission. Destroy it and think of how many lives you just killed…

What’s a Circle in Three Dimensions?

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideWhat’s a Circle in Three Dimensions?
Complete Phase 1 of the Campaign

Keep completing missions with a “little star” next to them, the last mission will be the one with the mother ship, after you defeat the mother ship, you’ll go through a wormhole, and the phase 2 begins.


Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideScavenger
Recover adandoned cargo, found adrift in space

Your first opportunity to find and recover abandoned cargo will be at Phase 2.
Once you reach phase 2, keep playing the game till a side mission will randomly appear for you to collect some floating cargo out of space:

  • Once you start the side mission,
  • Go to purple market and a magnet symbol.
  • You will find 2 types of cargo.
  • First will be phasmid goods(purple) you dont care about those.
  • Second is general/basic cargo (orange/brown), it will look like the achievement image.
  • pick it up and bring it to home base, and the achievement is yours.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideDo Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Complete Phase 2 of the Campaign

Just like the “What’s a Circle in Three Dimensions?“, progress through missions with a “little star” beside them, and you’ll have a mission to find and rescue a previous expedition, once you complete it, you’ll go through another wormhole and phase 3 begins.

Bomber Crew

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideBomber Crew
Wipe out the Phasmid Homeworld

This is story related so you will get this like it or not. But for those ones that are curious, its a part of a semi-final mission of the game, towards the end of the campaign, you’ll be tasked with destroying the Phasmid Homeworld, once you do, this will unlock. Happy!?.

Saviour of Humanity

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideSaviour of Humanity
Complete the campaign

Do i need to explain this one?

That Must Hurt

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideThat Must Hurt
Destroy 25 enemy phasmid ships

Check Nerves of Steel Achievement for more details.

We’re Gonna Fight

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideWe’re Gonna Fight
Destroy 50 enemy phasmid ships

Check Nerves of Steel Achievement for more details.

We’re Gonna Win!

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideWe’re Gonna Win!
Destroy 100 enemy phasmid ships

Check Nerves of Steel Achievement for more details.

Nerves of Steel

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideNerves of Steel
Destroy 250 enemy phasmid ships

You will get this by the end of campaign, no matter if you played on easy/hard difficulty, only way you wont get this is if by every time you encounter enemy ships, you jump through the gates without killing the enemies attacking you.

First Handshake?

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideFirst Handshake?
Kill 10 Enemy Phasmid Boarders

Check Resistance is.. Not Futile? Achievement for more details.

Resistance is.. Not Futile?

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideResistance is.. Not Futile?
Kill 50 Enemy Phasmid Boarders

Just like “Nerves of Steel” achievement, you should be getting this by the end of campaign.
Every now and then when you fight the enemy phasmid ships, one will attack back of your ship and 2-4 aliens will board you, you should always let your security officer handle them, as he has enhanced melee ability against the aliens, but anyone can attack them with one of your ships stowed guns.

Payback Time

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuidePayback Time
Defeat 1 enemy champion in a single playthrough of the game

Check “Kill ‘Em All” Achievement for more details.

I Feel Safer Already!

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideI Feel Safer Already!
Defeat 4 enemy champions in a single playthrough of the game

Check “Kill ‘Em All” Achievement for more details.

Kill ‘Em All

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideKill ‘Em All
Defeat all 8 enemy champions in a single playthrough of the game

as you progress through the game, you will encounter champions that will attack you, they can either appear during missions(youll get a warning when you start a mission that they are near by), or a mission objective will be to defeat them. its kind of hard to defeat them during regular missions because they got 2 health bars(one is shield, the other is hull), and allot of enemy backup ships, its easiest to defeat them when you are at phase 3 because your crew will most likely be max level, as well as your ship being fully upgraded, but they are not that hard in phase 1 and 2 either. Good Luck!

List of Champions:

  1. Hewpen Garratt
  2. Vorb Kibb
  3. Valadu Appakutt
  4. Kashaya Poross
  5. Anga Hake
  6. Quoy’dee Tuxem
  7. Fat’allan Owa
  8. Karr Slabb

NOTE This doesn’t need to be done in one playthrough, just make sure you write down what champion you killed, so you don’t waste your time killing same ones over and over again in case you are starting multiple saves.

