Echo of Combats – Deck Building Basics

The basis of victory in Echo of Combats is a well-chosen deck and the ability to play it. After a few games you will understand the interaction of cards better and most likely you will want to change the existing base decks or make your own. Deck building tips Each deck starts with a Hero, … Read more

Echo of Combats – Card Ability Guide

In Echo of Combats, cards have various properties that reflect exactly what a card can do in a game. This guide describes these properties in detail. Card Ability Guide Character Any card that is not a spell is a character. If the card text mentions a “character” or “characters”, it means both creatures and Heroes … Read more

Echo of Combats – Gameplay Basics

The majority of terms that are used in Echo of Combats, such as “deck”, “hand”, “table”, “graveyard” and many others, should be already familiar to you. Below, we will describe only those mechanics and features that are unique or may differ from your past experience. Tips on gameplay Each player in Echo of Combats has … Read more