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TopSpin 2K25: Most Important Attributes

TopSpin 2K25: Most Important Attributes

Note that this assumes you have good positioning, timing, and general decision making. And that you’re playing vs a good opponent. No attribute can make up for bad strategies and that sort of thing.

Useless Tier

  • Serve – you can do absolutely killer serves with the right stick even with a low serving stat. The added accuracy doesn’t do much. I played against some great serve and volley players, they managed to get more aces than the typical player, but it’s pretty much a total waste of your attributes to focus on serving.

Players who find serving with the stick hard just need to practice a bit, it’s one of those things that seems hard at first but it isn’t at all. The accuracy error is super generous, you’ll get a feel for it after some repetition. I’d like to see more skill based serving personally.

Almost Useless Tier

  • Volley – you need high volleys if you want to be a volley player of course, but because of how the attributes work together, you’re just fighting uphill if you want to be a volley player when playing against good opponents.
  • Stamina – if you have good positioning and decision making, stamina is largely unimportant. It’s probably still a good idea to get some extra from the items/coaches juuuuust to be safe since there is a bit of an impact, but it’s not significant enough to make stamina matter much.
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Solid Tier

  • Speed – you need to be in the mid to high 60s here if your positioning and decision making is good. You’re not really going to see much of a benefit from higher up because of the other attributes. If power gets nerfed or other things get buffed, speed could become more important. You can also invest in a lot of speed if you feel like positioning/tennis strategy is a weakness for you.

Must Have Tier

  • Forehand and/or Backhand – it’s too early in the game to say if you can be an effective player by focusing on one of these, but regardless, you absolutely need at least 1 of these to be killer if you want to be serious.
  • Power – nah, you don’t need 95 or 100 power, chances are you often don’t have enough time to actually unleash a power shot anyway. But power influences your regular shots too so you can’t really be weak. My estimation is that right now you need at least 80 power if you want to be serious.
  • Reflex – since power playstyles are easier to execute than anything else, you’ll see them in fashion even if power gets nerfed (or other stuff gets buffed). High reflex can help tremendously if you struggle against power players or just want them to lose their best weapon.
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Anyway, that’s how things stack up at the moment IMO. There’s variety in baseline playstyles in this game for sure, but not to a super high extent. I think it’s a great starting point but of course would like to see more variety in the future, whether through the meta evolving or patches.

Written by Miloš Moralović

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