Back From The Black

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideBack From The Black
Recover a Crew Member that was purged through the airlock before he dies

Some users report this being glitched, so please confirm if you having problems getting this achievement.

  • Your Security officer, communications officer and pilot must remain on the ship.
  • Select any other crew member and make sure you equip him with the spacesuit, so he can last longer outside the ship.
  • Have your security officer sit at his computer.
  • Put the chosen crew member in the airlock.
  • Decompress/Purge the crew member which will cause him to be ejected from the ship.
  • Use your scanner to lock onto your floating crew member.
  • The ship will align and start heading his way.
  • Have any other crew member sit at the console by the airlock.
  • Once the ship is aligned, “Beam” them back into the ship
  • As long the crew member is still alive, the achievement will unlock for you.

Battle Hardened

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideBattle Hardened
Have a member of your crew survive 30 missions

At the beginning of the game, you should stick on easy missions(Low Risk – Green, Medium Risk- Yellow and High Risk – Red). by the time you level up your crew to at least level 10(level 12 is max), you should be able to take on medium/high risk missions without any problems, doing so will reward you more in currency and research.

  • Decide which crew member you want to focus and keep alive(preferably the captain, engineer or comms).
  • Keep a close eye on their health bar as you progress through the game.
  • In case their health bar gets low, use a health pack or med-bay to heal them.
  • Once you done enough missions and return to your home base, the achievement will pop.

NOTE This one must be done in a single playthrough, it cannot be combined with other saves.

Escape Velocity

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideEscape Velocity
Purge a crew member through the airlock

You will get this by doing the “Back From The Black” achievement.


Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideMastery
Fully level up a crew member

Check “Double Mastery” Achievement for more details.

Abandon Ship!

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideAbandon Ship!
Save one or more crew members from certain death by issuing the abandon ship command

The easiest way for you to do this is to combine it with the “Critical Reaction” achievement and send at least one crew member into escape pod before the reactor blows up.

In case you only need this achievement, here is how to do it:

  • Start a new mission(any mission).
  • Hyperjump to an area and immediately have your captain give a command “abandon ship”.
  • The crew will enter the escape pods(you start with 1, which is more then enough for this achievement).
  • Tag the next hyperjump so your ship moves away from pods(if the ship explodes to close to your pods, it will damage them and kill the crew).
  • Now find a “certain death” point and do what must be done.

NOTE There is a slight chance you wont get the achievement but –>DO NOT PANIC<–, all you have to do is recruit new crew, go to the spot where you executed your war crime and rescue the crew from the escape pods.

Double Mastery

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideDouble Mastery
Fully Level up a crew member in two skills

Once you start your new game, you will have one skill on each crew member, as you complete missions, you will gain currency and research(used to unlock better gear and parts for your ship), along with XP for each crew member that survived the mission and made it back home. As you level up, you will unlock skills that will come in handy in more difficult missions, you can also combine this with “Battle Hardened” achievement.

NOTE To max out one skill, your crew member needs to reach lvl 12. But to unlock a second skill your crew member needs to reach lvl 6.

Bittersweet Success

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideBittersweet Success
Complete a mission and return to Athena with 2 or fewer crew members surviving

Normal Way:
As you play the game, especially the medium/high risk missions, there is a good chance you will come against some enemies that will put a pretty good fight(including champions), the goal is to have at least 2 crew members alive and return to your home base.

Cheeky Way:

  • At the beginning of the game(start a brand new game or make a save file).
  • Select a low risk mission.
  • Complete all objectives to a point where you’re about to Hyperjump back to your home base.
  • With the hyperjump charged(it just makes it easier, safer and quicker), have at least 4 crew members(anyone except the pilot) exit the ship without spacesuits on.
  • After some time in space they will suffocate and die.
  • Once they are dead you should be left with a pilot and 1 other crew member.
  • With hyperjump charged, hit the “engage” and return to your home base.
  • Once you safely land, the achievement will pop.

Escape Artist

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideEscape Artist
Slip away from enemy fighters by performing a hyperjump to a different area

There is a big chance you will get this not even realizing you did it. all you have to do is make sure you have the “hyperjump” fully charged(but make sure there are no enemies around you), and wait a little till you see enemies appear on your radar. then hit the “engage” to hyperjump and the achievement will pop up.

