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Super Sus Codes | Gift Codes (May 2024)

Super Sus is a mobile game published by PIProductions. In this guide you will find Super Sus gift codes you can redeem for freebies. If you want to be notified of new codes, you can bookmark this page and check back later.

If you have a working code that is not in our active code list, please share with us. If you think a code has expired, let us know.

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Updated on May 1, 2024 - We checked new codes.

New Super Sus Gift Codes

All active Super Sus codes:

  • GIRLSUS67 – Redeem for 200 Cookies
  • SANTASUS – Redeem for 200 Cookies

Expired codes:

  • SUSBIGSALE2 – Redeem for freebies
  • SUSBIGSALE3 – Redeem for freebies
  • SUSBIGSALE1 – Redeem for freebies
  • SUSBIGSALE1111 – Redeem for 200 Cookies
  • 17AUGSUPERSUS – 1 Cookie Royal Token Shards & 1 Goldstar Royal Token Shards
  • SUSCARNIVAL17AUG – 1 Cookie Royal Token Shards & 1 Goldstar Royal Token Shards
  • 817ROYALE817 – Redeem for 1 Cookie Royal Token Shards & 1 Goldstar Royal Token Shards
  • LUCKYROYALE18AUG – 2 Goldstar Royale Token Shards, 2 Cookie Royal Token Shards, & 1 Goldstar Royal Coupon
  • LUCKYROYALE817 – 3 Cookie Royal Token Shards & 22 Donuts
  • SUPERSUS17AUG – Redeem for 3 Cookie Royal Token Shards & 100 Cookies
  • SUSLOGIN17AUG – Redeem for 4 Cookie Royal Token Shards (With v1.32)
  • LOGINSUS817 – 19 Cookies, 6 Fireground Hero Shards, 4 Engineer Suit Shards & 1 Rural Scenery Head
  • CARNIVAL17AUG – 22 Cookies, 4 Farmer Coat Shards, 2 Philadelphia Sheriff Shards & 2 Engineer Suit Shards
  • SUSEVENT0817 – Redeem for 22 Donuts
  • SUS17AUG2022 – Redeem for 20 Janitor Suit Shards & 66 Cookies
  • SUS17082022 – Redeem for 2 Role Card & 66 Cookies
  • 817SUPERSUS817 – Redeem for 166 Cookies & 50 Donuts
  • SUSHARIRAYA1 – Redeem for Lantern of Wisdom, Fairness Head & Costume
  • SUSHARIRAYA2 – Redeem for 50 Donuts & 100 Cookies
  • SUPERSUSFB100K – Redeem for freebies
  • SUSFB40K – Redeem for freebies
  • SUSDISCORD20K – Redeem for freebies
  • SUSYTB12K – Redeem for freebies
  • SAHASANN988 – Redeem for freebies
  • SUPERNN21M – Redeem for freebies
  • SECVCCNB11I – Redeem for freebies
  • 79NNKAATKZJDO2OM – Redeem for freebies
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Super Sus Gift Codes

How do I redeem Super Sus codes?

Super Sus redeem code process is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Launch Super Sus
  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Tap the Gift Code
  • Type codes in the field (you can copy paste these codes)
  • Hit the Convert button

What are Super Sus gift codes?

These codes are published by the developer or publisher, and provide players with free in-game rewards. They do not have a specific announcement calendar, but they are usually released on special days.

Why are my Super Sus code not working?

You may be typing the code wrong, check again. The code may have expired, expired codes cannot be used. You may have used the code before, a code can only be used once. Although it is very unlikely, there may be an error in the code system or the code you are trying to use is regionally restricted.

Where do I get new Super Sus gift codes?

New codes are usually announced from the game’s official accounts. For the new codes you can follow the official Super Sus Twitter and Facebook, or join the Discord channel. Instead of checking all these accounts one by one, by bookmarking this page, you can be notified of all new codes!

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