Miscreated – Map (HD)

Miscreated Guide

If you’re new to Miscreated, here’s a little help. I hope you enjoy the game. Miscreated Map Click to enlarge.

Miscreated – Best Place for Looting

Miscreated Guide

Hayward Valley and especially Hayward City are the best places in the map to get you geared with high end weaponry and clothing.Its located in the In the North part of the map, north of Woodhaven and west of Clyde Hill between to mountains.Every place in Heyward has really good loot but if you want … Read more

Miscreated: Canyonlands Metal Spawn Locations

This map/guide for the Miscreated Canyonlands DLC was originally created for the members of our Wasteland Mafia PVP server. The map will continue to be updated accordingly and will also include relative screenshots of the exact locations in one of the next updates shortly. Enjoy and happy metal hunting! v1: Initial release 12.08.19 v1.1: map … Read more

Miscreated – Looting Basics

Miscreated Guide

Here are the basics on how to gear up and not quit the game because you find it hard to get some loot. Big Single-Floor House Food and drinks in the kitchen. Clothes or helmets in the bedroom bed. Sometimes an ammo mag and a pistol inside the drawer in the bedroom. Bandages/rags in the … Read more

Miscreated – Food and Drinks

Miscreated Guide

Food and Drinks There are 2 kinds of drinks : sodas/alcohol wich are non reusable ; and bottles/canteens we can refill (but canteens are too heavy). To refill, immerge a few (to the knees) in a water source, river; and from the inventory window act like drinking (right mouse clic). It will refill (we can … Read more

Miscreated PC Keyboard Controls

Miscreated Guide

Controls can be accessed at the main menu or in-game by pressing [esc] and selecting controls. You can rebind any action to any key you want by selecting the second collumn of the action under the keyboard layout and entering they key desired for the action. Miscreated PC Keyboard Controls Every control option on the … Read more

Miscreated – Chat Commands

Miscreated Guide

Here you can find useful “secret” Chat Commands. Chat Commands Chat commands can be typed into the chat window. The current chat commands are: !pop (displays the server population) !uptime (amount of time the server has been running for) !ping (your ping time to the server) !restart (time until next scheduled server restart) !server (name … Read more