Fire Warden

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideFire Warden
Extinguish 25 fires

Check “Fire Fighter” Achievement for more details.

Fire Fighter

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideFire Fighter
Extinguish 50 Fires
Normal Way:

  • Fires tend to start always from an electrical system breaking(there are 7 electrical panels in total that seem to catch fire).
  • Extinguishers are placed all around your ship, but you can add more if you want through the Spaceship Menu when you are back at base.
  • When a fire starts, have one of your crew members pick up the fire extinguisher.
  • Select “Extinguish Fire”, but try to always make sure the Engineer extinguishes the fires, because right after the fire is gone, crew member starts to repair the broken module, and he is the fastest crew member that does repairs.


  • When a electrical module break, the sparks will cause a fire.
  • Extinguish the fire and when the crew member begins to repair it, order him to go anywhere or do something else.
  • This will leave the module broken with sparks flying all over the place, which will result in another fire very shortly.
  • You can repeat this until you put out 50 fires. But know the longer you float a space, the more enemies will attack you, but if you are farming the other achievements as well(kill enemy ships, boarders, repairs and more…), its a good way to do it.

NOTE this does not stack with “Nature Abhors a Vacuum” achievement, you have to manually put out the fire with a physical extinguisher.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideNature Abhors a Vacuum
Extinguish 50 Fires by decompressing the ship

Just like “Fire Fighter” achievement, there are 7 electric panels that catch fire, and can also be grinded, but the only difference is, instead of ordering a crew member to extinguish the fire with fire extinguisher, you need to select the security officer, he needs to be at his console that is located in front of the ship, and you will get the option to “purge” 6 individual sections or the entire ship, but make sure that the crew member that is in side the section that you are about to decompress is secured in their seat, otherwise they will fly off the ship.

NOTE this does not stack with “Fire Fighter” achievement. you have to put out the fires by decompressing the ship.

Back From The Brink

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideBack From The Brink
Repair the reactor after it has gone subcritical

Just follow the steps from “Critical Reaction” and instead of letting it blow, repair it once it reaches “subcritical” and that’s it.

Engineering Expert

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideEngineering Expert
Repair on board systems 100 times

As you fight enemy ships, your shield will decrease and your hull will start taking damage, leading for your modules being damaged and needing repairs. In order to repair, select the engineer because he is the fastest at repairs and that can come in handy in critical situations, select a module that is broken and repair it.

TIP The priority systems you want to make sure you repair first are in following order:

  1. Oxygenator.
  2. The Reactor.
  3. The Shield Generator.
  4. The Gravity Generator.

Critical Reaction

Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideCritical Reaction
Lose the ship due to a reactor going critical

It’s highly recommended you do this on either new save or near the beginning of the game because you will lose your ship and crew(depending on how many escape pods you got).

  • Go to any mission and start taking damage.
  • Your shield will get low and you will start to receive hull damage.
  • Let the Reactor take damage and do not repair it(the wrench icon).
  • There will be couple of Reactor stages:
  • Stage 1 Reactor starting to slowly die.
  • Stage 2 Reactor Subcritical – Ship lights turn red and health bar on the bottom of your screen will indicate the reactor health.
  • Stage 3 Severe critical status – once that timer runs out, the BIG BOOM will happen, and the achievement is yours.
  • Stage 4 Congrats, was it worth the sacrifice?


Space Crew 100% Achievement GuideSpaghettification
Be torn apart by a Black Hole

At the second phase of the campaign, you will get a mission that requires you to drop a drone off near a black hole so the scientist can research the area around it. like you can guess you wont be coming back home from this mission so do this either in a new world or backup your save files before this mission(you have been warned).

  • Go near the black hole and release the drone so you complete the mission and you will be left floating in the space around the black hole(without any objective).
  • You can then either try and save your crew by ejecting them in escape pods(if you got enough escape pods to save them all), just make sure you don’t eject them to close, or they will be sucked into the black hole them self.
  • After few minutes and while probably being attacked by enemy fighters(cause why not), a bar will appear on the bottom of your screen saying “black hole” and the timer will get activated.
  • When the timer runs out, you will lose all control of your ship and get eaten by the darkness.
  • Soon after you should see the achievement pop up.

If i made a mistake, please let me know. I`ll fix it as soon as possible.

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